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    purplepadres reacted to SugarcubeOD in Tummy issues and nothing is compliant!   
    Throw a chunk of cinnamon stick in there too and it's really lovely!
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    purplepadres reacted to whydidIdothistomyself in Forgive Me Forum, For I Have Sinned.   
    Forgive me Forum, for I have sinned. In the name of the hard-boiled eggs, and of the broccoli, and of the seltzer. My last confession was . . . ok, this is my first confession.
    This is my first Whole30 and I am 6 days in. I don’t know how to bring this up tactfully, but I am fraught with sinful thoughts. There’s this – there’s this thing.
    I am weak. I am jealous. I am lustful.
    I knew a day, not so long ago, where I could turn to a special somebody in times of celebration, in times of sorrow, and in the minutia of everyday life, but I had to turn him away. Some relationships are too passionate to ever be tamed. Even though I don’t come home to him saying hi to me from our dining room table, I feel like I can still hear him calling my name.
    It’s not that I don’t love him anymore. Our lives, our love is inextricably bound.
    While I haven’t called him since starting Whole30, I think about him when I pull the covers up over my shoulders when I first wake up. I think about him when I’m furiously writing down last-minute notes before my Contracts class. I think about him when I’m pressing the lock button on my car keys when I can’t remember which floor of the parking garage I parked on.
    I made a resolute promise to myself and to my friends that I wouldn’t even look him in the eye during this whole process, much less touch him. With each passing minute, I can see the embers getting closer to catching the wind and starting a wildfire, a fire beyond anyone’s control. The closer the sun gets to the horizon, the closer I can feel myself lunging to him.
    How can I not think of him?
    He is smooth.
    He is robust.
    He is creamy.
    He is in the deli counter at Kroger.
    He’s goat cheese.
    I love you, goat cheese. I can’t be with you now, but in 24 days, we’ll be together again! I love our love, I don’t care what anyone says!
    These are my impure thoughts.
    I am sorry for these and all the sins of my past life
    We give thanks to the Forum for She is good. For Her mercy endures forever.
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    purplepadres reacted to kirkor in Whole 30 with Gout   
    What foods is he no longer eating due to being on Whole30 that you attribute to having kept the gout at bay?
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Whole 30 with Gout   
    HI @Lady Bratface - sorry that your husband is struggling. Just to be clear, Whole30 has never proclaimed that it's the cure for anything, it's simply an elimination diet designed to help folks determine what is problematic for them. The foods removed are generally those which are inflammatory so this way of eating can reduce inflammation but it cannot be said to cure anything. It's completely possible for your husband to be eating things which are Whole30 compliant but which do not agree with his condition. Some items which are Whole30 compliant but can be inflammatory are white potatoes, peppers, eggs for some people.
    Can you give us a rundown on what he's been eating the last few days? How is Whole30 different from how he normally eats? Is he eating a lot of something he didn't before? Usually it tends to be proteins that are problematic with gout, what are his portions like? What was it like before?
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    purplepadres reacted to TJHigh in Tired of saying "moderation won't work for me"   
    I highly recommend Gretchen Rubin’s work about “the Four Tendencies,” which talks about exactly this issue, and I think it’s what Melissa based a lot of her observations on. Just like you said, it talks about how some people are “abstainers” and respond well to black and white rules, not squishy ideas like moderation.
    I’m reading her book Better than Before, and it goes into how people develop habits and how different personalities respond and stuff. I think you’d like it, and definitely bonus points if your roommate would read it too to know where you’re coming from!  Good luck!
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    purplepadres reacted to SugarcubeOD in Smoked salmon   
    Google gets me this:
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in The crazy things people say   
    I couldn't agree with you more! I never told work people or acquaintances either and always just said "Oh, no thanks" when offered something I wasn't eating (bread, cake, booze etc). If you don't make a big deal out of it, other people won't either. If I was ever asked "Are you sure?" I would just say "Yep, maybe a bit later" and people generally forget all about you.  
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    purplepadres reacted to diamonds422 in The crazy things people say   
    I have read this thread over time, laughing, sighing or shaking my head at all the stories. People can be so rude!
