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    Suzy reacted to Derval in The crazy things people say   
    Ah now, you could have *thought* the last bit.
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    Suzy reacted to Fenderbender in The crazy things people say   
    At a New Years party this year...
    " Michael,you must try my mothers humas! "
    I reply..... " sorry I'd love to but I don't eat beans or legumes of any kind".
    ...... " there aren't any beans in humas! My mother will be very hurt you didn't try it!"
    ...... " we'll I would be hurt worse if I did eat it .... My resolution is to be a selfish bastard" !!!!
    ( I wonder why I never get invited a second time anywhere ..... LMAO)
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    Suzy reacted to Breanna Smith in The crazy things people say   
    Yesterday, I went to a Christmas lunch party at my boyfriend's work. I wasn't expecting to get to eat anything, but they had bbq, so I just had brisket with no sauce.
    My boyfriend's coworkers, who I'm also friends with, said, "Awww, I'm sorry you can't have dessert."
    Me: "That's okay, I'd feel like crap if I ate it anyway."
    My boyfriend, who is very supportive, said: "Before you get too down on her diet, Cristina (coworker), you should know she had ribs for breakfast." I made them in my crockpot. Delicious. Thanks, PaleOMG!
    Cristina replied, "Oh, so you fatten up around Christmas too, just in a different way, right? *chuckle*"
    Me: "Haha, Actually, I've lost about 10 pounds in the past two weeks."
    Her face:
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    Suzy reacted to heathera in The crazy things people say   
    Me: well; I got the menu for our Christmas Company Luncheon, and they are having a salad, a roasted chicken with veggies plate, and chef's choice dessert. "Let's go! I'll give my dessert to whoever wants it".
    Co-worker (looking at me like I'm crazy): "Awwww...go ahead [and eat it]. It's Christmas "
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    Suzy reacted to Dominique in The crazy things people say   
    Co worker: So, when the 30 days of your crazy diet is up, are you going to eat normal again?
    Me: No, I won't be integrating sugar, grains or dairy back into my diet because I don't miss them.
    Co worker: Oh, you're going to be one of those people?
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    Suzy reacted to Snicci in The crazy things people say   
    Co-worker who has borrowed my copy of ISWF, but hasn't read it: "I've given up on trying to lose weight. I would have to live off of lettuce."
    Me: "No you wouldn't, have you read ANY of that book? I eat steak & eggs and good food."
    Overweight/Sedentary Co-worker who lives off of donuts & cookies: "Yeah, but that's the Atkins diet. I did Atkins for YEARS..."
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    Suzy reacted to whitjm5 in The crazy things people say   
    "All this cholesterol and fat..." - comment made by a fellow party goer as we were enjoying steak, pork, beef strips, and veggies.
    Sure beats the cake that followed...
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    Suzy reacted to Renee in The crazy things people say   
    Sh*t people say... There's just so much!!
    "Fat-free [insert processed food here, my favorite is candy]! I can eat them without guilt!"
    "But egg yolks will raise your cholesterol and give you a heart attack"
    "There's no difference between normal meat and organic meat"
    "I don't eat bacon... So much fat"
    "I bought a fat-free, egg-free bread!"
    "Avocados are so good! Too bad they have a lot of fat"
    "You don't eat grains? How about whole wheat [No.] How about sweet potato crackers? [No.] How about oats? [No.]"
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    Suzy reacted to Rose885 in The crazy things people say   
    Me: I'm not drinking any alcohol for 30 days. I'll be sticking to the Paleo diet afterwards though and I think I can have the occasional glass of red wine.
    Mum: That's not so bad.
    2 hours later
    Mum: Let's have a glass of wine!
    Me: I can't drink alcohol Mum
    Mum: I thought you said you could drink wine?
    Me: Yeah after the 30 days.
    Mum: Oh...
    I have to laugh at my parents who've been "diary free" for around 2 years but never gave up chocolate and they've started eating cheese now. They drink soya milk/dairy free margarine instead of cow's milk and butter.
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    Suzy reacted to Tasha in The crazy things people say   
    A Celiac friend of mine said something similar to me recently, and that unless you are Celiac you shouldn't give up gluten because it is bad for the digestive tract
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    Suzy reacted to PonyLove in The crazy things people say   
    My husband & I had dinner out with the family for his mum's 60th. Since we've well & truly finished out whole30 we decided to have a 'treat night', knowing we would still make better choices from the menu.
    The food was outstanding and we were verbally appreciating it, for his sister to say.. 'no wonder you're enjoying it you only get to eat once a week!'
