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  1. Desire Mapper

    Lyme's Disease, PCOS and feeling Achy again

    I discovered this thread today and am grateful for it as I was recently diagnosed with Lyme. I have tried two Whole 30's in the past, The most recent one, I quite about half way through (Was traveling for work, thought I brought enough whole 30 compliant food for the trip but did not and had too much other stress to prioritize dietary change at that time). I am reconsidering returning to a whole 30 to help counter lyme. Lolling in particular for probiotic options to combat yeast growth permitted by powerful antibiotics. I intensely dislike cabbage. What are non-cabbage options? I
  2. Desire Mapper

    Is there a compliant store bought broth?

    I only trust broth I make myself, which is very easy to do. Especially with a slow cooker. I also like to be in charge of the flavor because I love rosemary and garlic. I freeze it in glass jars, two cups per jar, but they have the be the kind of jars without "shoulders" (straight up and down, no curves after the neck). I collect bones in freezer bags. Lamb, beef, and chicken. One bag for each. And make on a weekend once I have at least 3-lbs bones, provided I have enough jars. I would make more often if I had more jars but the kitchen I have has very little storage space. I know many people save it in ices cube trays, but to me it seems like a needless chore to measure out cups of ice cubes, when they sell so many jars with measurements on them.
  3. Desire Mapper

    Starting Whole30 tomorrow (May 19th)

    I did pick up turnips today. I'm thinking worst cases scenario, I boil them and blend them with garlic and coconut milk. Almost everything is palatable blended with garlic. And rosemary. I did see the link to the breakfast casserole but it had eggs in it and eggs always make me feel ill. I have both of the Well Fed books but regret buying them because my favorite recipes from the book are available free on her amazing web site. I love the Taj Mahal chicken. Made it too many times during my last Whole 30. I have a conference this week and am feeling nervous about the eating arrangements. Maybe I should have started later but already one week in and really wanting that Tiger Blood. I may end up doing more than 30 days, but we'll see how this week goes. I am keen to try some of Slim Palate's recipes, which are paleo but have some dairy and didn't discover his cookbook until after I started this round.
  4. Desire Mapper

    Starting Whole30 tomorrow (May 19th)

    BecFreeby, I may try turnips this week. How do you prefer yours? I have never had one. My knowledge of root vegetables is the worst. Like the rutabaga, which I think is one of God's ugliest creations. No idea how to even start with that one.
  5. Desire Mapper

    Started May 19

    Eggs have always made me feel ill. Even just the smell of them and I am always jealous (i know, evil word) of people who enjoy them because they provide so much variety. I think my easy solution to a breakfast is going to be learning some new form of scramble.
  6. Desire Mapper

    Started May 19

    I am on day 7 today, too. I tried parsnips for the first time last night made similar to mashed potatoes. They turned out pretty well. That said, I didn't buy as many parsnips as recipes recommended to I supplemented with zucchini that was about to go off. Not sure how much of the flavor the zucchini contributed. One of my goals during this whole 30 is to try at least one new vegetable a week. I didn't grow up exposed to many, particularly root vegetables and it is a class of foods I have a long ways to go to learn how to prepare and enjoy. They scare me a bit, to be honest. Mostly, my vegetable source is a salad of cucumbers, red onions, vine tomatoes, garlic, and maybe some spinach. But I am realizing that I need more diversity because what i have been doing in the past to try to stay healthy has not stuck, partially because of boredom, as much as i love salads. And I love that some foods (non-salad ingredients) stay fresh longer. Breakfast is my most challenging meal. It still feels wrong having vegetables first thing in the morning to me, unless maybe they are tomatoes. And tomatoes get old.
  7. Desire Mapper

    What are "Paleo" exercises? Recommended resources?

    Thank you so much, Nadia. I have checked out local Cross Fit gyms. 1) I find the prohibitively expensive. 2) I wonder if I am the weaker than any woman they have ever encountered and feel like I'd need to improve much before I could do their beginner routines. I bought a kettle bell and "Paleo workouts for Dummies". The recommended weight for e beginning woman seriously hurt my elbows when I tried the one arm movements. This past week I returned to Bikram yoga, which I used to practice daily and gave me good strength when I did. I had a sneaking suspicion that my skeletal system was a wreck from spending too many hours hunched over a desk for years and not spending enough time in natural movement to correct it. This is the best starting place for me. I've been the last five days in a row. The first few classes were horrible because I couldn't even stand still right, but as soon as yesterday, only class five in a row, I felt my spine adjust much closer to where it needed to be and open up. I would like to see more about different people's experiences and methods for getting stronger. Not only what works for them, but what is fun. I feel like I could use more fun. I used to be active but a series of injuries and not enough time off from work to heal and aging poorly have taken a toll on my body that I am trying to correct. I carry too much weight now and never thought I'd be in this position. Starting over is so much more difficult for me than it was to just start. I am on day 7 of a whole 30 and thinking of this as a journey to heal, learn the art of nourishment, and get stronger.
  8. Desire Mapper

    Starting Whole30 tomorrow (May 19th)

    Happy Day 7 Everyone! I too have been wanting cheese very badly. I miss the texture. I miss how you can just pick it up and eat it and not have to worry about sugar. I hate that so many foods have sugar that should not and I am feeling very strongly passionate about sugar these days, Why is it in bacon, when it's the wood that gives bacon the flavor? My whole foods sold some sugar-free bacon for a few months, and was always sold out of it, but then it stopped. I am upset with them. The online sites are crazy expensive. I refer to the timeline probably more than once a day and for the most part it has been very accurate. Particularly on the cranky days. I am very, very grateful that the hangover this Whole 30 was not nearly as bad as my first Whole 30. Maybe in part because I've done it once before? Returning to Bikram yoga may have helped me too, because all the sweat releases toxins and the poses regulate hormones, so it expedites detox. Eventually, I would like to do something with weights. I bought a kettle bell for the recommended weight for a beginning woman but I am so week. The one armed poses hurt my elbow. I have built a good deal of strength from Bikram years ago when I practiced regularly because the poses resist body weight and it's a good starting place for me to return to before trying weights whole hog. I have checked out a few Cross Fit places near me but they are prohibitively expensive. I also question whether they have worked with such as weakling as I. For me, I am thinking of this as a journey to get stronger and nourished. But at the same time, I hope the weeks fly.
  9. Desire Mapper

    Starting Whole30 tomorrow (May 19th)

    Potatoes are a huge weakness for me...that and cheese. I am not sure how to cook a turnip but it's on my "to try" list. I chose parsnips because they seemed potatoes like. I've tried mashed cauliflower but regardless of the spices it tasted too cabbage-y for me. I did like cauliflower tots with heavy cream and cheese but that is a no no for at least 30 days. I struggle a bit with the meal planning because I do not like eggs at all. They have always made me feel ill. I love eggplant in baba ghanoush but need to learn other ways to like. This is an experiment on so many levels for me. The first whole 30 I did earlier this year, I learned how much I actually ate in a week. Silly as it is, I was not sure because I prefer to eat out rather than cook for one. And I learned how much cooking that entails. I also expanded my exposure to spices and discovered a few great blogs. God bless Nom Nom Paleo, Clothes Make the Girl, and Rubies and Radishes. Those were the good lessons. Sadly, I discovered I probably need more than 30 days for a reset. I came off of it with more of a sweet tooth than I've ever had in my life, and there was so much Easter candy around. Obviously, need more work to create a healthy relationship with food.
  10. Desire Mapper

    too many avocados?

    It Starts with Food recommended at least a half an avocado a day. I usually have a salad a day with guacamole. I need them to add variety for me. Such a struggle to like other vegetables and technically, I think it's a fruit (like tomatoes) but has so many benefits.
  11. Desire Mapper

    Starting Whole30 tomorrow (May 19th)

    It's about noon on my second Whole 30 day and I inadvertently ended up with a day off. I did Whole 30 earlier this year and had a killer migraine on day 2 and part of day 3. I was grateful for the day off because I thought it would kick in any minute today. I suppose it still might. I bought parsnips this weekend. I am going to try a new vegetable each week, which is hard for me because I am not a big vegetable fan. I usually have a salad daily with guacamole and a piece of meat. I am trying to branch out more because I realize that variety boosts my nutrient intake. I think I will try the parsnips with this recipes for garlic mashed parsnips:'> I stocked up on a few highly rated paleo cookbooks during my first Whole 30 but was not that impressed with the vegetables in most of them. I am very tempted by the Paleo Foodie and the Slim Palate on Amazon at the moment.
  12. Desire Mapper

    What are "Paleo" exercises? Recommended resources?

    Thanks, I'm still looking for a work out ideas...four months later. And am back for a second whole 30.
  13. Desire Mapper

    What are your favorite paleo books?

    I read It "Starts with Food" and am getting ready to begin " Eat the Yolks." I am very grateful to the background information in Practical Paleo, Nom Nom Paleo, and the Well Fed books and their web sites.
  14. Desire Mapper

    May 19 I start

    I started today, too. I did a Whole 30 from mid-January through Mid-February. I did not re-introduce food well and decided I need a fresh re-set. I don't think 30 days was enough for me the first time. I'm hoping this goes better. The thing that is the most challenging for me is all the food prep. I wish there were drive-thru Whole 30 places. After working long days, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking for one. I try to cook more over the weekend, but have so many other chores that need to be done on the weekend that it feels like there almost isn't a weekend at all. I am dreading the head ache that may hit tomorrow, if this is anything like last time.
  15. Desire Mapper


    I couldn't find that bacon at my Whole Foods I will have to ask. That is an excellent price, too, cheaper than Applegate Farms.