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  1. Kage

    Starting August 22! Woo Hoo

    @Vick sorry can't delete this tag for some reason and it keeps coming up???? My first round I had really bad diarrhea and tummy pain on day 2 and was really bloated and uncomfortable on Day 3. By day 4 I was ok. Hopefully it passes quickly for him too
  2. Kage

    Starting August 22! Woo Hoo

    Going to bed at the end of day 3. Completely thrown out of routine by having a sick child and being up and down to her repeatedly all night (tummy bug, not nice). Ended up really not wanting to eat in the morning for feeling sick just from dealing with her all night and being completely exausted. Today was meant to be the day I did food shopping and actually stocked up but instead I was winging it again. I did quickly go to the shop and grab a pre cut caserol veggie pack and some chicken wing pieces and chicken soup/bone broth for meal 3. I smelled lovely bubbling away on the stove all day. @Vick wow that was an eventful way to start your whole30!
  3. Kage

    Starting August 22! Woo Hoo

    Survived day 1, just waking up on day 2 (I am in Australia). Still feeling motivated although I am really tired. Big day at work plus an education sesion after, must resist the snacks! Have a great day every one.
  4. Kage

    Starting Whole30 on Aug 22nd

    Hi Karen, August 22nd will be day 1 of my whole30 too. It is my 4th round but it has been quite a while. Looking forward to feeling better.
  5. Kage

    Starting August 22! Woo Hoo

    Hi I am starting August 22nd too. This will be my 4th whole30. Too many of the foods that my body doesn't like have crept back in. I feel rubbish and have been trying to psych myself up for this for months. We just got back from a trip away. I have hardly any food in the house but I am not putting it off any longer. I will wing it the first couple of days until I do a big shop mid week. Also need to order some coconut aminos and make mayonaise. Look forward to chatting more along the way.
  6. Had gluten again tonight. Blergh. Was so not worth it but was being polite. I really do not want to eat gluten. I feel bloated and gross.
  7. I ate chocolate. Handmade (by me pre whole30 that have been in my pantry all this time) belgian truffles. They were amazing. I really enjoyed them. No ill effects at this point. Straight back to eating template meal tomorrow
  8. Felt the pull of the scale again today. I resisted and wrapped the tape measure around my waist instead. Another cm down (bringing the total to 12 since day 1). Another day of only eating things that make me healthier. Feeling positive and happy. Could definitely have more energy though!!! How is every one else going?
  9. Go Carissa! Hopefully you will slip back into feeling great quickly. Tulip if you can't face another whole30 yet just take it 1 day at a time. It took me months to be ready to do this one. I had a couple times I talked myself into it and backed out at the last minute. I went to my SIL's for tea last night and she had made oven baked chicken scnitzel parmiganas. Hmmm. So I reintroed gluten. (Left off the cheese). Felt like I had eaten a brick and had some indigestion. Felt ok today. I had a similar experience my first whole30. It seems I can tolerate gluten ok but I do feel better when I don't eat it.
  10. Hi Barb, My first whole30 reintro consisted of try dairy, 2 days whole30, gluten grains 2 days of whole30. Go on a cruise EAT ALL THE THINGS. I Didn't entirely undo all the good I had done but I came close (was fun though). I think a lot of people (me!!) need to do the wrong thing to discover for themselves how wrong it is. I have also come to the conclusion the scale is evil. I think I may set mine on fire. I decided to try some popcorn last night (home made, air popped with salt and ghee). It was delicious. I have woken up in an awful grumpy mood. My kids are annoying me just by breathing (poor little darlings ) Coincidence? Maybe. I think it will require more testing. How is every one else going?
  11. I made an interesting discovery yesterday. I have not eaten any nuts during my whole30, mainly because they can be a food with no brakes for me. I made chicken coated in almond meal and spices for tea and then ate leftovers for breakfast and was rewarded with a very sore, achy tummy. The nuts were the only difference. Just makes me glad i didn't reintro any thing else that day
  12. Please don't take "keen" as an insult!!! "Keen" is awesome
  13. Talking another whole30 already, you ladies are keen I am currently feeling too scared to eat any thing off plan in case it sets the ball rolling and I fall back into bad habits. I am really hoping it is 3rd time lucky for cementing these new habits and really changing my life.
  14. Kage

    I am a hot mess.

    Very normal. I was sad and teary for the first 10 days of my last whole30. I second the starchy veggies, roasted sweet potato was my best friend Keep going. I am day 4 of a slow roll introduction and my mood is great
  15. Roasted vegetables soup. Roast up some veggies (sweet potato, red onion, zuchinni, pumpkin, garlic etc) then simmer in chicken stock or bone broth. Once it is ready blend and then add the coconut cream and mix. Delicious. Or use in place of cream in a potato or veggie bake.