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  1. Mimibeth how did this work out? I am at 13 and feeling dreadful - severe exhaustion both from WAY too much sugar/gluten/carbs and also from anemia and thyroid issues. I am desperate to get back on to a gluten free and then whole 30 diet, but my pregnancy is making this an even bigger struggle than normal. Any tips from your efforts?
  2. emerc01

    Hormones and Sugar

    So I have DEFINITELY noticed a trend in my self-control and sugar cravings month to month. The first two weeks of my cycle (period and the week after) I find it easy to manage the Paleo/Whole30 thing. Then things spiral out of control and I get worse and worse... to the point where yesterday I ate a bag of Milano cookies for breakfast (!!!!!!!!!) and this morning I started my period, and have NO desire for sugar. What's the deal? Any suggestions?