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    Rachel7 reacted to missmary in Bulletproof Coffee FAIL!   
    yeah, no. Intermittant fasting is something that works for very few people. The best candidates are already VERY fit men, but most of us humans (and especially women) need more a consistent pattern of nutrition. For those people, IF is too extreme, and results in hormonal imbalance (cortisol spiking, which leads to more inbalances, moodyness, etc.).
    My guess is that this is what happened to you.
    If you were losing on the whole30, and adding "raw honey, maple syrup, and gluten free Ciroc vodka" made weight loss stop, might I suggest returning to whole30, eliminating those things, and waiting for a month or so to see what happens?
    After you've been eating onplan for a while, it might be worthwhile to do a controlled reintro with dairy. Your acne after adding bulletproof coffee points to a potential issue with dairy/butter, and it might be helpful to know that for sure.
    good luck!
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    Rachel7 reacted to Dublinkim in Shredded unsweetened coconut   
    The Bora Bora Fireballs are AWESOME - having them for dinner each night this week! Because you toast the coconut first (who knew how easy that was - hot pan, no oil and throw the coconut in - after 3 minutes it's toasty and brown!) - you lose a lot of that "chewy" texture coconut has and it becomes more crunchy. I highly recommend them (made mine with ground turkey instead of pork).
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    Rachel7 reacted to artsyadventurer in Shredded unsweetened coconut   
    Try coconut shrimp! I have a weird texture thing with coconut and sometimes don't care for an overwhelmingly coconut-y taste as well. Coconut shrimp is out of this world and easy!
    I just take peeled shrimp, dip it in egg, then coat with a mixture of shredded coconut, salt, pepper, and dried cilantro. One minute on each side in a pan with coconut oil and YUM! Better than any other "fried" shrimp I've had and I love a good fried shrimp
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    Rachel7 reacted to Alliath in Struggling to keep on it... breakfast is a hard time!!   
    One of the only ways I have been able to cope with this is through the magic of soup. I made an absolutely awesome carrot ginger soup this week, and I've been having a bowl of it every morning for breakfast along with whatever protein and fat I fancy that day (Saturday it was tuna and olives, Sunday it was chicken and avocado, etc).
    Soup really helps me get my veggies in, and also keeps my brain from feeling mad that I'm not having a warm bowl of something in the morning. Pre-whole 30 I was a big oatmeal morning person. I was always starving by ten. Not on this program!
    This morning breakfast was two eggs, avocado, salsa, and ... you guessed it, a big bowl of carrot ginger soup.
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    Rachel7 reacted to AmyS in How to quit caring how much I weigh   
    I gave away my scale.  It helped.  A lot.  The most astonishing thing was what happened next.  I went to the house of the person I gave the scale to.  They had two scales now (scale addict!!).  I stepped on one.  It showed one weight.  I stepped on the other.  It showed another weight.  I cannot possibly have lost or gained weight in one second.  It convinced me I had made the right decision.
    I know there are folks who are looking at major weight loss in their futures.  And for those folks, a scale might be part of a successful strategy (though not DURING a Whole30 of course).  But for ten pounds?  I'm not convinced a scale is useful.  I found, the longer I ate the Whole30 way, that my weight didn't change, but my body composition did (and I'm far from being an enthusiastic exerciser).  I don't think a scale could have prepared me for how my body was going to change.  I just look very different when I eat clean.  But I don't know what I weigh anymore.  (I also don't look at the doctor's office.)
    Don't know if you have kids/have been pregnant, but if so, I don't know anything short of major surgery that will fix the skin and maybe the muscles.  I'm not thrilled that women are told our bodies need to be stuck in some sort of pre-pregnancy holding pattern.  I'm never going to look like I did before my twin pregnancy.  But dangit, I survived and so did my daughters, and now they sit at the dinner table and look at me funny while I eat my kale.  Damn and blast anyone who would tell me I need a better tummy.  I'm looking at you, women's fashion magazines.
    Eat up, buy clothes that fit, give away the scale, and expect your body to keep changing over time.  It's weird to live this way - but it's good. 
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    Rachel7 reacted to Emily in How is it possible to do this with kids???   
    Can your 7yo help (and ultimately make) her own snacks? I have a 7yo also… she will get herself a carrot from the fridge and wash it (we don't worry about peeling it). She will also make herself an apple and almond butter (she puts a scoop of almond butter in a bowl, bites into the apple, then uses a spoon to put some almond butter on the bite part). She loves making herself ants on a log (with almond butter). She also likes black olives and hard boiled eggs.
    Finally she will sometimes make herself a "salad" with pre-washed greens and already cut up chicken from the fridge.
    I get that it is still a ton of prep work for parents; but I also involve the kids and helping them be independent (but still safe!).
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    Rachel7 reacted to rgbarron01 in Grab-and-go Breakfast   
    I've been known to microwave scramble eggs in a coffee mug.  Break two eggs in a mug and mix well/beat with a fork.  Microwave 45 seconds, stir; microwave 30 seconds, stir; microwave 15 seconds, stir.  Adjust timing if for desired dryness of eggs.  I like these with compliant salsa and avocado smashed together with a side of broccoli.  Deviled eggs are also fairly portable, or just make egg salad and scoop it up with bell pepper slices.  Some days, I take a bag of steamable frozen vegetables (broccoli or asparagus) and eat half for M1 and 1/2 for M2.  You could use this approach if eating both meals at work.
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    Rachel7 reacted to Chellie in No Leftovers?   
    You can bake up chicken pieces in the oven at 400 degrees with salt, pepper, garlic.  Put however many you want to cook on a bed of sliced onions and carrots.  Bake for about 25 minutes, or until the skin gets crispy.  Hope that helps!  
    Stir-fries are very easy, too.  Just throw your cut up meat into hot olive oil, and cook through.  Then use the same pan, start with longer-cooking veg first (onions, carrots, with some ginger and salt). After about 5 min add in the quicker cooking veg like broccoli and red pepper.  Throw the meat back in at the end to warm it up.
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    Rachel7 reacted to justmary in Dear Day 5: Good Morning and What the...Heck?   
    Definitely try the coffee with coconut oil! Blend it in a magic bullet. It doesn't have a strong coconut taste, just more creamy and latte-like.