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    The crazy things people say

    Wow, best topic ever. I feel I could fill this entire thread with things people have said to me. It doesn't help when you're single and dating AND you're a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist (lots of steel cut oats and peanut butter pushers around me). On a first date, within 10 minutes of meeting: Her: "Do you take steroids?" Me: "..." Giving a nutrition seminar: Her: "But what about lentils?" Me: "Well, technically lentils are a legume so they wouldn't be a best choice, in my opinion, as we already covered." Her: "But I really like them." Me: "Okay, well it just comes down to personal choice then. Whether you want to continue eating them or not, is a personal choice." Her: "But now I can't." Me: "..." Dealing with my stubborn (but lovable) grandmother over the holiday. She hasn't eaten vegetables for years, and is now seeing ill health effects. My mom literally asked me to send her a list of foods to eat, even after she went to a nutritionist (they told her to drink Ensure...sigh.) [scenario: I'm eating 2 grassfed hot dogs, kale, eggs, and chicken, cooked in coconut oil. She stares at me like she is dying to say something.] Her: "Is that your breakfast!?" Me: "...Yes." Her: "All that fat can't be good for you!" Me: "Well, actually, saturated fat...nevermind." At dinner, later that night, she eats a small portion of steak, with no vegetables, and endlessly complains of how badly she feels. Thank God she's lovable. Also legit had someone break up with me because I wouldn't eat Italian food or drink alcohol. Not after like a few dates. This was after over a month of dating. Previously claimed that 'I like you because you're like a genius at nutrition.' Sigh. While training clients, I commonly get asked for nutrition suggestions, and I routinely say something paleo, and they get a big smile and say 'is that what YOU eat?' and wink. Suggestively. The most depressing part is they are always married. It's always the ones you think are genuinely good people, with kids and what not. Barf. At family functions I've gotten... "Well I'm really going to lose weight, I've been doing Insanity a lot so now I can eat more chocolate cake all the time and not feel bad!" Them: "I really want to lose weight. What's the best way to do it?" Me: "Well you really want to re-think what and how you eat. Nutrition will play a much bigger role than exercise." Them: "Well I really just want a six pack." (Ed. Note: Oh boy, do you get this one a lot!) Me: "Well that's really a body fat issue. If you lose weight (specifically fat) you will be able to see the ab muscles you already have." Them: "...this sounds like a lot of work. I thought you could just give me a pre-workout to take or something. Thanks though. I'm really going to do it this time." About 15 seconds elapses, and then I watch them go grab 2 slices of chocolate cake.