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  1. Late Night Compulsive Eating - HELP!!

    I am not usually hungry in the morning but make myself eat.
  2. Late Night Compulsive Eating - HELP!!

    Ok, thank you! For breakfast, I eat 3-4 pastured eggs with tons of veggies (probably 2 cups cooked - 4-5 different veggies a day - typically onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach or other greens, brussell sprouts, bell peppers, zucchini). I also eat half an avocado. (I could do this meal slightly earlier - right now it's about 1.25-1.75 hours after waking). For lunch, I usually eat a couple big handfuls of spinach, a full cucumber and about a cup of shredded chicken (cooked with Whole30approved salsa) or a can or two of wild-caught tuna. I do olive oil and/or Whole30 approved guacamole. Perhaps a spiralized zucchini with olive oil and salt and pepper or a few sliced tomatoes in addition. For supper, I do a serving of protein (at least a palm's size, sometimes 2) and 1-3 servings of veggies. The other night it was 2 approved brat/sausages, sweet potatoes (1/2 cup or so) and brussell sprouts (1 cup). Last night it was 2 small chicken cutlets breaded in almond flour/egg and covered in whole30 approved tomato sauce. With this I ate green beans (about a cup) and a small white potato. HOWEVER, I am realizing I usually do almost NO FAT at supper. (This is usually about 5:30pm). I usually go to bed about 9-9:30 and I wake up 45 minutes later (like clockwork) with a night terror and/or just intense cravings - for bread, crackers, dairy, etc. I'm certainly awake but it feels automatic. Last night I really paid attention and I truly did feel hungry. This is not always the case. At the beginning of my Whole30s (which is now) - I may add another smaller but similar-compositionally meal into the day when I'm hungry because of adjusting to fat burning. I am not currently doing much fruit. I had knee surgery so am not exercising much but chase my kids around all day (rarely sit down) and do yoga regularly. I've been researching leptin, cortisol, etc and wondering if it's all related and, perhaps even more, contributes to my terrible, terrible sleep. I am 34 years old, female, lightly breastfeeding (my youngest is 2.25 but I've been nursing continuously since my first was born 4.5 years ago), I am fairly healthy and have probably about 30-40 pounds to lose, my weight is very evenly distributed throughout my body. I have seasonal allergies, some depression/anxiety, aches, but nothing major (yet). THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSIGHT!
  3. Hi Everyone, I love Whole30 and have completed 2. I am starting my 3rd and it goes very well, until...about 9:45pm. We go to bed early (9 ish) and I always wake up about 45 minutes later. Either, I have a night terror and then eat something or I just wake and compulsively want to eat something. Usually it's like bread and butter or crackers and butter and maybe some milk. In reading It Starts With Food, I see that the nighttime snacking is super bad for hormones, sleep, everything but I am having such a hard time kicking this habit. I'd really like to reset my hormones especially for sleep and weight loss which, I think, means getting rid of this habit (which has been happening for over a decade). My question: Should I just muscle through (TRY TO!) and resist the cravings? If so, how long will it take to reset? Should I do a protein/fat snack at about 7:30 (we usually eat supper closer to 5:30-6)? Should I eat way more at supper? More fat? This feels important but it's also very hard and very deeply ingrained. I also sleep like crap, have night terrors, etc. I think it's all connected to hormonal patterns so I really want to fix it. THANK YOU!
  4. Worse Sleep with Whole30

    Hi Everyone! I'm on Day 5 and optimistic. I've noticed the beginnings of many positive things. One question: is it normal for sleep to get worse before it gets better? I've never been a great sleeper anyway but am wondering if people noticed worse sleep during the initial detox/healing days and then later on saw it improve. THANKS!
  5. PLEASE ADVISE!! Day 27 - poo issues

    I take fermented cod liver/butter oil blend, a probiotic, a prenatal vitamin and vitamin D (I'm nursing), vitamin C, and a b-vitamin complex, and a progesterone only birth control pill.
  6. PLEASE ADVISE!! Day 27 - poo issues

    Breakfast is usually: 1-2 cups of veggies (onions, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro) scrambled with 3 organic, pastured eggs. Lunch: browned grassfed beef + a big salad (mixed greens, raw mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes, black olives, carrots, onions) with olive oil and a dash of lemon juice or pure balsamic vinegar. (Meat may vary: roasted chicken, shredded pork, tuna - always without any sauce or added items) Supper: Baked salmon with fresh green beans and roasted winter vegetables. (Or a grassfed steak with sauteed mushrooms + squash and roasted broccoli). Sometimes a banana or apple and some coconut flakes for a snack. Once and a while a few nuts. Thanks!!
  7. I have been paleo-ish for about two years and am now on day 27 of my first whole30 and overall am feeling great. I've been eating very strictly. I have eaten out a few times but have asked a billion questions, boiled options down, and gone with sauceless meat and veggies each time. I'm drinking a decent amount of kombucha and taking a probiotic most mornings. I am regular with bowel movements but am still experiencing very loose, dark stools in the mornings. I'm also experiencing some gas still in the evenings. I'm interested in resolving this so that my waste is what it should be!! I haven't really had super irritable bowel issues, just these. Could it be trace amounts of ingredients from eating out? Could it be something still included in my diet? Could it just need more time? Any ideas?
  8. Day 11 - no appetite??

    I too lost my appetite at that point (also very unusual for me as I'd been on Paleo for awhile) - it's slowly coming back. I kind of enjoyed it, actually!
  9. I'm on day 15 and am feeling great, have definitely lost inches and overall am doing well. However, I've always suffered from nasal congestion (didn't even really realize there was another option). At the beginning of my Whole 30 I was congested, then runny nose, now congested again. Questions: 1) How long does it take for congestion due to dairy to clear up? 2) What in the Whole30 might cause it if it's not the regular culprits? (eggs? nuts?) 3) Can Neti pot be helpful at this stage? Clear out remnants? Or is that only for ongoing? Any other thoughts welcome, too! THANKS!!!