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  1. karaj

    Quick and easy breakfast for toddler

    My kids eat the same as me for breakfast, generally a hash of pork mince, bacon, onion, spinach with sweet potato and avo. Kids have no idea what 'breakfast' food is and will eat whatever its in front of them, even if it takes a few days to get used to. My six year old asked why wewere eating sweet potato for dinner the other night as she thought it was weird since that's what we eat for breakfast! You could easily make something like this in bulk to reheat at preschool.
  2. karaj

    Do toddlers need anything besides water?

    My now 2 year old had had nothing but water and occasional almond milk since he self weaned at 12 months. He eats a a paleo diet and is really well nourished, growing like a mushroom
  3. karaj

    autoimmune recipes

    My usual breakfast is baked sweet potato and a hash of onion, bacon (or diced apple), pork mince and spinach with avo, it's delicious and easy! You can check out my log for lunch ideas too :-)
  4. karaj

    Planned out my First Week's Menu

    My kids love green eggs! They are normally really good at eating veges, but at breakfast, no so much. Such an easy way v to hide some extra goodness
  5. karaj

    Sourcing Good Food in New Zealand?

    Also countdown has a range of foods called macro. Many are compliant
  6. karaj

    Sourcing Good Food in New Zealand?

    And Piko on stanmore for coconut butter, coconut aminos, sulphite free coconut and kombucha
  7. karaj

    Sourcing Good Food in New Zealand?

    In Christchurch Everybody's Butchery on Selwyn Street has compliant bacon and bratwurst
  8. karaj

    Not really sure where to put this

    Sometimes, because I'm lazy, I take the pork shoulder out, leave the liquid in the slow cooker, throw in a whole chicken, then once that's cooked I make broth with all the porky, chickeny juices and bones
  9. karaj

    Need lunch ideas for my husband

    My husband is also a gardener and is just nearing the end of a whole 30. I make up a batch of scotch eggs on a Sunday night and he takes a couple of those a day. Mayo and vege sticks, such as carrots, kohlrabi and cucumber. A couple of pieces of fruit, nuts, olives and cold potatoes or sweet potatoes. If we have other leftover meat he will take that as well. His days are super busy so if he can eat it without cutlery while he's driving then he's happy. He also takes a huge bottle of water and carries this all in a large cooler bag so it can stay in the truck all day. He also has a huge breakfast, today's was four eggs and two meat patties with sweet potato, and usually a bulletproof coffee.
  10. karaj

    How do you use coconut aminos?

    I've been mixing it with line juice to make a dressing for coleslaw since I can't have mayo at the mo and it's delicious
  11. karaj

    Help me hack this recipe

    I think I'm the only kiwi who can't stand bacon and egg pie! I love outrageous fortune tho :-)
  12. karaj

    Potato vs Sweet Potato

    LucieB, yes! I make potatoes for my family but haven't been able to eat them myself for ages. Strange considering I'll have the occasional wine or chocolate now which are both probably less nutritious for me!
  13. karaj

    When it's too late

    I have three young children and I work part time so I can totally empathize with you. Trying to find the time to prepare, cook and clean is hard and exhausting. I used to suffer from anxiety also and it would make trying to do all this and cope with the 4 - 6 witching hour seem impossible. Changing my eating habits and sticking with it really has made an incredible difference to my mood and my ability to make dinner time easier as I'm not feeling so stressed all the time. Some of the things that helped me were using the slow cooker; meal planning, I write the weekly menu on a blackboard in the kitchen so I can easily see what needs to be taken out to defrost in advance; keeping a similar food rotation, roast chicken on Tuesdays, meatballs on Wednesdays, etc; feeding the kids by 5 at the latest. Sometimes I sit my one year old in his high chair with something to eat like an omelet or fruit while I'm cooking and give the girls jobs to do. My six year old will help with chopping or getting things out of the pantry for me and my three year old will get out cutlery, wipe down the table or put rubbish in the bin, and I can get on with getting dinner ready. I hope you can find a happy balance
  14. karaj

    Liver recipes?

    Everyone I have fed this to loves it, I even took it to a party one night to dip vege sticks in so I would have compliant food http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2014/02/24/chopped-chicken-livers/
  15. karaj

    Young woman struggling

    I've seen some info lately about treating depression with magnesium supplements. I spoke to a pharmacist about it and she said they've been prescribing it. So might be worth looking into, but I suggest you talk to a specialist as not all types of magnesium are beneficial and some can have negative effects