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    Mich got a reaction from tytbodyin30 in canned sweet potatoes without sugar   
    Hi Tracy, I made the salmon cakes and just grated the raw sweet potato and then mixed that in with the salmon. It worked a treat.
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    Mich got a reaction from KimmyW in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Not sure which post I saw this on but thanks to whoever recommended Aldi for panchetta. Got some on Sunday and used to wrap the outside of some mini quiches. So yummy!
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    Mich reacted to AmyS in First experience with ghee   
    I have been Whole30ing, off and on, mostly on, since late September. But today was the first time I bought and cooked and ate with ghee.
    It was quite a transformative experience. If you look toward Hawaii from wherever you are reading this, you may see a glow in the sky. That's because I've had such a transcendental awakening that the top of my head is shooting out rays of light into the night. Believe.
    Seriously, that stuff is so freakin' awesome. I had scrambled eggs, which officially I hate unless they are smothered in non-compliant ketchup. Unofficially, I think that when cooked in ghee, they may be my new religion.
    I'm off to set up an altar to the jar of ghee. A little candle, a sausage or two, some eggs, and a spoon.

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    Mich got a reaction from Sharon Simpson Thumann in Your Top 3 Go-To Veggie Recipes   
    Almond flour is definitely okay during the Whole30. For me the comfort noodles aren't SWYPO as I rarely ate pasta its just a good, quick nutritious meal. The prosciutto with it sounds yummy
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    Mich got a reaction from Sharon Simpson Thumann in Your Top 3 Go-To Veggie Recipes   
    Almond flour is definitely okay during the Whole30. For me the comfort noodles aren't SWYPO as I rarely ate pasta its just a good, quick nutritious meal. The prosciutto with it sounds yummy
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    Mich reacted to moggle in Your Top 3 Go-To Veggie Recipes   
    I'm not sure I can keep it to just 3!
    Zuchini roasted or pan-fried for about 7-10 minutes per side until they are charred and soft. Then add salt, pepper and lemon juice, and some salad-quality olive oil if you have some. I cook up a batch at once and then re-heat in the microwave. I've also done them on the BBQ.
    Steamed/microwaved cauliflower with grated fresh nutmeg and salt.
    Roasted beetroot with just a little lemon juice and some avocado (I usually serve these two on top of some salad greens alongside my protein)
    Cabbage: It's nice shredded and microwaved (I start with a bit of water with it, then drain it off part way through), then salted and I add ghee or coconut oil. It's lush with coconut oil!
    A couple of times I've made a mix-veggie side with a half-size tin of coconut milk, a little bit of ginger, and loads of stir-fry type veggies like red pepper, snap peas, zuchini, cauliflower, mushroom, spinach. Serve in a bowl alongside your protein. For lunch/dinner I'd consider adding some Thai curry paste.
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    Mich reacted to AmyS in Your Top 3 Go-To Veggie Recipes   
    This sent me on a trip through the internet that led me to ordering a spiral slicer. Hehe I expect to be making Comfort Noodles within a week. Good gracious it sounds good.
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    Mich reacted to Melelina in salmon cakes?   
    Oh thanks for suggesting this. I have looked at that recipe but can't find canned sweet potato here.
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    Mich got a reaction from Kirsteen in am I eating too much?   
    Hey Martine, for any 'snack's they actually recommend a mini meal - basically the protein, vege and fat but a smaller version of your 3 main meals.
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    Mich reacted to martinekerr in am I eating too much?   
    OMGosh - If this is 'too much' then I'm eating WAYYYYY too much. That said, I'm only on day 6 so am cutting myself some slack for the first week since I am very used to eating a lot of snacks during the day, though usually only as vegetables (a carrot here, a handful of cherry tomatoes there, 2 small cucumbers, etc.). The first few days I felt starved so today I made a larger omelette with 2 whole eggs plus 2 extra whites, cooked in ghee, with probably close to 2 cups of veggies (peppers, sugar snap peas, broccoli, 1/2 pepper). For the first time in a long time, I actually made it past 10am without eating. In fact, I got to 12:30 for a meal of 2 spicy tuna/sw potato cakes plus 3 minced chicken, sw potato and apple balls, handful of cherry tomatoes and about 12 macadamia nuts. I don't feel stuffed at all, in fact, feel like I could have quite a bit more. Lets hope this lasts me till 5:30pm.