    We eat amazing food for every meal! UGH.. the little digs here & there we copped them all night.
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    Suzy reacted to Keri W. in The crazy things people say   
    "There's nothing wrong with sugar. Your cravings are all in your head." -someone who MUST have a Starbucks sugary coffee beverage each day
    "All of the fat in your diet is very unhealthy" -someone that eats cereal for breakfast and snacks every day
    "Just one bite isn't going to hurt you" -someone who just doesn't get it
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    Suzy reacted to NinjaSarah in The crazy things people say   
    Overheard at work
    coworker 1: "I just ate two donuts and here I am getting more food"
    coworker 2: "yeah but that's not Real food, it doesn't count"
    coworker 1: true. it's not filling. Wonder if they have pizza left?" (at the commisery)
    coworker 2: I'm getting a grinder, need some veggies" (veggies = 1 leaf lettuce, & maybe some tomato/green pepper smothered in spaghetti sauce)
    And then they both come back with pop, potato chips and candy. Nothing else.
    Me-just reaffirms why I'm doing this....I Refuse to become a "typical" state worker
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    Suzy reacted to Andrea D. in The crazy things people say   
    "So what are you NOT eating now?"
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    Suzy reacted to alm613 in The crazy things people say   
    An acquaintance told me that if I'm so concerned about gut permeability and inflammation, I should just take this great liquid probiotic supplement she showed me. First ingredient- the FIRST ingredient- was sorbitol. Come on, people!
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    Suzy reacted to wcrungrl in The crazy things people say   
    It makes my spine crawl when people ask "How's the diet going?"...but its helping me to work on my temperance:)
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    Suzy reacted to Kirsteen in The crazy things people say   
    My friend said "Oh it's all right for you, you've always been able to give things up (having a severe gluten reaction, I've had no choice) but I couldn't possibly eat like you - I like my food too much"
    Another friend " Oh I couldn't possibly eat like you - I couldn't afford all that meat and fresh vegetables are really expensive" while, I kid you not, filling her supermarket trolley with Over £80 of cakes, bisciuts, sweets and processed crap.
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    Suzy reacted to jennrider in The crazy things people say   
    My husband (on learning I wanted to make my own bacon): "Bacon: The new health food. I love it!"
    Too bad I make him eat veggies with said bacon.
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    Suzy reacted to Snicci in The crazy things people say   
    co-worker: "I've decided I'd rather be fat & happy than skinny & miserable"
    same brainless co-worker: "have fun on your trip. I bet you'll eat all kinds of BAD food"
    me: "No, I don't plan on eating all kinds of BAD food"
    same brainless co-worker: "oh yes you will!"
    me: *rolls eyes*
    friend, prior to trying W30 for herself: "you can have a little treat once in a while" (referring to me not eating nachos at a ballgame)
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    Suzy reacted to NinjaSarah in The crazy things people say   
    "If you ignore a craving you'll just binge later" Me:.....What? Um, no, I won't (I thought it, didn't say that)
    "Oh, you're on a cleanse..." Me: maybe I'm not explaining it well, but no it's not a cleanse.
    "But you're little! You don't need to lose weight!" Me: this isn't about weight loss. It's about Health.
    "A little slice of chocolate cheesecake is ok. Just call it your cheat" Oy vey.

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    Suzy reacted to PonyLove in The crazy things people say   
    I was at a friends birthday party & her husband told me I wasn't a good friend because I wouldn't eat a piece of her birthday cake!
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    Suzy reacted to Laura B in The crazy things people say   
    My uncle said to my grandma "I don't know why Laura's on a diet--she doesn't need to lost any weight!"
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    Suzy reacted to Laura B in The crazy things people say   
    lol my boyfriend asked me if I could have brownies like 3 weeks into my W30. I was like ""
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    Suzy reacted to Tracy R. in The crazy things people say   
    I don't need to give up grains cause they don't affect me the way they do you. - my sister
    a phone conversation I had with my mom this summer, after I gave up wheat because of being sensitive to it-
    mom: So you can't have cake on your birthday? what about coconut pie?
    me: no mom, crust has wheat
    mom: oh yeah. What about cookies?
    me: no mom, cookies have wheat.
    mom: oh my, you can't eat much
    (I did end up having cake, made with coconut flour. I know not whole30, but sure was delish! That was before I had even bought ISWF)
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    Suzy reacted to KateF in The crazy things people say   
    My Husband: "I love you no matter how crazy you are"
    Me: "And I love you no matter how big you get!"
    Even though he is not willing to try the Whole 30, he ate my shepherd's pie with cauliflower on top last night and loved it :-)