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    Question for women 45+

    It is hard to make time. I have the same problem. I've been taking pilates classes on and off over the past 6 years. I found a studio that was on my way home from work (super convenient), the teacher is great, other students great and I feel great after doing it. So that has helped me have a regular routine. If it takes too much time/effort etc, then it's hard to make something a regular habit.
  2. AllyB

    March 1 Start Date!

    Just checking in on the March 1st starters. Hubby and I are still going strong :) I felt bad on day 8 & 9th. Headache, achy, generally feeling sick. But it was much sorter than the first whole30 I did. With the first one, I felt sick for at least a week. I was a complete sugar addict prior to the first one. So it was more detoxing. I hadn't gone back to eating so much sugar since the first one, so detox was a bit easier. Anyways, times are strange at the moment, but practicing 'social distancing' has given us the time to prep food more and have more family time. Hope others are doing well too!
  3. AllyB

    Make-ahead breakfasts on the go?

    I make the silky ginger soup from the well fed 2 cookbook on a sunday. And then I eat that for breakfast throughout the week. The warm soup helps you to feel full and satisfied. I use my own beef bones to make the stock. So it's really yummy!
  4. AllyB

    Why Sear Then Bake?

    Sear and then baking is good for bringing up the internal temp of the meat slowly. Grass fed beef can be tough if you cook it too fast. Bringing the temp up slowly will help it stay more tender. Since grass fed beef often is leaner than corn fed, it can be pretty tough if not cooked carefully.
  5. AllyB

    Homemade mayo.... safe?

    We made a lot of homemade mayo. The mayo comes out better if you use a room temperature egg....which scares most people. We have our own chickens and get fresh eggs and have never had a problem.
  6. AllyB

    Swapping Beef Broth for Chicken Broth

    If I only have chicken broth when the recipe calls for beef, I will reduce the chicken broth a bit to deepen the flavor. If the recipe calls for two cups, start with three cups, simmer it for awhile until it gets down to two cups. Shhhh, don't tell my hubby I do this because he says the two aren't the same. Hasn't noticed yet!
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    What would you do?

    If you don't want to waste food, buy some chickens and feed things like this to them The result is that you turn that food into eggs. Yay chickens!
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    March 1 Start Date!

    Hi Everyone, Hubby and I are starting our second whole30 tomorrow (March 2nd). We did one in the beginning of 2014. We loved the results and have changed a lot of our habits since then. However, some joint issues still linger, so we are going to try another one to see if it helps. The first whole 30 we did was 'hard' for me because I was a big sugar addict. It took almost two weeks in the whole 30 until I started feeling better. I had a dull headache, felt lousy and had tons of cravings. By the end of the month, giving up that sugar made such a big difference in my energy level etc, that I've mostly stayed away from my bad habits since then (ie. no m&ms for lunch, no oreos as an afternoon 'pick me up' etc.) I was apprehensive about the program the first time. But this time I'm looking forward to it due to the results I got the first time. It really helps that both of us are doing it and we like to cook. It helps having someone nearby to keep you honest and share the cooking tasks. We worked on our weekly menu this morning. And I started a batch of the silky ginger soup from the Well Fed 2 cookbook. Anyways, I just wanted to say Hi and am looking forward to catching up with other forum topics. Ally
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    The crazy things people say

    Me: "No thanks, I can't eat wheat" (which is kind of a lie. It's more like I _don't_ want to eat wheat.) Lady giving our free samples at the grocery store: "Oh, I'm so sorry!" I felt like saying "Don't be." She was handing out samples of some pasta covered in a bottled cream sauce with mushrooms. All I could think was "NASTY!" There was no shortage of people taking the free sample.
  10. AllyB

    The crazy things people say

    I'll sell you some lamb liver....kidneys, spleen and heart too!
  11. AllyB

    The crazy things people say

    "That was quite possibly the worst meal I ever made!" Exclaimed my mother when she _insisted_ that she cook dinner for a family gathering and wanted to do it 'whole 30' style because that was our latest 'fad'. However, when I said 'whole foods', she took that to mean, no fat, no spices, no nothing. I offered to cook. I offered to go to a restaurant. But no, she wanted to host everyone for a 'meal'. We had roasted pork loin with no seasoning on it. Zucchini that was cooked to death and mashed sweet potatoes (which was the only edible thing. Then she added "I don't know how you stay on this diet!" as she broke out the Heath bar ice cream. My teeth were so sore from trying to chew the shoe leather pork loin that I refrained from commenting that it wasn't the diet, it was the chef!
  12. AllyB

    Cauliflower rice skeptic...

    Yeah, I'm a convert too. I read the recipe and was like "Gross!" But doing the whole30 forced me to expand my horizons which was awesome. Now that I'm done with my whole30, I still eat the cauliflower rice instead of normal rice. I love it with meat and a sauce over it.