    So MY question is whether a non-starchy veg snack is good, ok or to be avoided (to cut the habit)?
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    Mich reacted to PracticeGuy in Practice what I preach   
    I started my first Whole30 today. Feeling pretty good. A little hungry, but mostly lots of cravings.
    I feel confident the way everyone on day 1 feels! I've done other programs and had success but have slid backwards the last few months. I believe paleo is the perfect way of eating, at least for me.
    Today's meals:
    3 eggs and 2 egg whites with bell peppers and onions, cooked in coconut oil.
    Turkey salad with spinach, tomato, carrot, bell pepper, avocado, olives, and olive oil with squeezed orange juice.
    Beef and broccoli cooked in coconut oil.
    Afternoon snack - the other half of my orange I used for the dressing and a small handful of almonds and cashews.
    Plenty of water and hot oolong tea with my dinner.
    Day 1 - success!
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    Mich reacted to RevKT in So, how DO I release excess weight?   
    Thank you for saying this. I feel like I hear all these normal weight people droppings pounds in 30 days or photos of flat stomached people who transform to a more defined flat stomach. I lost 3 lbs. on Whole30 and don't fit any of the things in their " 6 reasons why Whole30 didn't work for you" post on the blog. I was so compliant, thought I had slayed the sugar dragon but one day off whole30 and I can't stop eating dried fruit. I think there must be some issues for those of us with maybe hormonal issues that need more assistance to release weight, but where do we find that?
    I know many people cut sweet potatoes and fruits but I get extreme stomach pain without some starchy carbs each day and during my period I am not functional without them. Like dizzy, disoriented, agitated, and falling asleep and Melissa recommends for issues like that to have a bit of sweet potato.
    I am so glad Whole30 works for so many people, (it helped me a lot just not in the weight loss area) I just don't know how to figure out how to tweak it if you have other issues going on.
    Thanks for sharing. It makes me feel less alone. Keep us posted if something works for you!
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    Mich reacted to CAK911 in 2nd Whole 30, started today   
    Thanks, Mich! I think I'm over the worst of it -- just a little fatigued.
    Day 22:
    Breakfast: Omelette with meatballs and onions
    Lunch: Spaghetti squash bake, pork sausages, nuts
    Dinner: Tomato soup with meatballs, carrot and celery sticks
    I still am not back to eating what I think is a normal amount, really. But I'm not hungry enough to eat more. I think I'll probably be back to normal in a few more days. That cold was really weird, but hopefully it's past. I'm a little paranoid I've got mono, since several people at my work have come down with it (I don't know if the students go around licking things on campus or what, but at least 3 people I know have gotten it, which is awful).
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    Mich reacted to jhuss22 in Day 4 and going strong :)   
    I think I found the dress! ...reserving my excitement until I shop with my mom and dad...my mom and I aren't exactly on the same page when it comes to shopping haha. Oh well.
    Day 20 - Did not eat enough today...will do better tomorrow.
    - Two fried eggs with pistachios
    - The food in the picture haha. Our 'Superbowl' spread. Everything homemade!

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    Mich reacted to Kate File in Sydney Kate's Log, starting 20 August 2012   
    What a pity...it seems I didn't complete my log for my first Whole 30 and yet I did complete a perfect Whole30. I then went on to a paleo diet that was about 80/20 (paleo 80% of the time, relaxed 20% of the time) Then I read a few more books and did a "I Quit Sugar" thing for another month or so.
    Then Christmas came along and the family went skiing in Whistler for 17 days and then straight on to a holiday house with another family. By then of January I had competely reverted to those bad habits and spent the last week or so eating all the bad stuff inpreparation for my new Whole 30 starting TODAY, 4th February 2013.
