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  1. ErnestineB26

    PMS strikes!

    I totally get it! The same thing struck me over the weekend as I literally ate an entire bag of apples along with 7 Lara Bars within a 3 day stretch. It never cease to amaze how it sneaks up on you. I really don't have any suggestions because obviously I don't have a grasp on it either. Just keep going, and hopefully by next month the hormonal benefits on the Whole30 will kick in.
  2. ErnestineB26

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I think I'm having the opposite issue: My periods were becoming closer together for the past year. I had a period on Feb. 17 which was the same day when I started my first whole30. I had another one on Day 22 ( i believe) during thwe same round.I still haven't had a period for nearly a month which is unusual for me to say the least. I'm definitely not pregnant, but maybe my initial whole30 fixed my hormonal problems.
  3. I would discuss the issue with your physician. I use to have gallbladder issues until I avoided very fatty meats like steak and beef. Everyone is different, so I think the only person that can advise you is your physician.