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  1. jeannebean

    Just found out my multi vitamin is non-compliant

    Five days into my first Whole30, it occurred to me to check my multivitamin ingredients - "contains soy". D'oh! The next morning I reset to Day One and left the vitamins on the shelf for a month.
  2. jeannebean

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    Oh, tell it! I'm looking forward to "shopping" in my closet again, soon!
  3. jeannebean

    The crazy things people say

    I was wondering what would de-throne the Maple Syrup/Lemon Juice/Cayenne diet... Now I know!
  4. jeannebean


    A few years ago (when I was just "lower carb", not yet Paleo), my hands were really painful in the mornings. I'd have to hold them under hot water for a few minutes to make them movable. When I asked friends/co-workers if this sounded familiar, most of them laughed and said, "It's arthritis. Too bad - you're getting old." (Yeah, I've since gotten new friends who aren't jerks!) Someone recommended I google "Anti-Inflammatory Diet". I'd never heard of it, but I googled. Nightshades, I love you, but we can't hang out any more! The biggest change I made was to stop eating tomatoes. My hands got better so quickly and so completely, it was like flipping a switch. I miss tomatoes, especially in the summer when they're so ripe and luscious, but I'd rather have the use of my hands.
  5. jeannebean

    Day 5 and a skin issue...

    I did my first Whole30 in February. One of the first things I reintroduced was dairy - I'd really missed milk in my coffee. Within a few hours, my eyes got so gummy and sticky that I had to remove my contacts and rinse them off. Since I'd eaten dairy all my life and hadn't had this kind of reaction to anything before, I didn't put two and two together for a couple of days. I laid off dairy for a few days and bingo! No goopy eyes. After experimenting with this a few more times - for science! - the results really couldn't be more clear. Any quantity of dairy + a few hours = eyes gummed nearly shut. I've been 99% dairy-free since then. While I wouldn't call this an allergy, it's certainly an adverse reaction. It's as though the Whole30 reset my system. I can just imagine my poor digestion yelling at me, "Why are you still doing this?! We fixed this back in February!"
  6. jeannebean

    Facebook Rudeness - a Rant

    livingseaside, that chili sounds awesome. I've always loved beef heart. Do you have a recipe?