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    Coffee reacted to wendelina in The anti-Whole30   
    As someone who once wanted to be a chemist, and who is has an engineering degree, I have a TON of faith in science and the scientific method, but I think science has a _very_ hard time in the area of nutrition.
    First, they are trying to isolate down to a very small level - does chemical (nutrient, vitamin, etc.) X cause Y?  This is hard because frankly, we eat nothing in isolation, and getting people to take pills in isolation (exact same diet, exact same exercise, exact same life) is not realistic.  People would not volunteer to basically live in a lab for the duration of a study, and even then, I think most people now recognize the role that stress plays in our health, and it would be productive to see how the studied chemical behaves in real life, under "real world" conditions, in addition to the ideal of "lab rats" (whether literal rat or not)
    Second, I think science is only barely beginning to understand the interplay between chemicals.  This can be seen with some of the studies of fortifying certain vitamins via supplements vs eating foods rich in those vitamins (e.g., you need fat to process ... I think it's A and D).
    Third, the human body is _complex_.  We know so much about it ... and yet so little, it seems to me.  If we really knew what we thought we knew, we wouldn't have seen the wild roller coaster ride of "diets" proposed to us over the last 50 years.
    Soylent promises to give us 100% of everything we know we need for nutrition.  That may even be true.  But, it can't possibly give us all the things we don't yet know about.
    Thanks, but I'll be sticking to the things that humans have been eating for millennia.  Just feels like a better answer than "stuff cooked up in a lab somewhere."
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    Coffee got a reaction from GFChris in Binge eating - how do I break this nasty cycle?   
    What I found that really helped with curbing the binge eating was to find out why I was doing it in the first place.  Reading both Breaking Free from Emotional Eating and When Food is Love by Geneen Roth really helped me. 
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    Coffee got a reaction from GoJo09 in Binge eating - how do I break this nasty cycle?   
    Yeah, that was one of the first books I ever read on this subject and it was a big eye opener.
    I do still occasionally have a binge but I've learned to recognize it and acknowledge it while in the process and that usually helps stop it.  Then I take that and work out the "why" to find out what I'm really looking for.  I have found though that there is some food that invokes a binge type eating reaction in me just because of what it is so I have found that for me it isn't always emotions.
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    Coffee got a reaction from GFChris in Binge eating - how do I break this nasty cycle?   
    What I found that really helped with curbing the binge eating was to find out why I was doing it in the first place.  Reading both Breaking Free from Emotional Eating and When Food is Love by Geneen Roth really helped me. 
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    Coffee reacted to PamH in My relationship with food is worse now   
    I just think people with eating disorders really need to tread carefully with the Whole30 because it IS so restrictive and the forum can feel so punitive when you stray from the template.  
    We are a different breed (I am an eating disorder child of the 1980s that never really recovered), and we need to be OK with stepping away from Whole30 if we recognize it is feeding our underlying disorder (control!) and not being part of the solution.
    Resolving the reason *why* I choose food to fill emotional needs is going to be better than forcing myself to stay with a plan that obviously is causing me trouble.  
    This isn't a slam on the Whole30.  I really am grateful for stumbling upon ISWF because it helped me identify foods I need to avoid.
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    Coffee got a reaction from Physibeth in Onward towards heatlh (I sincerely hope)   
    Unfortunately I wasn't totally compliant yesterday.  There's a week long code updating and training course here and I had a morning class yesterday.  They give you passes for the buffet after class and I went down there because I needed to find some coworkers.  I ate as clean as I could at the buffet but my stomach was still upset afterwards. 
    I also wound up taking half of a cinnamon roll at work when I got back.  It was awful and way too sweet.  So today and tomorrow I will be compliant but Thursday I'm back for an all-day class so I plan to be complaint as possible with lunch.  Friday is my birthday so I plan to have a few favorite items from my favorite restaurants and then go back to compliant eating for another couple of days before I then start riding my own bike.
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    Coffee reacted to pjena in Onward towards heatlh (I sincerely hope)   
    I also tend to want to eat more to soothe a hurting tummy.  I've been working hard this past year to recognize that and stop it in its tracks.  You did a great job being methodical about your reintros! 
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    Coffee reacted to Physibeth in Onward towards heatlh (I sincerely hope)   
    Sounds like you got the answers on gluten that you may not want but need. I've found that my reaction to most grains is a need to eat all the things as well. Makes me very cautious about when I indulge in grains and I usually try to limit it to meals out so I have to stop eventually. 
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    Coffee reacted to homerfrizzell in Too many eggs?   
    I see what you did there, Tom.
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    Coffee reacted to Vian in We started 1st Jan. Here's what we did next ...   
    Labs are back and I'm very happy. My naturopath said that all my numbers are "optimal".
    I can't remember the exact numbers, but total cholesterol was in the 180's, HDL was 89, which my naturopath thought was amazing, LDL was also in the 80's, which is perfect. fasting glucose was good, metabolic rate is good, thyroid hormones are in the ideal range.
    The only thing I have to compare to pre-whole30 is from 5 or 6 years ago when my total cholesterol was somewhere around 150 and my HDL was only 39 and LDL was I think just over 100. 
