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  1. Lemony

    Starting October 1st

    Reading all these posts I find myself and my reasons in nearly all of them . Eat a very healthy Paleo diet all day every day but .... Every night I eat crap .. Not going to name names but it's making me feel ill . I wake up feeling sick and still tired . Soooo I did a while 30 in May and thought I was over my sugar addiction for good I felt great !! Starting tomorrow good luck .
  2. Lemony


    Good luck Kathleen . If you stick to the 30 days honestly it's like a new start
  3. Lemony

    Help I am stuck

    GoJo I find it easier and extremely helpful to come onto the forums. I just sit and read sometimes different posts and it's incredibly uplifting realising there are others in a Similiar place to me. I am convinced that the whole 30 or whole 9 is the answer. Thank you x
  4. Lemony

    Help I am stuck

    Sorry meant to add that I can't confide in my husband , out relationship is not in the best place at the moment and I am trying to decide whether it's worth keeping on working at something which has so many issues.
  5. Lemony

    Help I am stuck

    Thank you ladies it was really great to read these posts this morning. I am day 1 - it took me a long time to get this messed up with food so I am trying very hard to be kind and be nice to myself . I am going to do another whole 30 and watch the fruit as it seems to make me want more and more in the evenings.
  6. I am 45 and my Dr has advised me I am at the start of pre menopause Sorry guys ... This might be one for the girls, I just started HRT at the lowest dose to balance my hormones . My monthly circle returned after being absent for 3 months but .... Just as I finished my first ever successful whole 30 . I felt great !! But I hadn't lost any weight in actual fact I had gained a couple of pounds . Coming from a place of binging/purging I had felt safe with my eating for the first time in 2yrs. However I choose to eat off road on day 5 and it's been awful since. I am back to binging /purging for the last 2 days and I just can't do this again I feel awful, stuck, stupid, and very very cross with myself. I Havn't told my family or friends any of this I joke about being greedy as my weight is pretty normal ( would like to lose 14lbs) . My meals were good starting with 4 eggs and veg and going through with good size meals and no snacking. A couple of friends who I told about whole 30 think I may be eating too much ? I don't know whether to stop taking the HRT as honestly I cannot get bigger !! That's not an option. But coping with hot flushes and pmt all the time is no fun either ... I would really appreciate any advice
  7. I understand so much of what you are all saying. Whole 30 I feel has give me back clarity around food, from a former binger / purger to one that is doing ok ..... I say ok because I don't want to jinx myself !!! Brain over binge is a very good book and it certainly started the process of deciding I could no longer carry on with this
  8. Lemony

    Binge eater finishing W30

    Reading the above posts was what I needed today. I am day 4 well really day 34 as I am going straight into another whole 30. I have binged and purged for the last 2-3 yrs daily sometimes . I have tried lots of diets, nutritionists, hypnosis .. Books lots and lots to try and just stop ... Secretly I used to call myself greedy as I could choose my first bite after that all bets were off !! It sounds ridiculous as I type but it's been awful caught in this cycle. Whole 30 is really helping me
  9. Same here !! My husband keeps annoyingly telling me it's not normal to have vegetables with your breakfast !! Really Lisa what a silly diet !! I have give up trying to explain it to him so I grin and bare it but when I see what he chooses to eat its mad that he won't listen .
  10. Lemony

    Anyone not lose weight during their Whole 30?

    I have been keeping a food diary and first it was too many nuts now I think it's too much fat in the form of coconut ? It's day 29 now for me and my clothes are tighter ! Not weighing myself and considering a whole 60
  11. Riding trousers luckily are very stretchy ☺ï¸
  12. I am exactly feeling the same !! Day 29 and my jeans are so tight I can only just get them on but ... I feel better in myself . My meals are really big they need to be as I was a binger for a long time and this month I Havn't ... Not at all !!!! But putting weight on 😔 that's something I am working on in that I am gently reducing the fat content in my meals. But wow I am eating 3 lovely meals daily with no cakes, biscuits, chocolate !!! I think maybe I need to continue to a whole 60 to give my body a chance to stabilise and heal as it's had years of abuse in the form of sugar. Good luck x
  13. Lemony

    Weight loss?

    Day 29 today and the biggest accomplishment for me has been no bingeing for 29 days. I am feeding myself big meals with very little if any snacking and in the last week have taken fruit out as I was getting very hungry in the evening. I have not noticed any weight loss , I feel actually either the same or slightly bigger but I have ongoing hormonal issues so I think they are definately playing a part in this. I am eating a handful (large) of coconut in the evening as my fat choice but lately I am returning to the packet during the evening so am going to cut that out for a week and see how that goes. I stopped smoking 7 yrs ago and I only really enjoyed the cigarette first thing in the morning with a black coffee and after my evening meal. I think I replaced the evening cigarette with sugar ! My moods are also much much better I am far more pleasant when I am not letting sugar hijack my body. So even though my clothes are tighter I cannot begin to tell you how great it is to not be consumed with the need to binge 😀.
  14. Lemony

    Weight loss?

    I am day 28 of my 5th attempt at a whole 30. My attempts before were ruined by stepping on the scales and seeing weight loss and then weight gain so this time the scales have been banished from the house. I know I have gained weight as I feel my clothes are very tight but .... Even though my weight has ruled my life ... I am ok because the cravings have gone and I am eating really lovely meals. I have stopped snacking and am able to go hours between meals . So I am going to go straight to a whole 60 I think as I feel my body adjusting and I know if I step on the scales it will depress me. I saw something on Facebook from whole 9 that really made sense , it was saying concertrate on eating really good clean foods and do not worry about portion sizes at the moment just feed your body.
  15. Lemony

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I am in the UK and tinned tuna is fine , it's just tuna, olive oil and salt. I have decided to have a few days off from my usual exercise routine as I am tired and finding the classes very hard . I am learning so much about the food I eat . For example I increased my eggs to 4 scrambled as suggested with loads of veg and half a Avacardo and forgot all about food !!!! Wow messed my lunch up as it was 5pm before I had a small meal 2 and waiting until around 8pm to have meal 3 . No fruit today . I am on day 25 and my jeans are tight !! Maybe I will go for a whole 60 . The pre 1 and after meal I don't really do as the classes are 25 min long and mostly not big on cardio so figure I can use some fat stores as energy ! As a postscript I am 5.8 ft and weighed 164 lbs when I started and for sure I still weigh the same .... Please not more ðŸ˜.