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    purplepadres reacted to SugarcubeOD in Tummy issues and nothing is compliant!   
    Throw a chunk of cinnamon stick in there too and it's really lovely!
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    purplepadres reacted to slc_melissa in Best way to mess up   
    I think you should ignore everything that person told you and do your own research.  Pretty much anything you could ever want to know is available on this website and forum.  Like under https://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/ and https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/ and so on.
    I personally usually eat Meal 1 around 8 in the morning, Meal 2 around 12-1 in the afternoon, a pre-workout and post-workout when needed, Meal 3 somewhere in the 6-8 pm range.  Although I might be awake at 10 pm, I'm not going to eat another meal then.
    Sleep is really important.  If you're eating 5 meals 5 hours apart in a day, that means you're only sleeping at max 4 hours (or, I guess waking up to eat) .....that will mess with your hormones, ability to mentally function, and quality of life.....prioritize sleep.
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    purplepadres reacted to lwolford in Best way to mess up   
    You were successful because you completed 30 days! Please start reintroducing foods, a long period of elimination and restriction makes W30 go from fun to painful. Give yourself a break! Eat more meals and add more foods. And if you're gunna add grains, do the highly nutritional ones, not the low nutritional. Be easy with yourself and stop the W30 ASAP! Time to reintroduce your foods- also, I am never adding sugar or dairy again too, but you better believe I am going back to my oats, beans, etc when I'm done! Good luck
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    purplepadres reacted to whydidIdothistomyself in Forgive Me Forum, For I Have Sinned.   
    Forgive me Forum, for I have sinned. In the name of the hard-boiled eggs, and of the broccoli, and of the seltzer. My last confession was . . . ok, this is my first confession.
    This is my first Whole30 and I am 6 days in. I don’t know how to bring this up tactfully, but I am fraught with sinful thoughts. There’s this – there’s this thing.
    I am weak. I am jealous. I am lustful.
    I knew a day, not so long ago, where I could turn to a special somebody in times of celebration, in times of sorrow, and in the minutia of everyday life, but I had to turn him away. Some relationships are too passionate to ever be tamed. Even though I don’t come home to him saying hi to me from our dining room table, I feel like I can still hear him calling my name.
    It’s not that I don’t love him anymore. Our lives, our love is inextricably bound.
    While I haven’t called him since starting Whole30, I think about him when I pull the covers up over my shoulders when I first wake up. I think about him when I’m furiously writing down last-minute notes before my Contracts class. I think about him when I’m pressing the lock button on my car keys when I can’t remember which floor of the parking garage I parked on.
    I made a resolute promise to myself and to my friends that I wouldn’t even look him in the eye during this whole process, much less touch him. With each passing minute, I can see the embers getting closer to catching the wind and starting a wildfire, a fire beyond anyone’s control. The closer the sun gets to the horizon, the closer I can feel myself lunging to him.
    How can I not think of him?
    He is smooth.
    He is robust.
    He is creamy.
    He is in the deli counter at Kroger.
    He’s goat cheese.
    I love you, goat cheese. I can’t be with you now, but in 24 days, we’ll be together again! I love our love, I don’t care what anyone says!
    These are my impure thoughts.
    I am sorry for these and all the sins of my past life
    We give thanks to the Forum for She is good. For Her mercy endures forever.
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    purplepadres reacted to kirkor in Whole 30 with Gout   
    What foods is he no longer eating due to being on Whole30 that you attribute to having kept the gout at bay?
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Whole 30 with Gout   
    HI @Lady Bratface - sorry that your husband is struggling. Just to be clear, Whole30 has never proclaimed that it's the cure for anything, it's simply an elimination diet designed to help folks determine what is problematic for them. The foods removed are generally those which are inflammatory so this way of eating can reduce inflammation but it cannot be said to cure anything. It's completely possible for your husband to be eating things which are Whole30 compliant but which do not agree with his condition. Some items which are Whole30 compliant but can be inflammatory are white potatoes, peppers, eggs for some people.
    Can you give us a rundown on what he's been eating the last few days? How is Whole30 different from how he normally eats? Is he eating a lot of something he didn't before? Usually it tends to be proteins that are problematic with gout, what are his portions like? What was it like before?
