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  1. misskrissy27

    Starting another W30 September 4th.

    Today is Day 30!!!! This W30 was great. I really can't even believe it's Day 30. I did take a nice deep inhale of the smell of chocolate chip cookies today while I was stuffing bags for a fundraiser I'm throwing tomorrow. I'm the head of a bake sale for a breast cancer awareness fundraiser...mmmmmm. BUT...I didn't really want one. Only thing I'm sort of tired of is cooking and washing dishes. I've done a TON. However, my wonderful husband has been a huge help with that and my grill master. I have enjoyed this W30 and will stick to this but with probably a cheat day here and there...and of course, a glass of wine (or two). I will be doing another W30 soon...but...wanna set my frame of mind and do a W60. THAT I haven't done. So, that's next. It's been fun! Good luck and clean eats to you all.
  2. misskrissy27

    Starting another W30 September 4th.

    Day 20 and still going strong! Feeling great! I have been having some off the wall dreams lately, anyone else get that? I don't remember having them previous W30's, so it could just be me In past W30's one thing I did was already think about what I was going to eat on Day 31...like my "treat"...but I don't feel that way this time. I'm not really missing anything. My step-daughter had a PBJ the other day, that DID look great, but eh, any other time, it wouldn't tempt me. So I think it was that I wanted it because I couldn't have it. I have had to eat a few RX bars in certain situations, but otherwise, doing well. Went to an apple festival yesterday and that is what I bought, apples. 10 more to go!
  3. misskrissy27

    Starting another W30 September 4th.

    Hi Donna! Some do! But...there are Primal Kitchen dressings that are W30 approved and they state that on the front of the label. Some say Paleo, vegan, etc... but the ones with W30 logo on the front are fair & square Live savers!
  4. misskrissy27

    Starting another W30 September 4th.

    Yes! The Primal Kitchen dressings/marinades are pretty good. We also bought the ranch one, it's ok...I feel like I could make the same thing at home for less money, but hey, convenience. Yes...the smells were wonderful at the fair and I did eat vicariously through everyone else, heheh. Good luck @MadyVanilla on your W30--how's it going? Today I am HALF WAY! It's going very well! I've been working out a lot too so I'm a little more tired than usual, but feel great! I want to continue even after day 30
  5. misskrissy27

    Starting another W30 September 4th.

    Day 7 and going strong! I feel pretty good! Only thing I've noticed so far is that I'm a bit tired and slight headaches here and there. Other than that, good to go! Met a friend for lunch on Sunday, she let me pick the restaurant due to my W30, I was nervous. The area we were going; I don't travel to frequently, so, did some Googling. Found a restaurant that looked pretty good, ended up having a grilled shrimp salad with almonds, strawberries, blueberries and brought my own dressing. Bought the Primal Kitchen thousand island, it's pretty good! I asked for the mandarins on the side, and glad I did, they were definitely out of a can. Went to the fair Saturday, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the smells, the junk...we were compliant! Had grilled chicken and baked potato...pulled out my veggies from my big ol' purse with my guac...got stares, hahah, but oh well! People eating big oversized sandwiches covered in BBQ sauce, fried oreos, popcorn! I just sniffed the air... Tomorrow is Day 8! Woot!
  6. misskrissy27

    Starting another W30 September 4th.

    Awesome!! Yes, Let's!
  7. misskrissy27

    Chocolate Sea Salt RX Bars Compliant?

    Was there ever any clarity on this? I don't see how this bar would be compliant just b/c of the ingredients. Chocolate & cocoa?
  8. misskrissy27

    Starting another W30 September 4th.

    To stay accountable I am on this forum, doesn't look like I have any friends starting Day One today...but mine has begun! meal 1-egg scramble with pico de gallo, mushrooms, and compliant bacon. Coffee w/hazelnut Nut Pod creamer. meal 2-salmon w/dill, lemon, potato w/ghee, and green beans. meal 3-depends on how I feel when I get home today...we'll see. Either pork w/butternut squash, or tuna lettuce wraps & sweet potato... I do have a few snacks w/me...Lara Bar, the cashew cookie one (love it) and some dried fruit just in case. I want to continue after my 30 days as well...that is the plan. My husband is doing this with me too! We were both ready for a re-set.
  9. misskrissy27

    Starting another W30 September 4th.

    Tomorrow is the DAY ONE!!! I'm so ready!!! Anyone else starting tomorrow?
  10. Starting my next W30 on September 4th and I'm starting my planning now. I chose that day due to vacation and want to be prepared. I've done many W30's in the past and my very first was my best. I did it by. the. book. The others I caught myself cutting corners and not really holding myself accountable. So...this one is going to be like my first which is why I'm starting this topic (accountability) and planning way ahead. Anyone else looking to start the same time? Goal-drop 25lbs, feel better, exercise more, be proud of myself. I'M READY!