    I'm going to share a very unpopular idea that would have prevented many (but certainly not all) of the stories on this thread from happening: don't tell people you're doing the Whole30 unless you have to. Especially at work! Don't broadcast it on social media, either. It'll save you a lot of grief. If you need to tell people for support, tell your spouse/partner, close friends, and/or family members who truly care about you. Yes, at some point, you will be at a gathering of some sort and the subject of why you aren't eating what's there will come up. Melissa Hartwig has a lot of tips for dealing with these moments. But generally speaking, the more you share, the more unpleasant situations you will encounter.
    No one at work ever had any idea I was doing a Whole30 because I'd pull things like chili and beef stew with potatoes out of my bag for lunch, and those aren't "diet" foods. Everyone should do what works for them, but I just finished my fourth and I've avoided a whole lot of "crazy things people say" this way. 
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    purplepadres reacted to ShannonM816 in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    There's nothing about eating lots of veggies, protein, and healthy fat that would be unsafe, but what we do see a lot is people not eating enough -- maybe not enough fat or not enough starchy vegetables or just flat out not enough in general. Or we see people not salting their food, so they end up with their electrolytes out of balance,  which can result in tiredness and dizziness. If you do decide to try Whole30 again, I'd  recommend following not just the rules, but the recommendations as well, and hanging out here on the forum to get feedback on your meals early in your 30 days, before you start having major issues.
    More on rules vs recommendations:   https://whole30.com/2015/01/rules-recommendations/
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Rural area....   
    If you're accessing the forum on a mobile device, the signatures don't show up. You'd have to go on the forum from a desktop computer. Or just go to Whole30.com and poke around.
    I answered the breakfast question 3 hours ago: Can you go online to instagram? You don't have to have an account if you don't want to. My @stuffonaplate profile is public. You can literally eat any dish there for breakfast. Quite a few of those were my breakfast when I posted them. Any version of protein, veggies, fat and fruit. Breakfast!
    Cooking a week's worth of veggies IS a good prep idea. However you're meant to be eating 2-3 cups of veggies with every meal. In one week that's 21 meals. At a MINIMUM that would be 42 cups of veggies. One head of cabbage isn't going to cut it. That's what the poster meant when they referred to it not being adequate.
    I really think you're being really hard on yourself. Remember that this is voluntary. If you literally destroy all the Whole30 food in your house in some tragic cooking accident, you shouldn't be punishing yourself to starve until Friday because you don't want to stray from the list. We don't advocate for people quitting because it's hard but you seem especially frustrated and upset by the whole thing and starving or "going without" food for even one entire day isn't suitable.
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    purplepadres reacted to trexmafia in Rural area....   
    I agree with @ladyshanny in that you need to take a step back for a bit and re-evaluate why you've decided to do a Whole 30. While you're taking this time, it might not be a bad idea to learn and become comfortable with some different cooking methods. I'm not a huge fan of Buzzfeed, but they were obsessed with sheet pan dinners for a while so they posted a lot about them. I became a fan of the sheet pan dinner, after seeing a bunch of Buzzfeed posts about them, because they're relatively quick and versatile so a lot of things can be cooked that way (including the chicken and fish you've mentioned). I've attached a couple links for some ideas to get you started for both ingredients and the cooking method. Note: I have not gone through each recipe individually to see if they're Whole 30 compliant, and the majority likely aren't, but they all seem easy enough to build off of to suit your own tastes and the program once you're more confident with the cooking method.
    Everyone has to start somewhere. It's okay because it's part of the process that we call life. And while Whole 30 is difficult, it isn't worth starving and crying over. Good luck!  
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Rural area....   
    Can you go online to instagram? You don't have to have an account if you don't want to. My @stuffonaplate profile is public. You can literally eat any dish there for breakfast. Quite a few of those were my breakfast when I posted them. Any version of protein, veggies, fat and fruit. Breakfast!
    I really think it might be wise for you to consider taking a step back. This is a voluntary elimination program designed to determine food sensitivities. We really don't like to see people this worked up and upset about it. Maybe step back, take a deep breath and then do some research for yourself, practice cooking techniques you don't normally use, schedule a few hours on a weekend to really scour the stores you have and see what's available. (we were just assuming your remoteness because several people asked several times for you to mention available stores to see how we could make suggestions). Since you have a walmart, go online and order walmart items for free ship-to-store and it won't cost more than it would if they had the item on the shelf. So avocado oil for mayo or just plain cooking, coconut oil etc.
