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    Photography, Crossfit, Running, Cooking/Baking, My family and friends (of course) :)
  1. Runningforme82

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I really don't even buy organic. only thing I regularly but organic is apples because all 3 of us eat them with skin on. I do buy grass fed ground beef from butcher that is $5.99/pound and chicken that is antibiotic free from Fresh market but that's usually only when the breasts are on sale for $2.99/pound. Ground pork I get for about $4.19/pound that is from local farm. I guess I do but organic cage free eggs which are $3+ per dozen. Other than that....I'm just buy fruits/veggies/oils, etc.
  2. Runningforme82

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I'm feeling the same way...especially as we are trying to figure out how to cut expenses so that I can stay at home full time (sooner rather than later). Obviously there are other areas we can and are working on (a bit of credit card debit), but the food expense stresses me out. Looking forward to reading more suggestions from others