    So, HOORAY!
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    Coffee reacted to 1Maryann in Random Rants and Musings from my Post W30 Life   
    There's nothing better than lunch from your own garden, and nothing fresher than produce picked just minutes before eating.  I just made a salad of some organic chicken with fresh picked green buttercrunch, red bibb, rainbow chard, black kale, and gold cherry tomatoes.  Of course, I added some onion, mushroom, and avocado from Whole Foods, and a balsamic vinaigrette.  My avocado trees should start bearing next season.  I can't wait.  I wish my cukes had been ready.
    I am determined to fine-tune this Square Foot Gardening technique.  I am still learning how much each square foot can yield.  Ideally, I will eventually figure out how much to grow and how to stagger it so I have a constant supply of fresh organic produce year-round.
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    Coffee reacted to Physibeth in Laura's post Whole 30 Log   
    Not naughty...just a choice you made. Separating our food choices from our self worth is really important. We are not good when we choose to eat vegetables and bad when we choose to drink wine. Our choices may be more or less healthy but they don't define our morality. For me making this distinction has helped me to make more healthy choices more often especially coming from a past where my only real rebellion was food. Now that choosing to eat something doesn't make me "bad" the stigma is gone and I can think about it more with a clear head.
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    Coffee got a reaction from Physibeth in Onward towards heatlh (I sincerely hope)   
    Well that wasn't very fun.  Basically my digestive system was in distress for the entire day.  I did end up eating the snack bar because I was hungry before lunch and stuck at my desk on a conference call.  It didn't do much except add to the achy feeling.  I had lunch around noon and since it was basically compliant with only the crackers, that seemed to help my poor system settle down a bit.  I then had a hamburger with avocado and lettuce on the gluten free bread for dinner.  By that time most of the day food had worked itself into the lower abdomen and I had some pain there. 
    One of the things I had previously noted way before the W30 was that when my stomach hurts, I want to eat more to try to soothe it.  I actually reach for bread-y and snack-y type things when that happens too.  Looks like these may have been the reason my stomach was hurting in the first place. 
    This morning I slept in since it's my day off and woke up with a swollen face and feeling slightly hungover.  So for the non-gluten grains it looks like the only actual one I can eat with minor bad effects is plain old white rice.  Now, I may also be able to have some others like plain old quinoa or straight up corn on the cob, but it's clear that I really need to avoid the gluten free food-type products.  I doubt that's going to be much of an issue.
    Update:  I am also sneezing and my sinuses are full today as well.  Ugh.
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    Coffee reacted to Physibeth in Post Whole30 Log.. starting part of the way in   
    Personally I don't really see it as willpower any more. I see it as knowing my body well and being able to make a conscience decision about somethings worth knowing exactly how it will make me feel afterwards. Most of the time things just are not worth it, but every now and again they are. The longer you eat this way the more normal it feels too. Meat and vegetables is pretty much the habit for me now. The more decisions we make for better health the easier it is to make those decisions.
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    Coffee reacted to missmary in Second Whole30 not as effective?   
    Again- nothing wrong with having an occasional treat, it's just not something you get to do while doing a whole30. Maybe instead of doing a whole30 right now, you want to ride your own bike? That's fine. do that.
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    Coffee got a reaction from Dystopianne in Whole 30 starting Jan 1   
    Sounds like everyone got something good out of it, I'm glad to hear it!  I did lose 10 pounds and I'll certainly take that.  I don't plan to step on the scale again until after my next 15 days.  So I'm heading over to the new thread to continue on.
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    Coffee got a reaction from sailorlawrence in We started 1st Jan. Here's what we did next ...   
    So I lost 10 pounds which is certainly nothing to sneeze at.  Unfortunately I didn't take measurements before I started but I plan to do that today.  I haven't been exercising actually (had been too damn tired and was hoping for "tiger blood") but plan to start incorporating it in the next few days.
    The last few days have also seen a decrease in the gastric issues I was having (although they aren't all gone yet) and even better sleep.  My skin is in much better shape, except for the chin area but that is probably the hormone replacement, and I was getting more energetic.  However this last week I've started to feel real tired again but there's a very good chance it's my allergies.  My STBX has been packing for his move out and kicking up a lot of dust.  My allergy shot is also due next week so those two together are probably contribuing to the stuffy/sneezy/tiredness I have going on. 
    I have a massage scheduled for today and I'm certainly looking forward to it.  I'm also continuing on for another 15 days but I may go longer if my digestive issues warrant it. 
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    Coffee got a reaction from Physibeth in Whole 30 starting Jan 1   
    Yeah, I took the even the 45 and 60 are post 30 as being part of leaving the thread.  If that's not the case, then I'll continue on in this thread.
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    Coffee reacted to Daarkhorse in We started 1st Jan. Here's what we did next ...   
    4 1/2 lbs loss for me, similar to you Semolina. I may have a glass of wine tonight and get back to it tomorrow.
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    Coffee reacted to Semolina in We started 1st Jan. Here's what we did next ...   