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    purplepadres got a reaction from BSH in Breakfast   
    Spicy tuna cakes and a side of roasted veggies for "breakfast" today.
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in La Croix Curate   
    Natural flavouring can often be essential oils but they are not allowed to use that on the ingredients list. Unless you contact the company directly, it's not possible to know how they compose their natural flavouring.
    That said, if they bother you, don't drink them. They are fine for Whole30. Whole30 cannot remove every single ingredient that might bother some one maybe somewhere. We eliminate those that are known to be most problematic and then, if you find something that you cannot have because it is a specific problem for you (like eggs/coconut for many), you eliminate that for yourself. It would be impossible to create a sustainable program that removed every single possible known or potential irritant.
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    purplepadres reacted to ShannonM816 in Pleasure feeding   
    So, a couple of things. First, if the girl is into you, you don't need to go to ridiculous lengths to support her -- you need to let her make her decisions around food, and respect her decisions, even if you disagree with them (assuming she's not actively harming herself, which is something different entirely). If you have her over for dinner, or invite her out for dinner, make sure there are foods she can have that fit within the plan, even if there are also foods that don't, that you choose to consume. That's what support is -- making sure she can do what she wants to do, not sabotaging her efforts, and not ridiculing them either to her face or when she can't hear/see what you're saying. Just as a matter of being polite, probably don't have her very favorite off-plan thing when you're with her if you happen to know what that is -- i.e., if you know she loves mac & cheese, and you go someplace with amazing mac & cheese, maybe don't order that, you can live without it for a meal, and that way you don't set her up to have more cravings for it. 
    Second, the first week is crappy because it's such a big change from what you did before. One day, one bite, of an off-plan item, is generally not enough to make you go through everything from the first week again. You might have some effects from it -- most often, stronger cravings for sweets -- but your body is already on the way to being used to this way of eating, so it's unlikely that you'll experience the same things, like headaches or moodiness that many people have that first week. Many times for people who have something off-plan early in their Whole30 and aren't sure if they want to restart, we'll recommend they just keep going and see how they feel on day 30 -- many of them decide at that point they feel good enough that they just tack on however many days to the end so they do end up with 30 days straight of compliant foods.
    Finally, if you are going to continue doing this, try to get into it, instead of looking for loopholes. It's 30 days of your life, not forever. If you can't go without cake for 30 days, that's a thing you probably ought to look at and figure out why. You may not see the point of Whole30, but all we really are asking is that you give it a fair chance. It really does change many people's lives completely, and you never know, you might be one of those people. If you're not, if you finish 30 days, what have you lost? The food can be really good, and frankly, if you're like most people, it'll probably be the most vegetables you've eaten in a month ever so it's not like it's going to be bad for you.
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    purplepadres reacted to laura_juggles in Pleasure feeding   
    I know that we're all adults here and there are no Whole30 police showing up at your door telling you that you have to restart, but I've got to say (in part for you and in part for future readers) that your situation doesn't feel to me like option 4 (aka someone said there was no sugar added and then said there was honey in it "but honey is natural") at all. 
    You knew that that cake was non-compliant and you still put it in your mouth. Whether you feel like you got every single molecule of it out of your mouth without swallowing, a huge part of the Whole30 is breaking the mental addiction to cakes and sweets and whatnot. 
    If you restart right away, you'll have already been through those hardest first days and you're just resetting the counter. 
    You do you, but I think it'd be massively helpful for you in the long run to figure out why you "lost your mind" around a cake to the point where you convinced yourself that it was okay to eat it, but spit it out before swallowing it all. It wasn't the last cake in the world. There will still be cakes when you're not doing a Whole30.
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    purplepadres reacted to ShannonM816 in Breakfast   
    First, I'd just point out that for best results, we recommend making your meals match the meal template (https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf). It's not a requirement, but you'll definitely get the most bang for you buck from this 30 days if you do this.
