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    I am a big fan of hashes with ground meats (pork, lamb, beef) or chopped sausages. I usually do something starchy + onions + greens + whatever needs to be used up. Then, I like to top it with compliant sauces. Right now, I am using a Mina Harrissa. Also check out the hot plate ideas in Well Fed and Well Fed 2.
    I also really love soups with some sort of roasted/grilled meat/sausage on the side.
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    I like ground meat or shredded chicken in a "creamy-style" veggie soup. Butternut squash or sweet potato are good. I like tomato too. I had a lot of nausea, etc when I was pregnant and a smooth soup was easy on my stomach during those times. Maybe make it with bone broth. I can't speak on how much protein that would actually add to the soup, but if it doesn't stay down then that's like having nothing. I loved broths when I was pregnant.
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    Couple of staples for me: 
    cut apple, shredded coconut, and pecans with a little coconut milk on top and a side of bacon 
    yam w/ ghee  with side of bacon 
    spinach sausage muffins from well fed are great make aheads to have all week.
    2 sausage links and an apple
    figs, shredded coconut and pecans ( I like pecans but of course any nut can be substituted)
    Hope that helps!