    Well, I lost 5lbs. TBH, a little disappointed with that -- which is WHY I NEED TO STAY OFF THE SCALES because actually it is in the right direction and I had a good time eating this way.
    Dinner last night was not quite on track: I had chorizo to start (gf), and then pheasant stuffed with apple, wrapped in bacon, with parsnip mash all of which sounds fine but it came with a gravy, which I mostly scraped off (in the spirit of lightening up a little on the restrictions when out) and this morning I am sorry I didn't go for the gammon steak. (Can I say stomach pain?!!) The last two times I have been post W30 I didn't notice responding to anything at all, so not sure what this is. Still, it's all learning, right? But, no (visible obvious) sugar, no alcohol, so that's all good. And it's straight back on with it for me.
    How is everyone else???
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    Coffee reacted to Alliath in We started 1st Jan. Here's what we did next ...   
    I lost 2 lbs, maybe a bit more because I haven't been able to hydrate properly the past two days, and am quite bloated. Planning to drink lots of water today! I'm not disappointed with it because honestly I didn't think I would lose any weight - I am almost 40 and 146, which it has taken me some time to realize is perfectly fine. Yesterday for dinner I had leftover Moroccan beef, cauliflower rice, spinach/rainbow chard sautee, and half of one of those Costa Rican name veggies. This time I had cinnamon and coconut butter on it. I also made chai with full-fat coconut milk, since I'm out of olives and avocados and I didn't feel like eating some coconut. It was plenty of fat, I am only just now hungry!
    I'm reintroducing dairy today, so breakfast is a sort of porridge made from pumpkin, the rest of the full-fat coconut milk (I got one of those tiny two serving cans), and goat yogurt. Lots of cinnamon, some nutmeg, a dash of clove, some ginger. Separate from that, two eggs and some spinach. Lunch will be more spinach/rainbow chard sautee with some goat cheese on it, venison stew, sea snax, coconut, and pineapple. Not sure about dinner, but there will be more goat cheese. Maybe a big old salad with some feta and chicken and olives!
    I am doing goat and cow dairy separately because I highly suspect I have a problem with cow dairy. I was at a friend's house over the holidays and he made hot chocolate with cow's milk. I had a cup, and I felt really awful. However, I am doing goat dairy first because I suspect that if I did cow dairy first and goat dairy was LESS awful, I would lie to myself about it. "It wasn't as bad! I must be ok with it!" So we're doing goat dairy today, fresh off the whole 30, because then it will be clear.
    The weekend will be whole 30 compliant meals (Semolina's leek and chicken pie sounds good), and then on Monday I will reintroduce some non-gluten grains. For me this will mostly be rice and quinoa, and occasional corn or oats. So that's what I'll have those days. I will not have any problems with super bowl parties because I don't care for American football, so I am going to use that day to do my grocery shopping when I will have the whole store to myself, maniacal laughter.
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    Coffee reacted to Juleslynn79 in We started 1st Jan. Here's what we did next ...   
    There were a few times in the past 10 days that I almost fell off...but I did it. I successfully completed W30 and feel so proud!
    As I've said before, I'm not continuing on with the program. With that said, I have developed a better relationship with food. I think I will keep my sugar to a minimum and really savor the times I do allow myself to have it (like with my hazelnut macchiato this morning!!!). And I can't wait to have a glass of wine tonight.
    I lost about 5-7lbs, but also tried not to lose a lot as I'm already a size 2.
    I wish I could say my skin completely cleared up, but it didn't. That's just me though...I've always had issues with my skin.
    Thank you all for your support and sharing the past month. You are a great bunch of people!!!
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    Coffee reacted to helen in We started 1st Jan. Here's what we did next ...   
    I'm 44 and my goal is to be between 140-145.  Even in my 20s when I was fit and trim I was around 130-135 and I am short (only 5').  I am just Greek peasant stock and that is my body type.  I have about 10 pounds to lose I think to be there but I'm not weighing  I was about 150 last summer and felt good enough.  I exercise a lot and just refuse to go on an 800 calorie diet for life to be under 140.
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    Coffee reacted to Sarah T in We started 1st Jan. Here's what we did next ...   
    Good morning!
    Ok, so I added a bit of cheese to my hash this morning and you know what? It adds nothing to the flavor. hah. So that's not going to happen again.
    I actually have very little desire to eat much of anything I haven't been eating regularly except for chocolate. So I'm just going to go with that while it lasts. I know we're going out to dinner tomorrow night and it will be nice not to stress too much.
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    Coffee reacted to Stephanie313131 in We started 1st Jan. Here's what we did next ...   
    I weighed in this morninig too. 
    I've lost about 7 lbs.  I didn't have much to lose - and totally not why I did the Whole 30 to begin with, but what a nice side effect from cutting out the rest of the garbage from my diet.  (Mostly Cheese, I'm from WI - we eat A LOT of cheese here!)
    I don't plan on reintroducing cheese back into my diet on a regular basis.  Maybe the scoop of ice cream every so often.
    Not reintroducing anything today.
    I need to think about what I'd like to add back, if anything.
    Happy Friday all!