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  1. hello, I am trying to read everything in this thread.


    I just started a batch last night, first time brewer but long time drinker. Me and my husband love the stuff, and we've talked about needing to  brew our own forever.  I bought some at the farmers market a few weeks ago, ginger and tumeric and I said "THATS IT! I am done buying this stuff"    The last 6 months have been pretty chaotic for us, including a major move,  but things have settled down and we're finally  settled and time to brew. 


    I think my biggest fear is having enough for both of us, I started a one gallon last night and will do second one gallon tonight. Just in case I mess one up. Thinking about getting a CB system! Appreciate all the good info here : )


    Do those of you in warmer climates use a heating pad? Its in the 70s where I am during the day.  Saturday was in the 80s.