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    Hi I was wondering if anyone else had been grumpy since starting the Whole30? I am on day 19 and despite not having many cravings, not really feeling bad about it at all, simply feeling great and energized- I seem to have a really short temper since starting it. I posted this in women's in case it's just hormones or something but I'm not usually this grumpy and wondered if anyone else was the same and changed something to solve it? I'm still going to the gym and excercising which is usually the reason I would be grumpy so I thought it might be the diet but don't know why... Any ideas/support would be appreciated- I don't want to be a healthy person but a grump to be around!
  2. SJaneH

    Am I Eating Too Much Fat?

    I got both of the Well Fed cookbooks for Christmas so a typical day for me is: Snack: 5 Black Olives (Yes, it's specific because I've been tracking it :s) Lunch:Leaves, half a cucumber, 1Tbsp Olive Oil extra virgin, 7 Czech Meatballs Snack: Boiled Medium egg Dinner: Chilli cincitti with Cauliflower Mash I have got used to intermittent fasting (14:10 fast:eat) before the whole 30 and have carried it on, I don't know if that is against Whole30? I originally found it good for my calorie goals as well so probably not, but I found that hunger is more manageable without it...
  3. SJaneH

    Am I Eating Too Much Fat?

    Thanks, that's really useful!! However, I am counting calories simply out of curiosity- I know that even just on paleo not on whole30 calorie counting is discouraged, but I am curious as to how much the calorie difference is and the macronutrient difference is. It looks like I am keeping to the meal planning guide fairly well though, thanks!!
  4. Hi, I am new to this and three days into my first Whole30. I know that it is probably too early for me to be worrying about the Whole30 as a diet, but I was wondering if my fats are too high. I am averaging 100-130g (I think it is grams- I use myfitnesspal to measure?) of fat per day. As much as I am confident these are healthy fats, (although a lot is coming from meat mince so maybe not?) is this too much? I just don't feel as light and un-fatty as I thought I would.