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  1. peace_positive

    Day 28: Stabbing Stomach Pains

    I thought FODMAPS too; look at your avocado, apple and dates, even sweet potato can cause a reaction if too much. I had to go off all FODMAPS after my first w30 and now I'm figuring out which ones or how much of them daily are a problem. Avocado was the first for me to see a clear connection. Then apples and larabars...i'd have intense pain in lower ab soon after eating it.
  2. peace_positive

    food dreams

    Last night I dreamed of eating large rectangular steaks (like, 2x2 feet). Only finished half of one then stacked the rest on the table and stacked two pancakes on them. Later dreamed I was at a gathering and there were tables filled with bacon products. Most of them soaked in different syrups and coated in breading or sugar. I had only a few bites then had a few pieces of regular bacon.