    I feel badly for you, you aren't eating enough, you sound horribly frustrated. Step back and do some planning and research and I think you'll have a nicer time of it.
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    purplepadres reacted to slc_melissa in Rural area....   
    I've also never bought any fancy sauces or dates, they are not necessary at all.  (And I have easy access to them.)  I like looking at recipes for ideas, but I usually just put food on a plate like lady shanny.
    For fats, it sounds you only like butter, so you probably need to make your own ghee.  If you don't have cheesecloth to strain, use coffee filters.  If you don't have those, just carefully pour off the liquid and leave the solids behind. (You'll lose a little bit of ghee by leaving it in the pan this way, but that's OK.)
    I think it'd be worth trying a "light" or "extra-light" olive oil.  How much oil did you use and at what temperature were your roasting vegetables?  (I'd try, say, potatoes first.  Asparagus or green beans.)  Just enough olive oil to coat, salt and pepper to taste, roast somewhere between 350-400 for 20-35 min.  (Lower end for asparagus, upper end for potatoes.)  I cook a lot with olive oil and have never had to fish my food out of it, so I'm wondering if you're possibly putting on too much? 
    Do you live in the type of rural area that has some local farms?  One of them might have tallow or other animal based cooking fats you can try.
    You can make your own marinara sauce: Saute some onions and mushrooms, add a can of tomato paste and a can of diced tomatoes, add italian-ish spices like basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, etc. (and salt and pepper).
    And now that you have that - put a cup of the marinara over chicken and bake until done.  Or add the chicken directly into the sauce and let it simmer until done.
    Lady shanny is right that crockpots usually need some liquid - but not necessarily a "sauce."  A lot of vegetables release a fair bit of liquid, so that also works.  Onions+carrots+beef roast dry rubbed with some spices can make plenty of liquid on its own.  One of the easiest roasts I've ever done was a pork roast with a can of crushed pineapple on it.
    How about a batch of chili?  Extremely flexible depending on what is available as far as type of meats and types of vegetables.
    Also, don't fall into the idea of breakfast foods being one thing and lunches/dinners being another.  Breakfasts can be anything, not just eggs.  Good luck.
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Rural area....   
    @NikayaSmith - from reading through your outline in all these posts it seems to me that the real problem isn't that you live in a rural area. We've already explained that you can do this by cooking protein, vegetables and adding fat. The real problem, to me, seems to be that you don't know how to cook without canned soups, sandwiches, pasta etc. Unfortunately we're not here to teach you how to cook outside of the folks who have given you a rundown on making your own ghee and how to roast vegetables etc. You do seem to have the internet so I would go searching for some basic cooking videos on how to roast meats and veggies.  On instagram, @primal_gourmet has tonnes of little vids on how to cook. Maybe you can't find every ingredient but you can learn the skills and then make substitutions.
    All the things you listed that you can't find, you really don't need.  The stuff you can find? That's the stuff you need. Protein and vegetables and some good fats. Don't get hung up on all the details on how to do a perfect Whole30. Learn to season and bake meats with normal grocery store seasonings. Learn to roast vegetables or try steaming them. Make the ghee. If you are at a grocery store that sells peanut oil, I cannot fathom that they don't also sell a lighter olive oil which will have less of a "taste". Also you apparently have a grocery store that sells larabars so you're maybe not quite as "gas-station-only-remote" as we'd been thinking. 
    I'd also like to say, with the most love for your described predicament: you're creating road blocks for yourself. Instead of looking at how you can make this work, you just keep describing all the ways it doesn't work because it doesn't fit in exactly how you used to eat/cook. 100% this is a departure from how you used to do it. That's kind of the point. If you are trying to cram Whole30 without cooking and without convenience foods into your old framework, it's probably not going to work.
