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    mskapaldo got a reaction from fitmom1174 in First Whole 30 Fueled Workout - Felt Awful! It gets better, right?   
    I am glad I found this thread!!  I am on Day 8 on the Whole30 Program and I also am a distance runner. I most do my long runs on the weekends, between 10-12 miles/week, however, during the week my runs are shorter ranging from 3-4 miles, 2-3X/week this is to be sure that I am prepared and can endure my long runs on the weekends.  Last weekend I decided to scale back on my long run because I had not ran in the last 2 weeks due to sickness so I decided to run 6 miles. I usually eat pasta for dinner the night before my long run and then an egg sandwich on a bagel and a banana the morning of and most of the times, I do really well on my long runs. It's just the right fuel amount for my body.  Since I was not able to eat all the above last weekend, I ate sweet potatoes with veggies and protein for dinner and then sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I felt okay, not great and not too bad either during my run. I decided to run at a slower pace (9:20), however, during and at the end of my run my quads were a little sore, of course, it didn't help either with running a huge hill just before the end of my run, but I did it, so I was happy with myself anyway.  I also think they were sore because I had not ran for a while.  Yesterday, Tuesday, I ran 4 miles and my quads were worse than last Saturday and my pace was 1 minute faster than last Saturday.  Prior to running I read the PWO guide and said to eat a small amount of protein and fats and to NOT eat any fruit or carb-dense vegetables to your PWO snack.  Well, I had some eggs with veggies and some cashew nuts. I was not extremely tired while running but again my quads were killing me during the run!!! 

    Should I go back to eating sweet potatoes before my runs anyway??  I am so confused with the PWO snacks!!! But again, I cannot not run and need to fuel my body correctly... 
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    mskapaldo reacted to bookluvingbabe in Compliant deli meat   
    Whole Foods carries a Fresh Fields roasted turkey that is sliced at the deli counter that is compliant.
    (You can actually read their labels in the case which is nice as the deli employees already think I'm crazy.)
    Applegate Organic roast beef and Applegate Natural turkey bologna are both compliant although some people have found the roast beef with non-compliant ingredients.  So always read the labels.
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    mskapaldo reacted to toriellie in Compliant deli meat   
    Organic Prairie makes some sugar- and carageenan-free sliced, packaged deli meats.  :-)
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    mskapaldo reacted to Physibeth in First Whole 30 Fueled Workout - Felt Awful! It gets better, right?   
    I understand. Just take it easy until you feel more on top of it. If you pre-carb you will feel better but your body won't make the switch. Trust me I made up the training loss once things clicked. 
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    mskapaldo reacted to GFChris in Compliant deli meat   
    You also need to watch out for carrageenan and gluten in deli meats.
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    mskapaldo reacted to Robin Strathdee in Compliant deli meat   
    You will likely have to ask to see the package or call the company.  It's rare to find deli meats without sugar added (usually as a preservative), but Applegate Farms makes some varieties (cut fresh, not pre-packed)
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    mskapaldo reacted to GFChris in Breakfast foods!   
    AIP is the auto-immune protocol version of Whole30. Folks follow that protocol if they have an auto-immune illness. One of the additional things you eliminate on AIP is peppers.
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    mskapaldo reacted to Vian in Don't over think this.   
    Yes, ascorbic acid and citric acid are fine. The only preservatives/additives you have to watch out for are Carageenan (often used to thicken things and give them a creamy texture like ice cream, almond, soy, and coconut milk, etc) MSG (used as a flavor booster in savory things) and Sulfites, along with any other non-compliant ingredients (dairy, sugar, grains, legumes) of course.
    Go for canned items that are minimally processed and have as short an ingredient list as possible.
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    mskapaldo reacted to Physibeth in Confused about workouts at night   
    There are lots of threads about W30 and running in this section of the forum. Just do a little digging. That said I trained for a half marathon during my W30 if you want to look through my thread (link in the signature) and I've been running and eating Paleo for 10 months now. Your body will adjust to use fat for fuel instead of carbs. Trust the template including the notes on pre/post workout nutrition. The first 2 weeks will be hard on your runs but you will be rewarded for pushing through them.
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    mskapaldo reacted to AllyB in Breakfast foods!   
    †ry the silky ginger zucchini soup from well fed 2.  It's great for  breakfast, especially now that things are cold out!
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    mskapaldo reacted to rhed in Breakfast foods!   
