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  1. EatTrainClean

    Do you ever treat yourself?

    Peg, I like Dallas' approach: Congrats on the weight loss, that's awesome!!! And happy birthday! -Casey
  2. EatTrainClean

    Addison's Disease

    Lazybonesjones - Hey, I think your username is great, however ironic it may be (not sure if that was the joke!) Anyway, there is a lot you can do about Addison's. Here is a pretty good write up from Robb Wolf's site, and it was actually written by Diane from Balanced Bites: In my "n=1", I've come very close to Addison's disease, if not having it (never went to a doctor) on several occasions. Rest, eating well, and not expecting to 'feel better' for quite a while are what you're dealing with. And Addison's is usually lifelong, medication-wise. I know it can be a bummer, but eating well is one of the BEST things you can do. I would minimize exercise to 'effective, but not stressful'. Sleep and eating great are your best actions here! I would try the AIP, you have nothing to lose. It definitely sounds like you have some severe food sensitivities, so the best course of action is to pull that stuff out and give it some time. Hopefully this helps, Casey
  3. EatTrainClean

    Do you ever treat yourself?

    Peg - 'The poison is in the dose'. Meaning, small "treats" won't be a problem. The thing I see with SOME clients, is that they do better completely avoiding certain foods. For some of the population, they are hyper-sensitive to the dopaminergic effects of food, and find it very difficult to stop consuming them. That's why I never recommend cheat DAYS. Maybe cheat MEALS, but it's really much healthier to think of food as not 'good' nor 'bad', but rather fuel, as you do. Are you feeling anxious or hesitant about something, or just curious how others tackle this? This is a highly variable, "n=1" scenario, and your mileage may vary. Hope this helps, Casey
  4. EatTrainClean

    I don't want to take supplements--any opinions on that?

    Irista - It's certainly possible. Supplements are sort of an 'insurance policy', if you don't trust the topsoil we're using for farming, and don't always eat the 'perfect' diet. That said, bioavailability and what's ACTUALLY in supplements are 2 of the many issues with taking them. I always recommend that most clients look at: -a vitamin D3 supplement (1000 IUs per 25kg of body weight) -fish oil/algal DHA (1000mg/1g per is all you need for DHA, EPA is comparatively irrelevant) -probiotic (Prescript-Assist) The reasons for this are fairly simple: -not enough sunlight -not enough omega-3 in diet -a lifetime of antibiotics, but no probiotics With supplements, barring specialized cases and diseases, the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) rule is usually best. Are you anxious to just eat real food? -Casey
  5. EatTrainClean

    seaweed sheets

    Lisa - Here is a helpful list for you. They are in Canada! P.S. These are amazing and the chipotle flavor is indeed 'strangely addictive'! Hope this helps, Casey
  6. EatTrainClean

    My fish oil dilemmas

    Revived - FCLO is unpleasant but worth it. Vitamin A, D and K content in addition to omega-3 content. That said, here is a really good product that tastes fairly good: Keep in mind that all you really need is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). 1g per day is what the usual recommendation is. The above fish oil contains this amount. However, if you're a vegetarian, you can get this from algal DHA, which is available everywhere in the world, including your neighborhood CVS. Hope this helps, Casey
  7. EatTrainClean

    How big is your sweet potato?

    GoJo - Given that you're training for a 1/2 marathon, you may want to err on the larger side. Many people go too low carb and have problems, especially in regards to their thyroid or things such as hair loss. Sweet potatoes themselves are hard to overeat. Sweet potato fries however, are another story! -Casey
  8. EatTrainClean

    The anti-Whole30

    Well played. Being a non-drinker, I would not enjoy being in that club, as traveling is not my favorite activity. Not a big fan of airplane food.
  9. EatTrainClean

    Coffee question...

    Billie - You are likely fairly caffeine dependent if you don't feel 'perked up' from 2-4 cups. Have you tried giving it up for a short bit and seeing what happens? Most people in the world are magnesium deficient. I actually wrote a bit on magnesium on one of my blog posts for PaleoHacks: Hope this helps, Casey
  10. EatTrainClean

    Coffee question...

    Billie - The therapeutic dose of coffee is 100-200mg. That translates to 1 to 2 cups. I would personally avoid it, and replace with green tea, which has the amino acid L-theanine. This amino acid provides a calming focus, rather than the jittery effect often seen on coffee. For further reading, reference this study: -Casey
  11. EatTrainClean

    The anti-Whole30

    Re: fast food, I think everyone here will appreciate this study: Fast Food Hamburgers: What are we really eating? Re: Tom's notion that "being a Platinum Club member of the Delta Airlines frequent flyer program did not make anyone happy" is spot on, and I also got a good laugh out of that comment. -Casey
  12. EatTrainClean

    Nut Butters Help!!

    Seconding Delaine's post above mine. Fresh churned nut butter is delicious. Make sure to load up on coconut oil, EVOO and avocados for most of your fats, though! -Casey
  13. EatTrainClean

    Harper's Bazaar Article

    "A few healthy grains like millet and bulgar". This was humorous. -Casey
  14. EatTrainClean


    Lori - Hang in there When I first started eating the 'paleo' way, my stomach revolted for a good long while. I would try Prescript-Assist if you're looking for a probiotic, and definitely start with only one per day. This helped me greatly, but it does take time. Re: digestive enzymes or fermented foods, you could try Now digestive enzymes, they've gotten good results for lots of people. I write for Paleo Magazine and PaleoHacks, and have a post over at PaleoHacks which covers supplements. I'd be happy to link you, if needed :-) Let me know if you have further questions, and like Tom said, you definitely need to hang in there for more than a week to see results. Hope this helps, Casey
  15. Carmen - I would try RXBars ( - use discount code 'whole30' to save 10%). Rise Bar also has a great bar with 3 ingredients (almonds, honey and whey protein isolate): Sweet potatoes in the form of baby food (as someone mentioned) work really well, also. Hopefully this helps