    As far as breakfast, this has been discussed a lot on the forums. Try to stop thinking about breakfast as a special meal with certain foods -- it's just a meal, just like the other meals you eat throughout the day. Many people find it helpful to think in terms of Meal 1, Meal 2, and Meal 3, to help break that association with breakfast foods. You can eat anything you'd eat for any other meal. Here's a previous discussion, but if you google Whole30 non-egg breakfast, or something along those lines, you can find other past discussions as well:  
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    purplepadres reacted to TJHigh in Tired of saying "moderation won't work for me"   
    I highly recommend Gretchen Rubin’s work about “the Four Tendencies,” which talks about exactly this issue, and I think it’s what Melissa based a lot of her observations on. Just like you said, it talks about how some people are “abstainers” and respond well to black and white rules, not squishy ideas like moderation.
    I’m reading her book Better than Before, and it goes into how people develop habits and how different personalities respond and stuff. I think you’d like it, and definitely bonus points if your roommate would read it too to know where you’re coming from!  Good luck!
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    purplepadres reacted to april_espi in Day 23: Still Not Sleeping Well   
    Wow! Yea I've tried prescribed sleep meds, melatonin, sleepy time tea, Nyquil, zzquil...you name it. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, it's such a gamble. Thanks for your feedback!
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    purplepadres got a reaction from april_espi in Day 23: Still Not Sleeping Well   
    I'm a lifelong insomniac. Diet isn't always the answer, although hopefully you'll get some good advice in here. I went through all the testing. I did Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, meditation, a valerian supplement, and more. I finally had a sleep study, and found out I have a mild form of sleep apnea that wakes me up multiple times a night. Sleep is a weird thing. Keep pursuing your options!
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    purplepadres reacted to Worldismyoyster in Wine cravings.   
    It's totally doable. I love wine, I drink wine, i study wine, I did freakin' SOMM TRAINING (the non-drinking part) during whole30 last year. I'm day 44 of my whole45 and very much looking forward to Thursday
    You can do it!
    Also, to add: what i found helpful is not replacing the drinking ritual itself - eg not drinking kombucha out of a wine glass, but i keeping my social life (after warning all my bartender friends not to pour me any tastes or alike), and drank sparkling water with or without juice, while still sitting at the same bar and socializing. I found that this way i don't equate lack of booze with lack of social interaction. 
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    purplepadres reacted to SugarcubeOD in Smoked salmon   
    Google gets me this:
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Losing weight on Paleo   
    I understand where you're coming from and it is a valid concern. The way to figuring out how much fat you need (and really, how much of anything you need) is personal experimentation. Maybe you don't need a tonne of dense fat sources but do better with something like olives and avocado at meals for satiation. Maybe a tbsp of mayo or a fatty meat is good once in a while but not on the regular. Maybe if you make a mayo-based coleslaw, you don't add another fat source for that meal.
    You are right, we don't need to "count" things because our bodies should be and are intuitive. The ticket is tuning in to that frequency and finding what your personal best intake looks like.  It'll be quieter feelings that will tell you what you need to know. It's all there, you just have to learn to dial in to it and the only way to do that is to really get quiet and personal and honest with yourself. 
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    purplepadres reacted to littleg in Reducing Inflammatory Foods   
    That is the thing about research.  You can find whatever data you want to support your theory.  Or be a corrupt scientist and do the same   You sound like you are pretty convinced of this link between meat and inflammation so don't push it.  Don't eat meat.  If you don't enjoy eating it and have a religious , ethical or scientific inkling that isn't good for you - so be it.  But unless you also find you don't need much protein I suspect you can find lots of articles about the detrimental effects of unsprouted legumes and soy and other sources of vegetarian protein.  
    In my background with human subject research (vs mouse or in vitro models) I've seen data of hundreds, if not thousands, of meat eaters with very low CRP levels.  
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Period Happening Twice in One W30 Round   
    I'm sorry you felt I wasn't polite. I'm not sure which part of my post read as impolite but that wasn't the intent.
    The trouble is, your situation isn't unique. I mean that in the most respectful way. There is one way for the human body to go through a menstrual cycle. There are certain things that have to happen to create a period. These are all conveyed on chemical messengers called hormones. Artificial hormones like birth control only serve to disrupt the natural signals. Then, when we clean up our diet, get our meal timing in order, stop eating things that also mess with hormones, the artificial hormones that are trying to control the show get overtaken by floods of hormonal imbalances, thus sometimes creating a period. Maybe you just had it two days ago but if you experienced a progesterone drop because of Whole30 (common!), you'll get your period whether you're on birth control or not.
