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  1. shearnicole

    Three days in...

    Those are good ideas, thanks Alyson. Congrats on completing your previous W30 and good luck with the second! Your absolutely right, I do feel more in control of my food choices. I know the book said think of it as "meal 1" and not "breakfast" so I'm open to new ideas for that meal. I had tuna today, I can't say I have ever done that before. I also made the Frittata with Broccoli and chicken to have as "meal 1" but it was really heavy to get down first thing in the morning.
  2. shearnicole

    Three days in...

    Thanks so much for the feedback. I was intimated to make my own, but it actually sounds pretty easy!
  3. shearnicole

    Three days in...

    My husband and I started January 12th and this is our third day. Day two was rough but today seems better. Last night after dinner I just went to my bedroom so that I wasn't tempted to stare into my kitchen. I WILL break my nighttime habit!! I have followed the rules and resisted the urge to weigh myself. My stomach looks flatter today, which made me happy this morning. I am having trouble finding "Ghee" in Indianapolis, we have a Trader Joe's here but they are out with no current shipment date. Looking forward to expanding my recipes as the days go on. I can't believe I actually made homemade mayo....and it was yummy. I'm trying to venture out a little with recipes, I don't want to get burned out on chicken the first week. Along with chicken I've had fish, bison, and tuna. I feel like I'm not getting all the veggies I should be with my morning meal. I need to work on that in the coming days. Looking forward to reading some other forum topics and getting advice on how to make this journey successful. Nicole