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    parksplacepaleo reacted to slc_melissa in Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?   
    Well, the ingredients are technically compliant, so a lot of this comes down to personal accountability within the whole 30.  (Also, in my post above I meant to say cashew cream doesn't sound good to me personally, instead of saying coconut cream.  And in the sense where cashew cream is trying to directly replace and replicate some sort of cheese, it'd be a no go for me.)  Super excited about the idea of something that recreates cheese and can't wait to put 2 cups of it on your dish and revel in the faux-meltyness?  Pass on that lasagna recipe.  Using a tablespoon or two to help bind a sauce together that goes over a large plate of vegetables and meat?  Seems fine.
    Also, recommendations are a closed handful of nuts every other day or so.....that's a lot of nuts in one dish.
    I can't comment on the cashew cream/berry thing you mentioned, I've never noticed it if I have come across it, also, why would somebody do that to berries?
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    parksplacepaleo reacted to laura_juggles in Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?   
    Think about what you're trying to make. Are you making a creamy horseradish sauce for your steak? OK. Or you throw some soaked cashews into the blender with the broccoli soup you're processing so it's a little bit of a creamier broccoli soup? OK. Are you blending up a bunch of soaked cashews and nutritional yeast to put over zoodles to make "mac and cheese"? No. 
    I only mentioned the berry thing because it's in the book and I wanted to say it before someone pulled the "but there's a recipe in the book with cashew cream and berries". As I said, it's part of a "special occasion" menu. So, you're hosting a Mother's Day brunch and want to put out something dessert-ish that's still Whole30. It's not an excuse to have berries and cream simply because you feel like it. 
    But really, if you want to go and make zucchini lasagna with cashew cream or have berries with cashew cream every day, none of the moderators are going to show up at your house and throw you in SWYPO jail. But if you do that and post in 2 weeks that you still feel crummy and list out that you've been eating those things often, they'll tell you that's probably contributing to your issues because you're just feeding your sugar dragon and nuts aren't a great source of fat. 
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    parksplacepaleo got a reaction from LauraOC in Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?   
    Thank you, I dont have the book in question so I havent actually seen the recipe.  We are just trying to know what type of posts to allow in the Whole 30 group that Laura was talking about previously.  So the cashew cream is ok to be used in sauces...and with berries (that is also confusing due to the no dessert recreations), but not in casseroles, zoodles, etc?  Do we have this correctly?
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    parksplacepaleo reacted to laura_juggles in Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?   
    @parksplacepaleo The post that I quoted references the uses for the cashew cream in the book. As part of a horseradish or coconut cashew sauce would be fine, obviously, because they're in the Whole30 cookbook. Those dishes also aren't ones where you'd typically have a cheese sauce. I believe there's also a mention of berries with cashew cream in one of the "special occasion" meals in one of the books. 
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    parksplacepaleo got a reaction from LauraOC in Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?   
    @sugarcubeOD Im curious....the cashew cream is a recipe in the whole30 book....what is its intended purpose besides to be a cheese substitute?  The issue comes with the fact that we arent supposed to ever make a cheese substitute, yet there is a cashew cream recipe in the book...did the rules change on this?