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  1. Fantastic. I haven’t had them since the few a few days ago that was after 30 days. Still trying to decide on how/when to do a full reintroduction.
  2. Thanks. That’s what I wanted to double check. I’d love to see what HQ says. I’ll avoid for now, when I decided to reintroduce legumes, I’ll start there.
  3. I’ve found conflicting information here on baru nuts. I’m technically past the 30 days, but wasn’t planning on reintroduction quite yet. I did a quick Google and found this regarding baru nuts, so I bought some and ate a few. They taste sort of pea nutty, so I came and searched one more time and found this: Which is correct? I’m not eating any more right now for sure, but am curious. Thanks.
  4. The list of ingredients seems compliant, but I’m worried about “tomato paste”, could that contain sugar? It also says “may contain traces of wheat”, I’m assuming from cross contamination in the facility where it’s manufactured. So, are these out? I like the convenience of the grab and go and heat option they provide.