    Day 1, Monday 4th February 2013
    B 2 poached eggs, blueberries, slither of mango
    L BBQ salmon (leftovers), sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, apple
    D 3 lamb cutlets, sweet potato and parsnip chips in coconut oil and cumin, corn
    I am so happy to be back on track. I had turned into a glutinous pig craving anything sweet. I can't wait to kill the sugar demon again and try and keep it away for longer this time. I feel good just knowing I am back on the programme.
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    Mich reacted to praxisproject in Melbourne, Australia Post-Whole30   
    Due to crapola weather, postponing country trip to another day
    So far, my only symptom is slightly dry eyes, not sure this is food related, but recording for reference.
    I've had icecream and some cheese today. Don't feel sick. Icecream was very sweet. I enjoyed it but don't want any more.
    I realised what I'd most looked forward to, I can't have, cheese on flax crackers lol
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    Mich reacted to praxisproject in Melbourne, Australia Post-Whole30   
    I completed my Whole30 in January 2013, 100% compliant (yay me!): http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/5255-melbourne-australia-goes-whole30/
    So as not to confuse anyone doing Whole30, I'll only update this log now.
    I'm reintroducing both sugar and dairy today. I am fairly confident I won't have any big reactions to sugar, hence the double up. Sugar does spike my blood sugar so I always keep an eye on it, I feel pretty "jangly" if I have too much, it feels like too much coffee.
    I'm a bit scared of reintroducing dairy today and hope it doesn't make me sick.
    On the plus side, we are going for a long drive in the country with no idea of where we'll be eating, which is really fun after being such a planner last month Now I can have sugar I'll be able to have bacon & eggs out for breakfast, which will be awesome
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    Mich got a reaction from Derval in Michelle's Whole60   
    Day 26
    So haven't been logging my food much lately but have also hit a point where non Whole 30 food has been on my mind all of a sudden. At the same time I have starting snacking a little, this is usually on nuts or fruit so still compliant. Not sure why exactly this is happening although some of my lunches have been a little light on which may have led to the late afternoon snacking. From what I've read on the forum as well thinking of non compliant food isn't completely unusual at this stage of the program. So to try and not drift off the Whole30 eating plan I'm going to go back to logging my food everyday.
    Some successes and good things to share:
    I'm in love with broccoli. Yes, its true we are having an affair and I wonder why I didn't appreciate this delectable veggie sooner.
    After feeling like my sleeping wasn't really improving all of a sudden it is. I still toss and turn a bit but am finally waking up refreshed at about 5am each day and able to get a few things done before I go to work (which is sometimes just catching up on reading). Yippee!! This is a real change from the first 2 weeks of the program where I dragged myself out of bed and literally couldn't function until I had coffee. Seriously, outside of Whole30 I didn't have this problem but it was terrible and I was miserable. So great turn around.
    Meat and vege at breakfast time is becoming an everyday thing (rather than having an egg or sausage based brekky). This really started last weekend while ex-Cyclone Oswald and its rain and gale force 100 kilometre an hour winds were making its way past my beautiful city and I was stuck inside. This meant I couldn't get my usual weekend brekky!. So……I made comfort noodles (zucchini noodles, eggs, garlic oil and almond crunchies). Pretty much since then I have just had a standard meat and vege based on breakfast. This is a great way to start the day!
    I went out to lunch with a colleague and was a bit worried about what to eat. Ended up being able to create my own meal of poached eggs, avocado and steamed vegetables (no butter thank you). It was the envy of my colleague too who said she didn't know you could order that. Went out for dinner last night, did something similar getting steak and steamed veges. Not so good. Some people like to make sure the veges are dead and by that I mean cooked until almost mush. Oh well.
    While I have had thoughts of non-compliant food just in the last few days. I also realized that I have stopped looking to food to entertain me. This is a great step for me and I think the satisfying quality of the meals I am eating helps with this.
    I'm so glad not to be fixated on calories – overhead a conversation with some colleagues about their calorie counting, what they can and can't have, all their diet products. So glad my eating doesn't need to be that complicated.
    I am also in love with sweet potato (don't tell the broccoli)!!

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    Mich reacted to glimmer in Whole 30 Down Under   
    Day 30, not the end of the day but I have some time so logging now.
