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  1. purplepadres

    How to handle emotional eating?

    Distraction, usually. A few years ago, I went to a pain psychologist, and she had me make a list of things that were soothing to me, and urged me to draw from that list when the pain was getting to me mentally. I find those same self-soothing techniques work for emotional eating. Cuddling up with some tea and a soft blanket; a bubble bath; a book...Your list may look different, but I'd suggest working on one. Keep it handy when the urge strikes. Generally after 10-15 minutes, that urge will pass. Best of luck!
  2. purplepadres

    Day 15 with sharp, intermittent abdominal pains

    Sharp abdominal pains are not normal, and are nothing to mess around with. I know you said you're in the medical field, but it wouldn't hurt to get checked by a doctor. At best, though, it could be an intolerance to something you're eating regularly. I know nuts/seeds will trigger some painful digestive issues for me.
  3. purplepadres

    Tummy issues and nothing is compliant!

    Brew some ginger "tea" (hot water, fresh ginger). It will settle your stomach, and is completely compliant.
  4. purplepadres

    Day 10, second W30

    You might consider trying the unflavored Natural Calm magnesium supplement. It tends to help things move along in that department, and much more pleasant than an enema!
  5. purplepadres

    help with snacks

    The "no snacks" advice is a recommendation and not a rule. Ideally, you should be eating enough at each meal to keep you full for 4-5 hours (until your next meal). If you're hungry (and not just "craving,") the advice is to eat a mini meal of protein/fat/veggie.
  6. purplepadres


    Spicy tuna cakes and a side of roasted veggies for "breakfast" today.
  7. purplepadres

    Day 23: Still Not Sleeping Well

    I'm a lifelong insomniac. Diet isn't always the answer, although hopefully you'll get some good advice in here. I went through all the testing. I did Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, meditation, a valerian supplement, and more. I finally had a sleep study, and found out I have a mild form of sleep apnea that wakes me up multiple times a night. Sleep is a weird thing. Keep pursuing your options!
  8. purplepadres

    storing coconut milk

    I use a blender (shaker) bottle. I find that shaking it all up before using and storing keeps it from separating again.
  9. purplepadres

    Nuts and Seeds

    They can be used as a fat source, but it's recommended that you minimize them as they have a less ideal fat profile (no more than a closed handful a couple times a week). Nuts can really mess with your digestion, so proceed with caution.
  10. purplepadres

    Day 8 - need help

    A couple of helpful hints on making food more palatable. I don't know how you were eating before Whole30, but if there are things that you loved that can easily be made Whole30, that's a good idea. If you don't like orange sweet potatoes, try white. They are starchier, a bit less sweet. Or even regular potatoes. As far as Whole30 ranch, I dislike most recipes. While I love coconut milk in my coffee, I don't feel like it has a place in my salad dressing. My version of Whole30 ranch is just homemade mayo, ranch seasoning mix (dried parsley, dried chives, dried onion, garlic powder), and some red wine vinegar (or whatever your preferred vinegar is). Good luck to you!
  11. purplepadres

    Non-cow Dairy?

    Just chiming in to say that goat cheese reintroduction was successful. I had no discomfort upon consumption of chevre and goat's milk cheddar. However, goat's milk ice cream was the bridge too far. Lots of gas. My poor SO! I'm excited at the prospect of a little bit of crumbled goat cheese in my FF!
  12. purplepadres

    Chicken wings

    Seriously, I went through so many baked wings during my most recent Whole30! A little arrowroot and whatever seasonings you prefer, and bake in the oven. It was my SO's preferred post-workout protein most days. Most of the time, I just skipped the arrowroot. A little extra time under the broiler was enough to get the skin crispy.
  13. Best of luck to you! My significant other is 39 and has been on meds for high blood pressure for years. His doctor was pleased with where he was while on Whole30, and said he could start reducing his dosage, and if he keeps things up, he could come off the meds completely! You're in the right place!
  14. purplepadres

    Messed Up Reintroduction....

    Hard to say what the culprit(s) could be. All those foods affect everyone differently. The only way to know for sure would be to go back to Whole30 for a while, and do proper reintroductions, I'd think. Hope you feel better soon!
  15. purplepadres

    I only want to reintroduce wine! Is this ok?

    I also did wine as my first reintro. I think it depends on your context, etc. This was my 4th Whole30. I eat mostly Whole30/paleo year-round, and am pretty disciplined, but like most people, too many "extras" made their way into my diet between Halloween and the new year. I had two glasses of wine with dinner, as did my partner, and we had no problem stopping, and no cravings to add anything else non-compliant either.