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  1. ninadude

    I can't believe this ...

    Ugh, Heather! So sorry!!! Well, first of all, you're right! WAY TO GO, YOU! If you do decide to do a true W30, which I hope you do, know that I am cheering you on and commend your resolve! You can do this!
  2. ninadude

    New Rules?!

    Thanks for the fast reply, Gojo9!
  3. ninadude

    New Rules?!

    Thanks Praxixproject! I'm just feeling so out of the "know". Thank you!
  4. ninadude

    New Rules?!

    Thanks Shannon, I wasn't yet back on the forum in early August. Thanks for sharing!
  5. ninadude

    New Rules?!

    I accidentally, and I believe completely by chance, learned that there are new rules to W30! All potatoes are compliant. I looked back at the shopping list and did not see white potatoes listed. I know it is not an exhaustive list, but had GFChris not seen a comment I posted to someone about potatoes, I would have never known the news. Also, when learning about the new approval on all potatoes, salt came into the discussion as "now" being compliant. But salt was compliant before. So I fear that I am somehow out of the loop. I'm not on Facebook,Twitter or any other social media. Is that where the latest news travels? Am I missing other important updates? Please advise. I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm a rule follower & want to keep up to date and keep doing W30 properly. Thanks!
  6. ninadude

    Ghee- making me feel yucko?

    REALLY?!!! Wow! I'll have to read the latest rules. Thanks!
  7. ninadude

    Ghee- making me feel yucko?

    Also, did you have any vegetables? You didn't list any.
  8. ninadude

    Ghee- making me feel yucko?

    They sound like they fall into the "white potato" family. Look into your potato. "White" potatoes are not compliant.
  9. ninadude

    Ghee- making me feel yucko?

    What kind of potatoes dis you have?
  10. If you are up very early, you need a new friend called the egg~bake! :0) Scramble up a BUNCH of eggs, add in any meat/veg. you like and/or compliant salsa & pour into either a cupcake tin or into a baking dish. (I use a lg. Pyrex dish for convenient storage for my work week.) Bake at 350 and voila! You just need to warm up one serving in the morning in the toaster oven while you get dressed! (I use either coconut or extra virgin olive oil on my dish before pouring egg mixture in.) :0) Enjoy!
  11. ninadude

    Starting April 23?

    Best wishes to you on your next go around!
  12. ninadude


    Bonjour foursimplewords, Sorry to hear that you feel so lousy. Great to hear that you're heading for a W30. Best wishes for a healthy journey!
  13. ninadude

    Day 29 Depression

    Hope you're feeling better today, DEDGirl5150!
  14. ninadude

    Breakfasts at a conference?

    I've been to conferences like those too. It's all carbs on the "breakfast" table. I'd order room service before going down to the conference. If they have none, go out for a protein packed breakfast.
  15. ninadude

    Sweet Tomatoes

    You can do this! Get a look at their menu so you can select your meal beforehand. Start envisioning your visit now... fun conversation, sparkling water in a fancy glass, grilled steak/fish/chicken/pork (whatever your meat) with roasted veggies and yes, perhaps a salad. If you want, brink a tiny container of ghee, so you can butter up for decadence (and healthy fat!). Also, tell your family ahead of time, so you are not explaining at the dinner table. Keep the conversation off of your plate and onto other topics. Have fun visiting with your family!