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  1. kwantum

    Back in the Saddle - Round 2 - Starting 5/29

    Hi, I’m Hilde and it’s time for me to make a fresh start! I did it before - twice! - so no reason not to finish a third round. My motivatie : getting rid of inflammtion and plantar fasciitis in my right foot ; (2) getting rid of occasional bouts of inflammation ; (3) fear of diabetes ; (4) impending menopause ; (5) can’t wait to get back to the happy-for-no-reason-at-all state of mind after day 16/17.. My goals : (1) tiger blood state of mind ; (2) gaining control of some not so great eating habits which crept in over time; (3) weight control. My little helpers : (1) awareness of HALT - hungry/angry/lonely/tired ; (2) this thread to keep me accountable ; (3) whole30 Day by Day. Let’s go for it! 
  2. kwantum

    starting tomorrow

    Good luck, Marie C!
  3. kwantum

    May 5th - day 1 whole30(3)

    Hi Mergthemagnificent & LindaK57, So nice to have some fellow travelers! We can do this! So how are you both doing one week into this challenge? I’m doing ok. I managed to survive 1 1/2 kill-all-the-things days without causing too much harm to my immediate family members, friends, colleages and innocent bystanders. :) And now it’s off to week 2 ... the hardest one in my experience, And I try and I try and I try and I try ..
  4. Time to start anew! I did it before...twice! So what’s stopping me now? My motivation : (1) getting rid of inflammation in my right foot ; (2) getting rid of coming and going aches which are probably caused by inflammation; (3) fear of diabetes ; (4) impending menopause My goals : (1) state of tiger blood ; (2) gaining control of eating habits ; (3) weight controle My little helpers : (1) awareness of Hungry Angry Lonely Tired ; this thread to keep me accountable ; (3) Whole30 Day by day
  5. kwantum

    The crazy things people say

    My 9-year old daughter who's eating more whole30 compliant than she realizes : "Mum, i feel so sad for you that you can't have ice cream" Me : "No need to be sad for me - I like the way I feel when I eat like this" Daughter : "Still, it's so sad for you"