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  1. Day 8 - Knees hurting

    To me, it looks like you're probably not eating enough. You're a little light on protein and a lot light in fats on nearly all of your meals. Not eating enough will definitely cause you to feel fatigued.
  2. No energy-Day 24

    I'd ditch the Larabars. That much sugar in the morning, with no protein is bound to cause low energy. I've had a few of those "rushing out the door without breakfast" mornings, and I find it helps to have some breakfast prepped and packed the night before. While the general guidance is to eat within one hour of waking, it's not always possible, so take it on the go with you. Egg casseroles loaded with veggies are easy and portable.
  3. Day 17 Acne Breakout

    The nuts for sure could be a cause, but also, could be where you are in your cycle? The Ladies Only section of the forum has a few threads on how hormones change/adjust on Whole30.
  4. Daily Headaches

    Not everything is diet-related, although I note the absences of non-starchy veggies in meals 1 & 3. If it's a tension headache, what are you doing for stress relief? Gentle exercise & meditation are both helpful if practiced regularly.
  5. Allergic to Coconut

    I don't love the taste of coconut milk in ranch dressing, so I've made it without. I use mayo, ranch seasonings (or fresh herbs), and some red wine vinegar blended together to make a very tasty ranch dressing.
  6. Cooking with wine

    Broth generally is a good replacement for wine in recipes, although I've found that I taste first & season with salt later when adding more broth, since many of them can have a higher sodium content.
  7. IBS Help!

    The flare could be caused by what you're eating, especially if you're getting a lot of raw veggies and/or cruciferous veg in your diet. Cooked veggies digest easier. I second the advice to Google Whole30 & IBS to see what others have done as well. At the end of the day, it's going to be trial & error, because what works for one person may not be effective for you.
  8. Can I have antibiotics that contain lactose?

    Doctor's orders trump Whole30 rules, so no, you don't have to wait.
  9. Hiking Snacks?

    I like carrying a couple of Chomps sticks, or some Epic Bites (not a big fan of the bars, but the beef bites with cranberry & sriracha are awesome).
  10. Compliant lemon pepper?

    I don't know if you have a Trader Joe's nearby, but for the future, they have a lemon pepper grinder that doesn't have any "junk" in it!
  11. Non gluten grains and my sugar dragon

    Yes, for me specifically, rice is a one-way ticket to Sugar Dragon City. Lots of gluten-free baked goods have a fair amount of rice flour in it, so that could be doing it for you.
  12. Allergy remedies?

    Do you use a neti pot or some other form of nasal irrigation? I find it helpful to use one a couple of times a week during allergy season to keep things moving through my nasal passages.
  13. ISO new sparkley beverages

    I am really liking the Dasani flavors. So far Black Cherry and Pineapple are my favorites.
  14. Having a tough time staying on it!!!

    What's your motivation for doing Whole30 in the first place? I think that's truly the first question to answer for yourself. What's causing you to "mess up" after only two days? If you really want to be successful, my suggestions would be, first, to get rid of all non-compliant food (or at least hide it out of sight), and second, do a lot of advanced meal prep. If you've cooked meals for the entire week, you're setting yourself up for success. Letting friends and family know what you're doing, and what you're trying to avoid can be helpful in terms of support.
  15. Antibiotics on whole30

    Doctor's orders trump Whole30 rules, however, as I'm sure you know, antibiotics can take their toll on your gut flora. Try eating some foods high in probiotic content (sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha) to offset the antibiotics, and see how you feel. You may decide to stretch it out a few extra days if you're having tummy troubles.