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    lindseyriddle got a reaction from praxisproject in Celiac + nut cravings   
    Oh good! I've been enjoying wild-caught salmon daily. 
    Good to know about the difference between oil vs. lotion. I love any excuse to take a bath, but also enjoy moisturizing. My skin is prone to dryness due to years of poor nutrient absorption (I'd imagine). 
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    lindseyriddle got a reaction from praxisproject in Celiac + nut cravings   
    Thanks for your feedback. I was recently tested for vitamin D and, not surprisingly, my levels were extremely low. I've incorporated a supplement with my MDs help, but recently ran out. (Good reminder to get more.)
    Regarding the magnesium lotions, I was recently given this magnesium spray that irritated my skin pretty severely. I imagine the lotion would do the same. I'm going to try the epsom salt baths this week. 
    More often than not, we soak and dehydrate our nuts; however, I haven't been as strict about this throughout my Whole 30 days. I typically eat them if I find myself in an emergency situation, which I'm working to avoid during my remaining Whole 30. 
    My gut is still in the healing phase and I have a list of 60+ food sensitivities in the meantime. I'm slowly able to add more and more foods on that list back in as I continue to heal my gut; however, certain proteins have been completely off limits. So, I am making the connection that not enough protein could be a factor in these intense nut cravings, too. For example, beef, chicken, duck, pork -- all of these are off limits. And I'm a little afraid of eggs after reading the auto-immune protocol. Sardines and salmon and sea bass don't sound very appealing in the morning. 
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    lindseyriddle got a reaction from praxisproject in Celiac + nut cravings   
    These are all great tips -- thank you for sharing. 
    I crave plain raw unsalted nuts (mainly cashews and macadamias) -- I especially crave them with raisins, which I believe to be a result of a sugar habit. While I don't consume a lot of sugar even when I'm not adhering to food protocols, I still find myself reaching for this snack when I want a little something sweet. 
    Great thoughts about the magnesium component -- do you have any magnesium lotions you recommend? 
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    lindseyriddle reacted to MrsStick in Celiac + nut cravings   
    Yeah, I tend to eat raisins with raw almonds. The combination, to me, reminds me of my dad's raisin bran muffins (which I'll never be able to eat again, unfortunately, because of the gluten...sigh...).
    I'm not currently using a magnesium lotion so I'm not sure on the brand. A friend of mine makes it ( or this brand is supposed to be pretty good -
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    lindseyriddle reacted to PamH in Constipation - Please help!   
    This extreme constipation is new?  No history?  I would get a good work-up if you have not already.  
    You don't say if you take any meds... so I will ask.  Do you?
    When you wake up each morning, drink a large mug of warm water with lemon.  Try to do it so you have some time and aren't rushing out the door.  I have struggled with constipation myself over the years and I find that when I am running out the door in the morning I rarely go... 
    When you do go, is it normal?  Are you "holding it in" when you are with clients and not excusing yourself to go?  Big no-no  
    Sorry.  I so understand how you are feeling.  I still get constipated when I travel (without fail; the entire trip) and when I don't give myself some time in the morning to relax and drink something.  I love Crio Bru (cacao beans) and it seems to really help me.   This extends back into childhood for me.
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    lindseyriddle reacted to Physibeth in Constipation - Please help!   
    You might want to look into digestive enzymes. I've not taken them myself but I know a lot of people need them to help their bodies adjust to more meat. You might also try adding fermented foods into your diet. Kombucha and Raw Sauerkraut are good options as well as fermented pickles (a brand like bubbies in the fridge section). Have you tried eliminating whole 30 approved foods that can cause stomach problems? Some people find they are sensitive to fodmaps. Others eggs. Other coconut. Have you noticed any patterns to when things are better or worse? Also how much of your veggie intake is raw vs cooked? Cooked vegetables are much more easy to digest.
    As far as the timing of your meals you may want to try for some calorie dense by smaller meals in the morning and than get a good sized meal at your 11:30 break. I would maybe go for 3-4 eggs, a large mug of veggie soup, and some raw sauerkraut. Can you snack on anything while at the reception area? 
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    lindseyriddle reacted to MrsStick in Celiac + nut cravings   
    Is it that you're craving salty nuts or just any plain nut? I find that salty roasted cashews are a food with no brakes for me, but I can pass on raw almonds. So which type do you crave? Any type?
    If it's salty ones, try adding some high quality sea salt to your meals (more than you are) and see if that helps. Your body might just want the minerals it's missing.
    In addition, nuts are fairly high in magnesium, which if you've just cut out grains (or at least gluten) from your diet, you can easily be short in. You could try supplementing magnesium (epsom salt baths/foot soaks, or magnesium lotion are fabulous for it since your body absorbs it easily through the skin, and will get more out of that method than eating it, but eating it works too) and see if that helps.