    Honestly, cabbage and baked chicken sounds dreadful. I wouldn't want to eat that either. Tuna and larabars sounds dreadful and unfulfilling (and eating 5 of them in one sitting is excessive). 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast sounds awful. There's no prize for how spare you do whole30. You obviously have the internet, go online to Instagram and look at some of the accounts that have been posting to @whole30recipes. Yes, some of them will include things that you don't have, but try to expand your mind for ideas and make substitutions. Eat color. Cabbage, bare chicken, hard boiled eggs, tuna is all just so............beige. It's no wonder you're starving.  For THAT matter go to my @stuffonaplate instagram account. It's mine. Hosted by me and is literally food on a plate and everything except the first picture of the fish taco bowl, is Whole30 compliant. There is NOTHING fancy and I have never used store-bought sauces or dressings, I don't use dates or bacon or nut flours.  Go online and do some research to help yourself out.
    Crockpotting does require some liquid. So use canned tomatoes. Or fattier cuts of meat and a dash of water. Or tomato paste mixed with water. And yes, crockpot takes long to cook.....which is why most people DO use it during the week. They can throw food in and let it cook while they are at work. 
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    purplepadres reacted to MeadowLily in Rural area....   
    This is my favorite Whole 30 testimonial.  They did everything on a shoestring budget with no running water, no fridge and without an oven.  They owned one knife, one frying pan, one pot, two plates and one mug.
    No one is offended.  How are you eating now, how do you get by.  I didn't order a single ingredient from anywhere. No fancy dressings or sauces.  No bars or convenience foods. Those are all there for those who can afford them but not required.
    Don't overthink this.  Just take it one step at a time. I didn't use ghee and I don't even like coconut oil.  Start with olive oil.
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    purplepadres reacted to lisac957 in Rural area....   
    Honestly, doing your own research and being responsible for your own program is a huge part of Whole30. Said with love, of course.
    "No recipe" meals like sweet potato hash are my go-to's when I don't want to bust out a recipe. Just throw a bunch of ingredients into a skillet: cubed sweet potatoes, onion, pepper, zucchini, apple, a compliant sausage or ground turkey - whatever you have on-hand - with a drizzle of olive oil and some seasonings. 
    "No recipe" soups are also surprisingly simple and affordable. I like to make one with chicken broth, onion, celery, carrot, cubed potato and chicken sausage. Chili would fall in this category as well... ground beef or turkey, onion, pepper, carrot, sweet potato, tomato sauce, chili pepper - top with avocado. That kind of thing. 
    Quick search yielded these recipes, all with simple ingredients.
    Roasted lemon chicken with potatoes and rosemary
    Jalapeno turkey burgers
    Grilled salmon with mango salsa
    Skillet beef fajitas
    Pork roast with sweet potatoes, apples and onions
    Tomato basil turkey meatloaf
    Beef enchilada bake
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    purplepadres reacted to laura_juggles in Rural area....   
    The answer to all of your "butter" questions is: olive oil. 
    Assuming you don't want to clarify your own butter (you can get cheesecloth at Walmart and it's really easy, but I'm assuming you don't want to). 
    Making scrambled eggs? Put some olive oil on a paper towel and swipe it on the pan; it is the same effect as those Pam sprays but without the propellant. 
    Roasting veggies? Toss them in olive oil and your seasonings. 
    Chicken or steak? Mix your seasonings into the olive oil and put it on the meat before cooking. 
    Honestly, stop looking at recipes. Just make simple meals and forget about coconut aminos this or sugar-free bacon that. My first Whole30 was done with food mostly from the Super Walmart (including the "special" tuna...check out the low/no-sodium variety. It's probably compliant.)
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    purplepadres reacted to Nicole Lee in Halfway through...NO WEIGHT LOSS!!   
    I'm really glad I just read this! I'm on day 16 and my jeans feel so tight! I was getting discouraged but what I'm taking from this thread is - 1. NO SNACKING 2. I need to eat more than 2 eggs 3. My scale is going in the trash when i get home. Thanks guys! 
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?   
    I agree, that soy wasn't hidden at all. Food manufacturers are brutal in many cases but in this case the labelling and transparency is excellent.
    I see where you're coming from @MimiHi, about the restart and not quitting. But it really depends on what the person needed to get out of it. If they really needed to heal their gut for health reasons, bippity-bopping right along despite the incident isn't going to help them. Sometimes just owning up to it, being disappointed and taking responsibility is more empowering than you think.
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Whole30 Coffee Creamer   
    It totally is complicated though, you're right! This whole business about trying to change our relationship with food is complicated. But in this case, no one has broken any rules, implied or called out.