    Feeling quite emotional about it all today, I think because I am still feeling really bloated, I suspect the culprit is the salt in the parma ham/prosciutto or whatever it was from Aldi that I ate that is just pork and salt.
    B sweet potato spinach and eggs, coconut oil
    L leftover chicken stew and spinach
    D? Possibly steak and veggies of some sort
    So on reflection (and trying to be positive)
    The whole30 has shown me
    1. It's ok to eat when hungry as long as its nutritious food
    2. That I can be in control of my food, rather than the other way Round
    3. That good sleep is great
    4.thwt I can maintain my weight without obsessively tracking calories
    I will admit I would have liked to have dropped some scale weight, that hasn't happened, however I suspect I have dropped some fat and added some muscle as I am starting to see a bit more definition in some areas.
    I think I will put the scales away again because I don't like them
    Would I do this agains? Yes, but I would take more care in tracking my portion sizes as I do tend towards gluttony. Lol
    Oh and coconut milk would be off the menu.
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    Mich reacted to SouthernBeth in Your Top 3 Go-To Veggie Recipes   
    Um, those comfort noodles look amaze. Especially for someone like me who LOVES a hot bowl of pasta. I wouldn't eat it W30 (for me it might be too SWYPO), but once I'm done it could be a good plan.
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    Mich reacted to Carlaccini in Homemade mayo - how long is it safe?   
    I use the rule of thumb of the mayo is good for as long as the egg is good. So I date by the date of expiration of the egg. I made Mayo last night with an egg dated Feb 13. So to me my Mayo is good until then. I will test it maybe a day or two after but this is my rule of thumb. I have not gotten sick.
    Just as a side note here - I am someone who is very paranoid as I have been in the hospital and hooked up to a dialysis machine because of an infection from e-coli bacteria. I do not wish to have a repeat of this.
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    Mich reacted to CAK911 in 2nd Whole 30, started today   
    Day 16
    Breakfast: Spaghetti squash bake, sausages
    Lunch: Egg drop soup, cashew stir fry with no sauce
    Dinner: Paleo Chicken Lo Mein, pineapple, banana
    Snack: Handful of nuts
    My pants are pretty darn loose today -- I'm sure it's partially Whole30, and partially needing to do laundry.
    Also, I've developed some eczema along my jawline. I've never had this before, and I'm super bummed! The rest of my skin looks great, but this is an itchy mess. I don't think it's Whole30 related, but I'm a little worried it is.
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    Mich reacted to CAK911 in 2nd Whole 30, started today   
    Day 9:
    Breakfast: Spaghetti squash egg bake, pork sausages
    Lunch: Jerky, macadamia nuts, blackberries*
    Dinner: Pork chili verde, carrots, pineapple
    I wound up feeling weird and guilty about food all day, because I basically ate dinner kind of spread out, and I was like, "Aaaaah, I'm snacking," but that's such a dumb brain thing, because when I write out what I actually ate, I didn't eat anything off plan; I ate more fruit than usual, but that's a minor issue on an otherwise great day, and I shouldn't feel like I did something wrong for eating. My brain is SUCH a jerk sometimes.
    *Not great, but I basically needed to run out of the house for a doctor's appointment, so I did the best I could.
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    Mich got a reaction from Kirsteen in Stomach pains and bloating   
    Thanks Tom, have been taking digestive enzymes for about 3 days and it has made a huge difference, not quite right yet but so much better. Thanks again, the enzymes have been fab.
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    Mich reacted to glimmer in Whole 30 Down Under   
    Day 26...so close I can almost taste that latte!
    B pumpkin, beetroot tops, chicken mushrooms in coconut oil with 2 eggs.
    S parma ham? Compliment stuff from Aldi, thanks to whoever posted about that
    L tuna egg mayo lettuce banana
    D meatballs on cauliflower rice
    I spent today traipsing around Doncaster looking for a frock for a function..exhausting stuff shopping. I think this way of eating is working as I noticed some nice definition i my back muscles in the mirrors. In the change room so feeling pretty happy to keep eating this way for a few more days at least. : )