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    I didn't end up going.  I think, like GFChris said, the grilled chicken salad is the only option.  You would have to call ahead to check those other things (which I didn't do because I didn't go, lol).  
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    "salad is not a food!"
    wha-what? I still wonder what they think salad is.
    One of my favorites was a vegetarian co-worker who was drinking a Diet coke and eating Fritos and a hostess cupcake told me that the grassfed steak on my salad would give me colon cancer. I looked at her lunch and then at mine and said "that is a risk I am willing to take."
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    McAlisters has an allergy section on their site where you can specify what you are trying to avoid...
    Now it does not consider sugar LOL so that would need to be something that was asked about... But at least they can help narrow down the wheat, gluten, soy, milk, peanuts fairly easily... So that way when could get a better idea of what you may want and then talk to them about the sugar.
    Keep us posted on how it goes. I am on day 4 and have not eaten out yet, there is a McAlisters near me where I usually meet up with friends once a month, so I am interested to see what they have to say.