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  1. I can't believe they would put sweetener in a digestive enzyme capsule! Crazy people!
  2. Damn! I think I actually ordered those because I saw them on the forum.. They are also recommended on the whole 9 website.. I don't know what I'm going to do.. Now I've spent all this money on things to help me and I can't have them It's day 16.. I'm struggling to get out of bed. I'm adding sweet potato in today I just did a quick search and now enzymes say this "Not manufactured with wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish or shellfish. Produced in a GMP facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens." Chris - do you know what is in them that isn't allowed? Thanks Erin
  3. Turns out - it also has soybean in it. I'm so mad. Recommended supplements, went to three different stores, researched online to find one that is compliant. Told it is compliant. then later find out it is not. I'm not starting over I've been 100% compliant except for 5mg x2 of this supplement. I had it day 13 .. so I guess I'll just add an extra 13 days without soy/legumes on the end. I wonder if that tiny bit of soy is the reason that I was excessively tired yesterday for no reason. So mad/upset/annoyed.. *tear*
  4. Thanks Tina Drinking as much water as I can.. probably around 2 litres a day (approx 70oz). I was doing the same, not eating anything packaged, but the supplement was recommended due to being so uncomfortable. I wonder if a magnesium supplement would be as beneficial? I thought (not sure why) that the powder form would be more beneficial than a tablet. I wonder if anyone knows? and if so, what form of magnesium should I be taking? Digestive enzymes coming this week so hopefully that will also help. I definitely feel like things are very sluggish inside so hopefully this will help. Fingers crossed for tiger blood next week! I'm on struggle street.
  5. Update: Stevia. I'm not starting over.. I needed to take the supplement for my health and took it without knowing it had Stevia in it. Now that I know, I won't continue to take it. Bloody Stevia. I'm hoping that things become more regular soon or I'm in trouble.
  6. This is it - I bought it as an alternative to "Natural Calm" which you don't seem to be able to buy here in Australia. It's a magnesium supplement with a 'natural orange flavour'. None of the ingredients, other than the active ingredients, are listed. I've contacted the company who gave me some rubbish that they don't have to disclose the ingredients other than a 'natural orange' flavour. I've gone back about soy and dairy claiming an allergy and hopefully I will get a response there. However there must be at least sugar or stevia in the product, it is foul tasting but still sweet. I've had it twice and not starting over.. but quite frustrated.. can I continue taking it? I was incredibly blocked up all of week 2... like for 7 days.. it left me feeling pretty rotten and still not great. I'm really frustrated and down.. (sipping fennel tea right now).. very annoying.. *sigh* I'm not sure really what I'm asking here! Has anyone else had the same issue with supplement labeling?
  7. SalsaEzz

    Overeating ALL THE TIME

    Two good books 1) the Gabriel Method 2) You Can Heal Your Life Both life changing for me!
  8. SalsaEzz

    Overeating ALL THE TIME

    Here's the tough love.. It doesn't seem diet or pregnancy related to me.. This seems like a fairly typical binge eating pattern... A habit/impulse rather than an actual need. But I'm not an expert! Good luck with everything!!!
  9. SalsaEzz

    Severe constipation.. Help!

    Thanks Nico - what I have is a powder with 244mg Magnesium as amino acid chelate & 36mg as oxide heavy magnesium. It was $46!!! so I'm hoping that works for ongoing maintenance. ongoing.
  10. SalsaEzz

    Severe constipation.. Help!

    Hi Carla, Sweet potato is being delivered tomorrow! I will add it every day. Carrots are quite carb dense and I'm eating them twice a day as well. I'm trying to avoid coffee.. just because I know my stress/cortisol levels need some work and coffee isn't the best. However now that I'm sleeping like a baby and diet is under control I thought about it. Yesterday I had a coffee hoping that might move things along.. no luck. I'm going to have another one soon with some coconut milk but no oil here at work. I've got coconut oil at home so I can try that tomorrow morning. Sipping on Fennel tea right now! I'm not in a lot of pain or discomfort... but feeling heavy/bloated.. and no urge. I will add in the coffee, daily fennel tea.. have the magnesium.. also the carb dense veggies that I have been resisting.. and hopefully that will help ongoing. I'm more worried about my immediate situation! I have some senna laxatives at home from a previous issue.. if I haven't gone by bed time tonight I'm going to take them as a once off then make those changes like we've talked about.
  11. SalsaEzz

    Severe constipation.. Help!

    Thanks so much for all your help Here is my food log [url=" I've never been an every day kinda gal, usually every two days or sometimes 3 if I'm eating low cal or low carb.. But 5 days is unheard of..
  12. SalsaEzz

    Severe constipation.. Help!

    The problem is.. When I speak to my doctor the obvious thing is the whole30.. They will tell me to stop.. The usual thing.. Fibre and grains..This is not an option!! I drink plenty of water.. Ok fennel tea and dates!!!
  13. SalsaEzz

    Severe constipation.. Help!

    I've searched the forums and armed myself with knowledge 1) picking up some magnesium this morning 2) ordered some digestive enzymes yesterday online 3) can't get sauerkraut that is whole30 compliant at my grocer, making some on the weekend My question is this.. How severe does it need to be before I seek medical help? I went Monday, today is Friday, I don't even feel the urge to go. I am incredibly bloated but not in heaps of pain. I'm at work today, then salsa training tonight.. So I don't want to take the magnesium today I will take it before bed. Is this too late? I worry that it's been five days Help! Update: you don't seem to be able to get a magnesium citrate powder in Australian pharmacies... They only had a cramp powder that had all sorts of nasties in it... I'm starting to freak out...!! Panic!! I bought magnesium in pill form but it's a combination of magnesium oxide & magnesium phosphate.. Will these even work??
  14. SalsaEzz

    Struggling with fats

    Thanks guys, I hate olive oil on it's own.. but successfully made home made mayo last night!!! it was easy.. and delicious!!! So excited for lunch today. I might have some on my eggs too!!
  15. SalsaEzz

    First Whole30 Done

    Fantastic job!!! What a great testimonial. I'm on Day 8 myself and constantly trawling the forums for motivation so thank you for posting.