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  1. nikki5577

    Caramel Color???

    Got it, thanks!
  2. nikki5577

    Caramel Color???

    So, I found conflicting posts in the forum on if this is not allowed or not, I know it's not ideal, but is it on the restricted list?
  3. nikki5577

    Long-term effects post Whole 30

    I'm 90% compliant with Whole30 guidelines since finishing my first in February. We have let the wine habit slip back in, but other than that pretty on track. My husband and I are on day 5 of our second W30 and the side effects have been minimal. Slight headache yesterday, but nothing like the sugar/carb withdrawal my husband had last time or the diet coke hangover I had on day 3 last time. Plus, my workouts haven't suffered at all - several PRs with my trainer yesterday. I think if you've been generally Paleo round two will be easier than round one.
  4. nikki5577

    I hate the kitchen!

    There are a lot of great ideas here to get you started, but a good thing to remember is that doing your Whole30 isn't just about eating all the right foods and just getting through the 30 days. It's about getting away from some of those unhealthy habits that lead to bad eating and poor health. The need to plan, prep, and cook most of your meals really makes you aware of what you are putting in your body and how certain foods make you feel - never mind reading every label and being the most annoying customer in the restaurant and how that makes you more accountable for your food choices. There are ways to make it easier, but there is really no way to "order out" you Whole30 experience.
  5. nikki5577

    Best thing you ever ate (whole 30 edition)?

    We really loved The Best Chicken You Will ever Eat from Well Fed the link is below but the variation from the Well Fed cookbook mixes the spices with melted coconut oil before rubbing on the chicken I think this makes a difference... And Paleo Rogan Josh also in Well Fed we always have this with cauliflower rice.
  6. nikki5577

    The timing of meals

    Yes! Eat the only other suggestion I have is that you eat some higher calorie/fatty fish like salmon if you aren't already. We found that a lot of the lower fat white fish we ate in the past was too low calorie and fat to be satisfying at the portion sizes we felt like eating. Or of you do eat lower fat fish make sure you add your fats to you meals - We really like grilled tuna steaks with a big salad and an olive oil based dressing these days.
  7. nikki5577

    The timing of meals

    I would suggest trying to eat more at each meal to try to stay satisfied longer. On days I workout I eat 4 meals but on my rest days I have been able to get to the point where I can eat three meals, no snacking, not hungry between meals. Make sure you are following the meal template and eating enough. I lived by this when I was doing my Whole30 You might want to post some of your meals for feedback.
  8. I'm not sure how many eggs were in your breakfast, but I would definitely eat whole eggs, not just whites. They will keep you more satisfied. And make sure you eat enough of them. I'd also suggest trying some veggies other than salad - lettuce/spinach doesn't really fill me up for an extended period of time. We eat a lot of zucchini, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc... Even add some starchy veggies like butternut squash if that doesn't work. You are better off to eat more compliant food at first than going hungry, then you will be less tempted to go off plan. After awhile your hunger should even out and you will figure out how much you need to eat at each meal.
  9. I am on a pretty aggressive weight loss plan, so Iam working closely with my doctor. He has no issues with my supplements but the only ones he recommends are vitamin D3 and calcium. He is very specific about the calcium supplement, and actually cut me back to a mini-cal pill (200 mmg) last time, since my multi-vitamin has 500mmg already.
  10. I am 2 weeks out of my Whole 30 and I had this problem and still do. I think it is a by product of the high protein diet. I just eat the minimum, and I have continued to lose weight after finishing. I try to eat in reasonable intervals 4-5 hours and look for other hunger signals.
  11. How long before your workout and your pre-workout meal? Could you swap that for meal 1 and then just do a post WO meal? There are varying opinions on this, but you are working out pretty fasted and you may need carbs more than someone who works out later in the day. I have a similar schedule - Meal 1 - 5 AM, workout 6 AM, post WO 7:00/7:30 AM. My Meal 1 is usually a sweet potato, clarified butter and eggs. It took me about 10 days to adjust and this schedule keeps me satisfied until 1:00 PM on most days and my energy is very good throughout the day.
  12. nikki5577

    Adding carb to pre-wo meal

    It took me about 10 days to adjust to my workouts on Whole30. GIve it a little more time for your body to adjust. By the end of the 30 days my workouts were better than before I started.
  13. nikki5577

    Monday February 24 start date- my concerns

    Sounds like you will have a hectic schedule. Make sure you plan your meals well for the times you are running your kids to events, etc... So you don't get hungry, even if you have to keep a meal in a cooler in your car. Food prep day is your life saver any meals you can make in advance will help you stay on track. The days I struggled were the days I didn't plan well and didn't have enough food with me.
  14. nikki5577

    Washing Hair

    Yeah, there is a little of the shock factor for people if I tell them and I was surprised that even working out every day my hair doesn't get very oily and does not smell. I have very thick hair, and I think that does help. But, even with thick hair it took a few months to get to the point I could go 5-7 days without washing. Sometimes I will have to pull it back or style it differently (i.e. curly instead of straight). I'm a big advocate of not washing your hair every day Saves time and $$$. And my hair does look better.