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    I have a cast iron frying pan and grill pan, a harden andondized set sauce/frying pans from Guy Fierri and a few enameled lodge pieces.
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    I'm with Anzadel... I have a beautiful set of Calphalon that I received as a wedding gift 14 years ago and except for the sauce pans I use my cast iron instead. And the cast iron is SO CHEAP!!!!!  
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    Le Cruset's Dutch Ovens now come with a plastic handle as well.  I also own the Martha Stewart version, and the plastic handles on them (and the Le Cruset) are oven-safe to 450 degrees, so there should be no reason to remove it before using it in the oven... that's what they were made for.
    For what it's worth, Sur La Table has started selling replacement handles for the new LeCruset dutch ovens because people are upset they switched to plastic, even though its oven safe.
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    Cook's Illustrated / America's Test Kitchen does extensive testing of cookware and gives their recommendations for the best quality pieces.  They unanimously recommend All Clad, but it's outrageously expensive.  Their next-best recommendation is almost identical for a fraction of the price.  Tramontina Tri-Ply cookware.  The same specifications as All Clad, at a very affordable price.  I love mine.
    You can get this at online at, but it is rarely found in stores.  WalMart stores usually carry the regular (not nearly as good) Tramontina single-ply stuff.  You can use the Ship-To-Store option for free shipping from and pick them up at your local store.  Just be SURE you are getting the "Try-Ply" version.  You can buy in sets or individual pieces. 

    I cannot recommend them enough. Every time you pull it out, you feel like you're on a television cooking show set. They are gorgeous. Like a good cast iron skillet, these pans are the type of item you will use for the rest of your life.
    Tramontina Try-Ply 12-inch Skillet - $49           Tramontina Try-Ply 8 Piece Set - $139
    The fabulous cooking website Serious Eats also confirms that the Tramontina is the best skillet on the market for the money.
    Serious Eats:  All-Clad vs. Tramontina Try-Ply
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    I'm a fan of this birthday cake: