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  1. Day 15 - Running still awful

    This probably isn't the news everyone wants to hear, but I've had absolutely fantastic runs this last week post-Whole30. At least my running isn't down the hole for good, but I think perhaps I just work a little different than some of the others and need grains, etc to keep my body going. I am so happy to be running well again, but it isn't utilizing the Whole30 way of eating, so I've declared a hung jury on my Whole30 final verdict.
  2. Day 15 - Running still awful

    I ballparked my calories a few times and was usually around 1300-1800 (higher end on workout days) daily. My BMR is just under 1300, so I shouldn't have ever been going too far below what I needed for the day. I was rarely hungry in between meals which was a nice change vs. my previous diet. I've never been as diligent about looking at body composition at the high and low ends of weight for me, so I'm wondering if in the past when I've lost weight it as also been muscle (ie I seem to always get DEXA done when my weight is high, but never when it is at its low points). The mysteries of our bodies continues.... :-)
  3. Day 31 - Lost Muscle

    Hmmm...I never really was that hungry, which I considered a plus on the plan. When I was hungry, it wasn't the "I'm going to kill someone if I don't eat now!" kind of hunger - but a much more manageable one. I didn't count calories on a regular basis, but ballparked on occasion and think I was anywhere between 1300-1800 (higher end on workout days) or so on most days. My BMR is under 1300, so I don't think I was too far off. Yes, I wish that were higher, but not so much. I definitely ate more protein than ever before and was adding carbs to each meal to ensure the glycogen stores had something to go on. Thanks for the insight though - definitely something to think about throughout reintroduction, etc.
  4. So here I am at Day 31. I will say I'm proud of myself for making it through the program without any slip ups or cheats. I have never eaten this clean for this long in my life. I'm an endurance athlete and was a bit of the deep end towards August as I took recovery from my last ironman (end of May) a bit far. I wanted something to reel me back in and this looked like a good answer. I've cooked and cleaned more than I ever have before and experienced a fair bit of loneliness as a single person cooking and eating my meals alone. I was able to get out a bit more towards the end as I felt more comfortable, which was a very nice plus. I started on a Tuesday and my long run that Saturday was supposed to be 9 miles (as it had been most weekends the previous month or two) and I was dying by the first mile and it only got worse from there. I threw in the towel after about 4 miles and walked home. My runs never really got a whole lot better. Each time, it felt like my muscles were just screaming and not getting anything to help out. Fast forward to Day 31. I did 3 miles this morning and had to walk over half of it. I weighed myself as well. I have lost 8 lbs (was 138, now 128, 5'5" F). Sounds awesome, right? Well, 5 lbs of that was muscle. Not the intended result by any means. Some people may say I need to extend my Whole30 to let my body get the hang of burning fat, but I'm not willing to sacrifice any more time, fitness, or muscle to find out. I do plan to follow the reintroduction plan as I am curious to see how my body reacts, but I have to figure out now how to stop losing the muscle and be able to build my endurance instead of losing it. Has anyone else experienced similar results?
  5. Day 15 - Running still awful

    Well, today is day 31. I have lost ~8 lbs overall. Normally, I'd say that is awesome. However, 5 lbs of that was muscle, which would explain my sudden inability to run/workout as I had before the plan. I'm starting reintroduction today. Safe to say my body didn't get the message to burn fat and went after muscle instead. It is possible I need longer on the plan but am not willing to sacrifice any more muscle and have a marathon to train for that I'm now starting from scratch vs. the 8/9 mile long runs I was doing pre-Whole30.
  6. Austin Restaurants?

    This is great info! Thanks! I'm on day 23 now and have eaten out at a few places, but for the most part have just cooked for myself because it seems easier. I did get a burger patty with guacamole on top at Abel's on the Lake and that was nice. I also had a salad at Waterloo with plain chicken and avocado - brought my own dressing, but honestly that was a bit boring. Galaxy Cafe told me they put nothing in their scrambled eggs and I had them Sunday, but they didn't look like my plain eggs so I'm not sure I trust them. I've had the same experience at Whole foods as far as trying to find meat, etc. I did find Applegate Farms equivalent to little smokies and they have been great. Good news about Kerbey Lane though!
  7. Day 15 - Running still awful

    Sigh. I'm eating sweet potatoes almost every day, yet am not fast and do not have a great body :-)
  8. I'm on Day 15 and still struggling big time when it comes to running. I have a marathon in January and it is about time to start ramping up, but I'm going in the opposite direction. My long run through the summer has been 8/9 miles and needs to be closer to 10/12 by the end of the month to be where I want to be in my training. Since starting Whole30, I cannot even run 4 miles now. I keep hearing it might take more time, but I'm not really interested in ending this this thing completely out of running shape, starting from scratch, and killing myself trying to get back on track. I feel like my body is choosing to use muscle for fuel as opposed to fat. I'm eating carbs with each meal to try to ensure I'm getting as much as I can. I'm not eating carbs before my runs, as prescribed. I run mostly in the morning and for the past year or so had gotten to where I did not eat anything before my run. I'm doing some cashews or some other protein/fat combo right now. I could try carbs before the workouts, but I don't think that is necessarily the answer either as I do believe there is enough glycogen/whatever else to get me through an hour long workout without needing anything else (or at least there should be). I really want this to work out, but as said above really do not want to lose every ounce of running fitness I worked to maintain through our lovely Texas summer. I feel like I'm on a slippery slope - continuing to head down the path of losing fitness with the small hope it turns around, but worried at the same time I may easily arrive at day 30 not able to even run a mile and having lost more muscle.
  9. Austin Restaurants?

    Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed in WF - they let me down when I saw they put sour cream and canola oil in their eggs and I've found approx 1 prepared chicken breast that is compliant. I just can't help but assume the BBQ places are using sugar or a non-compliant oil/fat for their meat. Have you verified Whole30 compliant, or just basic Paleo? Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. I'm on day 5 and had the worst run I've had in a long long time this morning. I ran 4 Thursday and it wasn't great, but I was still able to make it through (my normal Tuesday and Wednesday workouts were about normal - but that was only day 1 and 2). This morning was supposed to 8 miles - (my typical long run for the last 2-3 months while recovering from one race and before building up for my next). I could tell from the beginning it was going to be bad, but I didn't know how bad. I made it 4.5 miles and walked another 1.5. My legs feel like I ran 20. My arm was even tired/weak about a mile in from carrying my water bottle - I carry one on every run, so no reason it should feel that way. I had to walk up each hill and my heart rate was crazy high. The entire muscle chain on the backs of my legs was screaming. I knew my runs may get a little rough for a while going into it, but now that I'm in it, I want to know when they will get better! I've been having about 2 servings of fruit a day but may up that and my other startchy carb consumption a bit to see if that helps my workouts. I had cashews before my run and went ahead and had my full breakfast (as opposed to post workout snack...timing just doesn't always make sense to do both) after - 3 eggs scrambled with a little coconut milk and an apple with some almond butter. I know the plan specifically says no carbs before workouts - do the endurance athletes stick to this too?
  11. Ham and/or Bacon

    Any recommendations for brands of either that don't have sugar, canola, or carrageenan? I'm having a hard time finding any and would love some! (also can't find sausage either...any help there too is appreciated)
  12. Whole Foods

    Did you find a pre-packaged one without sugar or carageenan, or was it where you have it sliced at the deli?
  13. I headed to the WF HQ this morning on my way to work and thought I'd grab some eggs and veggies off their taco bar vs eating the scrambled eggs I had packed. I was so sad to see their scrambled eggs have SOUR CREAM and CANOLA OIL in them. Sigh. If Whole Foods doesn't make them compliant, I'm starting to assume pretty much no one does.
  14. Austin Restaurants?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in Austin that are/can be Whole30 compliant? A friend recommended Mothers and Casa de Luz, but both are vegetarian places and I need my meat during all of this, no doubt!