    I've been loving a hash: sweet potato, onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, spaghetti squash, whatever veggies I have on hand, stirfried. Usually I cook my meat first (sausage or hamburger patties), then toss in the veggies. Then I usually fry a couple eggs over easy so the yolk is soft and runs down into the veggies...yum.
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    mskapaldo got a reaction from Physibeth in Breakfast foods!   
    @GFChris - Thanks! I am on Day 6 and slowly I am discovering that leftover foods are good breakfast foods!  
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    mskapaldo reacted to Mom2A&M in Grab-and-go Breakfast   
    There was a great recipe on here of a sweet potato crusted quiche. I made it this week and it was very good. It takes some prep prior but I got 4-5 M1's out of it. Here goes...
    2med sweet potatoes shredded
    1package chopped mushrooms
    1package frozen spinach, thawed and dried well
    1onion sliced
    1dozen eggs
    2T coconut milk
    S&P to taste
    Coconut oil
    1c broth
    Sautéed onions and mushrooms in coconut oil until browned and start to soften, add broth and simmer until tender and pan is dry. Set aside. Fry sweet potatoes until browned and crisp in coconut oil, pat into baking dish like a crust. Beat eggs, coconut milk and add seasoning, onions, mushrooms and dried spinach. Pour over crust. Bake 400 for 20-25 min until eggs are set. Allow to cool, slice into individual servings and refrigerate. Grab your container on the way out the door, microwave for about 90 sec. Everything you need in one meal...protein, veggies and fat!
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    mskapaldo reacted to Carlaccini in Breakfast foods!   
    My favourite go to one now is this:
    saute some onions in a pan.  Add some ground meat and season (salt, pepper, and garlic powder)
    When it is brown add handfuls of spinach, and a handful shredded sweet potato.  Season again (salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika)
    If you are especially hungry - add a couple of wisked eggs and scramble them into the mix.
    I serve it with a healthy dolop of homemade mayo.
    Eat and Enjoy.
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    mskapaldo reacted to kw 30 in Breakfast foods!   
    I just did a post on (whole30 compliant) breakfast hash! Check it out:
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    mskapaldo reacted to Physibeth in Whole 30 starting Jan 1   

    Tons of posts in there about fueling workouts.
    Part of W30 is getting your body to use the fat it has already stored instead of carbs you provide for energy. I was training for a half marathon during my Whole30 if you want to look at my log for ideas. The first two weeks of training will feel like big fat bonks but it gets better. I also focus more on training in heart rate zones and have seen a tremendous improvement in my speed at a lower heart rate which is key to sustaining over a distance race.
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    mskapaldo got a reaction from EAH in Whole 30 starting Jan 1   
    Hello, I just read EAH's post and I am an avid runny myself too. I run 4 times a week and do my long runs of 8-10 miles on the weekends. I typically eat pasta the night before my long run and an egg sandwich in a bagel on my morning run, and since pasta and bagel aren't allowed, I am not sure how I can possibly get my energy. I realize sweet potatoes are carbs and are a source of energy as well but am not sure if the paleo diet will sustain me enough on my runs. Someone said about an athlete board, can someone please send me the link to it or direct me to it?  I'd greatly appreciate it! 
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    mskapaldo reacted to GFChris in Do I have to start over? :/   
    Sorry, evaporated cane juice is sugar, which makes this not allowed on a Whole30.
    Here's a document identifying most 'sneaky sugars' in foods, to use with your label-reading.
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    mskapaldo reacted to GFChris in Do I have to start over? :/   
    I wouldn't say there is an official list, but ingesting foods that disrupt the gut merits a restart.  Soy is one of the biggies, as well as the additives: carrageenan, sulfites and MSG.
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    mskapaldo reacted to drtracyb in Whole 30 starting Jan 1   
    Did you post on the Whole30 for Athletes board?
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    mskapaldo reacted to EAH in Whole 30 starting Jan 1   
    I need some advice: I am one week away from the Miami half-marathon. I've been an avid runner for 25 years and this will be my 4th consecutive Miami race but never under the influence of a Whole30. Carbs like pasta, bagels and bread are what professionals recommend and what I've eaten in the past but this is obviously out. I eat sweet potatoes but I want to make sure I have sufficient race fuel and a strong finish. Furthermore, I've fueled with 5 ounces of sports drinks at mile 7 and I am actually nervous to run without an electrolyte replacement drink.
    Any ideas what changes I should make in the next six days? And I am concerned I need a drink stronger than water to rehydrate at the mid-race point.