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    Well, I have just been on a "dream" (as I then thought) short vacation in Austrian Alps. I snowboard, so I have decided to go to the snow and reap the benefits of my "Tiger Blood Time" to improve my sports performance. My husband and I knew the place already, so we knew the shop and the places, and our apartment had a very well equipped kitchen: we had friends staying over for one night and made mayo twice in five days. :-) Also, we speak German so even if we'd decide to go out we could totally ace "clean" eating out, and the local restaurant keepers are very, very nice people. Least but not last, the quality of meat and produce in Austria is excellent, to say nothing of that we were in a rural area where "frankenfoods" are harder to get than organic stuff.
    Still, I came home stressed.
    I was stressed the whole time, actually. Why? Well, I love Austrian food. In my opinion, it tastes heavenly. I am not a sweet tooth at all, but they have the best coffee accompanied by the best cakes and sweets, all homemade, fresh and elaborate. While I never, or almost never order a dessert in restaurants, there it was truly painful. It is not only the treats, but the amazing meat products and sides almost always contain non-compliant ingredients. I have gone clothes shopping instead and nailed it, but it didn't feel compensating enough for my "food deprivation". And for me it was a discovery, because before this Whole 30 I never thought I had a problem with eating out. In other places, I just never desired the forbidden foods so much.