    It's all so personal on what is and is not your personal demons to manage. For example, if someone has a massive rice habit and cannot imagine giving it up for a day let alone 30, we would probably counsel them that making fried cauli rice is not the best way forward for them, given their context. But for most people, using cauli rice is fine, it's not SWYPO. 
    In this case, if the person is used to having 2 tbsp of actual coffee and half a container of international delights and is trying to jam that old habit into a new framework then ya, we would counsel them against doing that. We'd probably tell them they probably don't really like coffee to begin with so to maybe consider just breaking that habit altogether or at the least, trying it black. None of that is the case here though. HERE the lady just wanted a creamy coffee and she didn't like coconut milk. Maybe because it was too oily or she doesn't like the flavour of coconut. She didn't say so we can't put words in her mouth. Just because she wants to "make" something doesn't mean she's doing more than making her own nut milk or combining two flavours of nut pods or a combo of compliant almond and coconut milk. We wouldn't tell someone they couldn't blend ghee  or coconut oil with their coffee to get a frothy, creamy coffee, so this really is no different.
    I understand wanting it all to be perfect but in this case, there's nothing going on that is even remotely against the rules OR recommendations. I hope you can read this and understand where we and the program is coming from.
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Whole30 Coffee Creamer   
    Right....but if by "fancier" she means w/ nutpods or a different nut milk, she is free to do that. I drink black coffee almost all the time but when I feel like I want a "treat", I'll pour full fat coconut milk into it. 
    There's no need to make this program any harder than it has to be. There's no award at the end for the person that did it the most perfectly ever and sacrificed the most enjoyment of all the things. Putting nutpods or a combo of canned/carton coconut milk into coffee is fine. 
    If the original poster finds that she doesn't like nutpods and she doesn't like coconut milk and she wants to mix blended date paste and vanilla to make it more palatable and more like a conventional sweetened creamer, we'll step in and say no. 
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    purplepadres reacted to ElizabethG in Whole30 Coffee Creamer   
    I actually started buying nutpods about 1 month ago, and they have been life changing! I don't use them all the time, but keep one at work to help make the not-so-great hospital coffee bearable. It has the thickness of creamer, without leaving a weird aftertaste. I would also suggest experimenting with different coffee beans/grounds. I find that with the right coffee, black is just fine. 
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    purplepadres reacted to SweetEnough in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    Hello, kombucha homies! I am hoping to revitalize this thread to connect with others who are currently brewing. I am brand new to this craft and should have my first fermentation ready this week. Very exciting! I'm attaching a photo of Toby, which I grew myself from a bottle of raw, unflavored GT's kombucha, and also Maggie, who I purchased over the weekend from a Craigslist ad.
    I'd love to see your pics too! I'm sure in the next several days I'll have questions, so I'm hoping there are still those of you out there who are actively booching.

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    purplepadres reacted to laura_juggles in Headaches   
    Also, dude, that list of "worst diets" was a list of "worst diets for weight loss". Absolutely nowhere is Whole30 advertised as a weight loss plan. In fact, it's regularly mentioned that it's not. Lots of people do lose weight on a Whole30 because by giving the body better quality food and not a free pass to snack (lots of those "weight loss plans" basically have you eating little bits of food constantly), folks lose some weight. 
    Blood sugar spikes can cause headaches. What causes blood sugar spikes? Sugary foods, whether it's a Snickers or a Larabar. 
    Most folks don't know how to listen to their bodies without some guidance. I had no idea that legumes were what made me feel like death warmed up until I did a Whole30 with the proper reintroductions. I wouldn't have had a framework to figure out what was making me feel bad if it wasn't for the Whole30. 
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    purplepadres reacted to SugarcubeOD in Headaches   
    Actually, yes, snacking on basically junk food instead of eating real food, thereby depriving your body of actual nutrition IS likely contributing to the headache... she wasn't saying a Larabar is going to cause a headache, I think you are looking for an arguement which you're unlikely to get here.  If you don't like the program, it doesn't work for you or you're not interested in reading the material, that's fine, but you're asked to be polite in our house and calling our mods thoughtless and brainwashed doesn't fit the bill.
    You'll also take note of the fact that this program has been around and popular since 2009, so it's hardly a fad, being that it's coming up on just short of a decade... just food for thought.