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  1. For those of you who have done a Whole30 while breastfeeding, if you noticed a supply drop, what foods did you increase (coconut milk? avocado? sweet potatoes?, taro root? etc) and how long did it take before you noticed the supply start to increase again? I'm currently doing my 5th Whole30 (on Day 8) in a 3 year window and am nursing a 16 month old this go around. I'm full from my meals, but thinking I'm short on carbs/fat maybe? Knowing I need to kick it up a notch with those, I'm trying to ease my anxiety of how long it will take for the supply to boost. Out side of my past Whole30's I stick to paleo, but probably have more than my fair share of paleo muffins, I think I've lost some calories from cutting those out. Off I go to drink some water Thanks bunches
  2. Holly, I too struggled with homemade mayo. It took me probably 10 different compliant recipes before I finally found one that I liked. They can all have different flavors depending on what ingredients you use. For example, I am not a fan of mayo made with avocado oil. And I prefer those made with lemon juice as opposed to vinegars. My favorite is extra light olive oil, egg yolk, and lemon juice as the main ingredients. That being said, it is nice to be able to just buy a jar sometimes
  3. This is amazing, thank you for the time you spent on this!
  4. W30 #4, starting 10/1

    I'm sorry you are having a decrease in supply. Try not to stress about it, easier said then done, I know. That darn pump can really get ahold of our mind and be so frustrating, lol. I agree, more sweet potatoes and maybe more fat? I think I'm going to order another case of coconut milk to have on hand for sipping through the day. I want today to be over, I'm so ready to start this W30!
  5. Crio Bru

    thanks for the note! I was just looking at the site trying to decide which to try. I think I want to try the Pumpkin Spice as well, tis the season I do not have a golden wire basket for my coffee maker though...argh! We need a new coffee maker anyways lol
  6. Crio Bru

    Super awesome! I thought I saw somewhere it was allowed but couldn't for the life of me find where I saw it! So excited now!
  7. Crio Bru

    So I drink black coffee on W30 but I have recently come across this stuff and have been wanting to try it. I love a a mug of something warm in it during the fall/winter (get bored with tea though). No sugars but wanted to make sure.
  8. Hi all, I'm getting ready to start my 4th Whole 30 on October 1. I know that while I eat "paleo" I have gotten off track with the SWYPO items and chocolate chips so time to get myself back in check! Anyways, the last W30 I did, I was pregnant and did it because hubby was finally doing his first W30 so I did it with him to help cheer him (he did great!). This time around, I'm not pregnant but I am nursting an 8 month old. I'm really excited to do the W30 but finding that I'm nervous about getting enough food in to keep up with feeding my 8 month old. From reading through the forum it looks like I need to make sure I'm getting enough carbs in, drinking plenty of water. Other then that and the standard W30 guidelines for food, do you have any tips that helped you? Thanks so much!
  9. Grass Fed Beef from Australia

    Thanks for your response. I'm in the US, and while I can get local grass fed from a local butcher they are out right now. Our Fresh Market (higher end chain store) started carrying grass fed ground beef from Australia. I assumed it would be a good option and bought some but wasn't sure so thought I would ask here
  10. First Trimester Struggles

    I feel your pain, I'm In my 2nd tri, and can say it does get better. My food aversions were awful during the 1st tri and I ended up with some items that were gluten/dairy filled (I was not in the midst of an actual W30, but I pretty much eat very close to W30 all time). Guess what happened....I felt even worse! It was awful but I had to get calories down. I stumbled upon Melissa's article as I was entering my 2nd tri. Just do your best and know that it does get better. I've been back on track for a while now and feel Much better. Also, be kind to yourself, try your best and don't stress
  11. Grass Fed Beef from Australia

    Our local Fresh Market (similar to Whole Foods but smaller scale) has started carrying Grass Fed ground beef from Australia. I can't get it local right now as the cows aren't ready. Think the Australian is still better option than non grass fed even though its coming clear from Australia? Thanks for the input!
  12. BACON!!

    This made me laugh as they are always out when I need to order as well :-/
  13. Quick Pre-Natal Supplement Question

    Melissa, Thank you for your response, really appreciate it as I'm feeling really overwhelmed with making decisions that line up with my new W30 life and pregnancy. I've learned and changed so much over the last year I feel like I'm starting from scratch now that there is a baby on board. Anyways, I don't drink any pregnancy teas or anything. I did order the ones with herbs but now wonder. Strictly asking your opinion, would you be more comfortable with the regular or herb free? The only other supplement I take is the SFH fish oil with D3 Thanks again!
  14. Quick Pre-Natal Supplement Question

    Anyone there? Lol....
  15. Kombucha

    Thanks! Wasn't sure with the "trace amount of alcohol"