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  1. Trina1960

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Sorry Ive been was Banaban...tried getting some more from there yesterday but sold out...wish we could buy food stuffs through amazon would be so much cheaper.
  2. Trina1960

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Not sure if its a chain store..i dont think it is as its only a very small shop... Ive tried buying more as im going away and wanted to take some with me and online looks like theyre sold out... Going to see if Two Brothers sell it..
  3. Trina1960

    Breakfast Sausage brands

    I made amazing sausages..they tasted like italian sausages ...i was pleasantly surprised and am going to keep this trend much healthier...
  4. Trina1960

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Got coconut aminos in Busselton at a health food shop so sure to be some somewherem in Sydney..
  5. Trina1960

    Mayo fail

    Make sure ALL ingredients are at room temperature...if if breaks or seperates...remove from bowl and wash and dry...then add another room temp egg yolk and beat...slowly adding the first batch or should take 4 or 5 minutes to drizzle the oil into the egg yolk...hopefully it will bind then add the egg white and maybe a little water to fluff it a bit as the extra egg yolk will thicken the mayo hope this helps forgot to mention i make maye weekly and i had my first flop only this week....i think it had to do with that 1 Tbspn of lemon lemon was a tad cold....doesnt take much and i used a whole bottle of avocado oil and didnt want to waste it...
  6. Trina1960

    Superclean Round 2 starting Feb 19 in Aus

    My raspberries are a bit slow to fruit this year...thats probably a good thing as i will get to eat them....i live prunes and medjool about to make my daughter some cashew cacao date and coconut balls...on their own they qualify...but unfortunately i shall have to wait those 8 days... im going to have to watch i dont over indulge as thats been the norm...maybe a once a week treat.... would love to read how you go on your scond with a week off in considering doing this myself... go girl....
  7. Trina1960

    Superclean Round 2 starting Feb 19 in Aus

    Goodluck Paddlepop, im still on day 22 od my first whole 30...can relate about the fruit and nuts...i have avoided them as they are my cravings when not on whole 30..ive had them when there has been nothing else for eg cashews as fat when i go out to dinner... fruit is an addiction for me.... hope it all goes well
  8. Hi im on day 22 and i woke this morning and my breath is really bad...eeeeeewwwwww so bad i have a bad taste in my mouth and will definetly be staying away from esophagus problems..a little mucus one would get if they are coming down with something but other than that am feeling amount of brushing will get rid of the smell its like its coming from deeper down...anyone?
  9. Trina1960

    Day 20 today BUT....

    Hi Lisa, Im on day 20 also...on day 13 my evil twin visited and i must say last night when hubby was snoring i got a bit ive been a bit short but ive had worse days... Tomorrow will be day 21 and a new day and you will hopefully be back to how you are normally. Everything is probably still in full swing with rebalancing hormones and stuff. Chin up its only another 10 days ....get excited that your 2/3 s of the way through...I am i have never stuck to any eating plan..and im excited and proud... Good luck and all the best with the next 10 days Trina
  10. Trina1960

    Older women following Whole30

    Hi, Im on day 15 or 16 ( not sure which) and am loving how I feel. I was paleo before the whole 30 so I havent suffered headaches or anything unpleasant other than a grumpy day on day 13...and a bit lethagic on day 6 or 7... I live down under where its been very hot this year and the humidity is a bit horrid. Im 54 this year and mum to 4....I live on a farm so sourcing food is easy...but im along way from 3 of my children. My baby is due to leave for his 2nd year at university this weekend and every time he has to leave i feel anxious....and Im a full time carer for my eldest who is 30 yrs old. My husband has expressed joining me on the whole 30 so when i finish this one im taking a couple of days off and then will do my second with him and my daughter. I have noticed the last couple of nights a couple of hot flushes so am considering going back on bio identical hrt... I walk the dog most mornings and do a weekly pilates class and ride my bike a couple of times a week..Not into high impact cardio although i probably need it.... since being on the whole 30 I have loads more energy and i never feel hungry and i dont have any desire to snack... Have a great day and happy healthy eating
  11. Trina1960

    Nighttime binging

    I had a habit of eating dinner then sitting in front of TV with a cuppa and dunk biscuits.,,,, it was an addiction...I wasn't hungry but I wasn't full...I just did it like it was a comfort thing. Since being on the whole 30 (16 days) I haven't even thought about it...I don't know why...I just don't, I'm content to drink my tea without a thought of dunking. I'm wondering if it's because I now look at my tea as restoring and rehydrating my body....whatever it is I'm just glad that without any effort whatsoever I don't miss or want the handful sometimes two handfuls of biscuits.... It's almost like the food that is on the whole 30 plan switches off something inside my brain...I did have one day when I had an 13... Was very grumpy that day and I made my daughter some cashew,cacao,date,coconut oil, and shredded coconut balls....once they were refrigerated and I got one out for her I did want one...but I didn't want to undo how far I had it was an easy decision to not go there.. Am sure the whole 30 would help you change that habit if or when you give it a go.
  12. Trina1960

    Amount of Fat - what counts?

    I eat avocado with most of my meals when i have them but am loving my mayo....I made it with an egg and a whole bottle of avocado oil with garlic and some salt and pepper for s awesome with eggs, salad, vegies and even creamy and decadent... please no one tell me i need to give it up...
  13. Trina1960

    Any other Australians?

    Hi, Im a west aussie...just completing day 5 and feel fantastic...spend all day in the kitchen or looking up finding it very easy to eat the food...but feel like ive eaten way too much after each meal... wish all the aussies positive outcomes...
  14. Trina1960

    Non-egg breakfast

    Just wondering how people incorporate their fats into soup for meal 1..chicken soup sounds great..and would like to have a go....thanks
  15. Trina1960

    Miracle Noodles?

    Before whole 30 i used kelp noodles..they are full of iodine so not spaghetti squash are just coming into season and this year im spreading the seeds to anyone in oz who would like some. They are such a verstile squash.