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    College and Whole30

    Hi everyone! A little background: I have lost 60 lbs before on the keto diet, but I gained them all back, because I didn't stick to the plan forever. I'm trying again with Whole30 (starting Tuesday the 7th), and eventually paleo. It seems a lot less restrictive, but still restrictive enough to stay healthy. Weight loss isn't my only goal. All of the other energy/sleep/other benefits are things I'd like to have as well. I'm ready to tackle this head on! However, I have already purchased a meal plan at my university. Now, they still offer a salad bar, and hamburgers (no bun), which I imagine are the only options that are Whole30 compliant. I am fine with not going there as much, (I have a meal limit anyway), but I don't want to just throw away my parents money. It's already been paid for, so I want to make the best use of it that I can. They are fully supportive of my new Paleo/Whole30 interest, but are concerned they wasted money on the meal plan. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, or even if not, please let me know how you made your situation work in your favor!