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  1. SaraTman

    Adding carb to pre-wo meal

    I went to 2 crossfit classes the first 7 days, and it was awful. I am on day 16 and my workouts have been getting way better. Lots of energy, and I have actually found that I am less sore afterwards.
  2. SaraTman

    Just Finished my first Whole 30

    I really like the idea of doing a week reset if you are slipping, Very smart!
  3. SaraTman

    Starting on Feb 10!

    I feel amazing! Halfway there! Clothes are fitting good and my energy is high, (despite the fact I had to skip the morning coffee bc someone threw out my coconut milk at work.) I hope everyone else is doing well and those of you who are ill can recover and feel better soon!
  4. SaraTman

    Starting on Feb 10!

    Hi everyone, I also started the 10th. I want to comment on "the weird chin acne". I have always had pretty clear skin with the occasional zit here and there. But right now I have an insane breakout all around my chin too! What is the deal? So far I have been pretty good with energy during the day, but by 9:00 at night, I am ready for bed. I even fell asleep in my son's bed while reading him a story. And then last night I got the "weird food dream". I was shoveling slices of white bread in my mouth, chewing them, then spitting them back out. really weird. Also, yesterday (day 9) the sugar dragon reared its ugly head. I have been absolutely fine without it until last night. I think maybe I had low blood sugar or something though, because we had a really intense workout at my crossfit gym yesterday. On the plus side; I have already notice my stomach going down a bit which is great motivation! Good Luck everyone, I hope you all have a great remaining 20 days!
  5. SaraTman

    Not interested in food

    I don't feel like I am sick of the food I eat, I am just sick of eating in general. I am on day 9 and I feel like I have to force myself to eat. This is especially bad after I get home from crossfit. I wont feel physically hungry at all for hours, and then when I do eat it takes very little to feel full; like one hardboiled egg with a small salad seems enough for me. But then I remember I have to add some fat and fruit and eating just becomes a chore. Will this pass?