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  1. ayearinthelife

    Starting March 1st

    Last minute joiner here! Decided yesterday to "enlist" for Lent. I have done a W30 before and felt better than ever, but went back to old ways - way, way back to bad old ways! Joined the FB group (great idea!) and am ready to go.
  2. ayearinthelife

    First Whole30, starting 2/17/14!

    I'm here, too! I did a Whole30 in Jan. It was easy and went great! I saw numerous health improvements and thought that would be motivation enough to continue with a similar menu, but, apparently, a dysfunctional 20yr relationship with food is a lot to overcome. As soon as it was over, I went haywire. I didn't follow the correct protocol for reintro and so am unsure as to exactly where some of my discomforts are coming from. Obviously, it was not long enough for me to create the habits & approach I need. So, today I'm starting a Whole45, hoping that the add'l time will help me to figure out some issues and create better patterns once it's over. I now suspect that I may have issues related to eggs and am looking to eliminate them at some point to verify, but find it overwhelming to think of doing that when they are my primary bfast protein source. I have already lost 35# and am on a mission to lose 50# more. I have finally admitted that it's "the food thing" that is holding me back and straightening that out is why I'm here. Have a great Day1, everyone!
  3. ayearinthelife

    Starting w30 Feb 3

    Glad to have found you all! I started Feb. 3, too. I did a Whole30 in Jan, but screwed up my reintroductions. I had problems w/ dairy for sure, but am unsure about gluten as I went a little crazy and they overlapped. So, I'm doing it again with the goal of getting real answers at the end. My first W30 in Jan, was quite simple. I didn't have a lot of the difficulties I've seen discussed. I am hoping this one goes as well. I will say that I felt terrible for the week in between!!! Best to you all!