    Do you see why it's not necessary to find a story super similar to yours in detail? Because the mechanics are the same for everyone. People getting their periods 2 weeks early (ultimately a week after they just had it), people spotting mid-cycle, getting their period while taking birth control or having an implant. Bleeding out when they don't normally bleed much at all. Killer cramps when they normally coast through. It's all period disruption because of hormonal fluctuation and period disruption is exactly what you're experiencing.
    I've linked two of the more relevant threads from the first page of the Ladies Only section:
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    purplepadres reacted to slc_melissa in Advice on planning for long commute and long work meeting   
    You’re allowed to leave the room, yeah? Go be weird purse food lady out of sight. I find that fats keep me satiated longer, so I am thinking olives. Maybe some coconut. I like chomps and epic bars as portable protein. For portable veggies, I like baby food pouches of sweet potato or whatever. (Bonus-in a hurry, you can really suck down baby food pouches quickly!)
    however, in my experience people actually notice it more if you’re obviously picky about provided food vs just eating your own food, but each situation is different.
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    purplepadres got a reaction from lasciby in Non-cow Dairy?   
    Just chiming in to say that goat cheese reintroduction was successful. I had no discomfort upon consumption of chevre and goat's milk cheddar. However, goat's milk ice cream was the bridge too far. Lots of gas. My poor SO!  I'm excited at the prospect of a little bit of crumbled goat cheese in my FF!
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    purplepadres reacted to wag_2013 in Round 4 Day 15 *After 2 Restarts!*   
    I started my Round 4 on January 15 and am FINALLY on Day 15!!!!!!
    First restart came on what would have been day 10: January 24. I'd been hit hard by the stomach flu and stayed W30 for the first 2 days. On the third day I just wanted the comfort of oatmeal and blueberries, so I did. It was magical and healing. No regrets.
    Second restart came on January 29 after I bought and ate a peanut butter RX bar and it completely didn't cross my mind that PB is a W30 no-go. DOH! All the regrets!
    So, new Round 4 day 1 began on January 30.
    I'm still here doing W30 and my husband, who has not had to restart, is on day 29 today. I'm just trying to swim in my own lane emotionally and support husband through his W30 process. 
    I hope you all are having a good week. Happy Tuesday!
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Day 31, only 3 lbs weight loss   
    Hi there, please remember that the Whole30 is not a weight loss diet. Some people do benefit from some weight loss by doing the program but it is not designed for that and as such we don't make recommendations on how to better use it for weight loss.
    I would say that based on your height and weight listed that you are at a healthy weight and losing 3# is actually fairly significant, especially considering that you didn't count calories obsessively (I assume). If you kept going the way you were and lost even 1-1.5#/month, you would have lost your requisite 5# in 3 months. Is that not suitable?
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    purplepadres reacted to SugarcubeOD in Chicken wings   
    I dry mine off with paper towel and then have my own wing seasoning (dry spices) and put them in the oven at 450 until the 'appear' slightly over cooked.  They're magical!~
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    purplepadres reacted to ladyshanny in Day12 help   
    "Comparison is the thief of joy." In the case of Whole30, comparison is what will derail you faster than a slice of peanut butter toast. Honestly, forget everyone else and what they may or may not be feeling. Let's concentrate on you and what YOU are feeling because you/we have NO way of knowing the background, previous diet, medical history, exercise regimen of any other person who may or may not be feeling better.
    Also, worth mentioning - if you are having an actual panic attack about being on this voluntary elimination protocol, it might be worth stepping back and reassessing your goals and attitude about it because although the Whole30 is, in our opinion, the healthiest program around, having legit panic attacks is the opposite of healthy.......for anyone.
    That all said, do you have any underlying medical issues? History of stomach aches? Food allergies that you know of? Have you been eating a lot of raw veggies or salad greens? Using new oils to cook with (ie, coconut)?  Dried fruits? Nuts? Lots of brassica (broc, cauli, sprouts, cabbage)? How have your poops been? When your stomach hurts, is it also gassy?