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    **Ann** got a reaction from cortadoplease in Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions?   
    Are carrots an ok post wo carb?
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    **Ann** got a reaction from praxisproject in Working long hours, have a family, need quick and easy meal ideas   
    ITA on the sustainability of lifestyle.  My husband and I had a terribly work-packed lifestyle, with 3 small kids, and it really wore us down.  Not to mention, we didn't love that our kids had really long days at daycare or had to use the aftercare program at school.  So we bit the bullet and my husband became a stay at home dad.  I still have very long days as an attorney.  But, we are slowly making changes so that can be adjusted as well.
    its not always possible to make changes to long working lifestyles quickly.  but now that you realize its not sustainable, take baby steps to produce it.
    Its so not worth it.  It really isn't.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from ultrarunnergirl in Crock pot cooking. Anyone doing it?   
    I have discovered, other than meatballs and soups, I really don't like crock pot dishes.  With that said, chilis,soups, meatballs in sauce are things I used my crockpot for.
    I make a super easy chicken soup- chicken broth, 2 rotisserie chicken breasts broken up into bite size pieces, a bunch of frozen sliced carrots and chopped celery.  Season to taste. When the carrots are tender, I know its brewed long enough.  Quick, easy, love it.
    My beef stew is similar, but I haven't gotten the seasonings to perfection yet.  bite size pieces of top round, braised, beef broth, chopped rhutabagas and sliced carrots, sliced mushrooms, garlic and diced onions, some balsamic vinegar or coconut aminos, and season to taste.  pretty good, but I prefer the chicken soup.
    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't seem to get a whole chicken to come out as flavorful or moist and juicy in the crock as when I roast it in the oven myself or buy a rotisserie chicken.  I'm just a fan of cooking my meats in the crock--prefer oven or stove top.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from ultrarunnergirl in "Creamy" sauces??   
    On cauli recipe, I did use nutrional yeast to give the sauce the zing w/o the cheese.  I just remembered  a batch I made previously w/ no cheese.  
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    **Ann** got a reaction from ultrarunnergirl in "Creamy" sauces??   
    As in alfredo sauce to top spaghetti, or more of a dipping sauce or sandwich topping?  I found the recipe below, but it won't be white
    I've made "alfredo avocado sauce before, and its delicious, but it not a substitute that satisfies an alfredo calling.
    Oh,there's the recipe below.  I've made it pre-W30 and it was GOOD as a sub alfredo and it reheated well in leftovers (zucchini noodles, broccoli and chicken drowned in it), but not sure if it would be as good w/o the touch of cheese.  However, the author does say you can leave it out:
    For white dipping sauces or sandwich spreads, I use paleo mayo as a base and then google from there.  I've made tangy fish taco sauce, spicy ranch, regular ranch, and i'm trying a horseradish version this weekend.  The recipes are easy, and i totally eyeball them.  its mostly mayo, then some acid, and add appropriate seasonings.  For ranch, I do dill, parsley, and garlic with lemon juice, for spicy ranch variations, its lemon or lime juice, and a combo of cayenne, chili powder, cumin, chipotle, hot sauce, etc all depending on what type of hot I want. Fish taco sauce was lime, cumin, chili powder and dill.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from LadyM in Newly compliant RX bars and the sugar dragon   
    I don't think larabars are that good to have me go off the rails, lol.  I'm not going to try the RX bars if they are better than larabars.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from dustyhockeymom in Basic recipe FAILS....   
    Also as an example.  I made stupid easy paleo's kicken BBQ shredded chicken this weekend.  The recipe called for 1.5 cups vinegar and I just KNEW looking at that, it wasn't my thing. So I actually took an idea from Everyday Paleo's BBQ and used .5 cup pineapple juice, .5 cup apple juice, and .5 cup apple cider vinegar, as the base, added some liquid smoke and it came out pretty good.  I might actually up the pineapple juice and lower the vinegar next time, but it was soemthing I could see I wouldn't like at all. Plus, I prefer a BBQ sauce like Sweet Baby Ray's which is a very sweet and rich sauce, not vinegary.  Its not been easy trying to recreate a sweet BBQ sauce on paleo, but dammit, I'm going try if it kills me.  lol
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    **Ann** got a reaction from Anita in The Quick and the Alive   
    For me, I don't cook in bulk, but I will cook enough for leftovers for next day.  During the week, I do the same meal rotations, so I have the recipes down pat.  I have chosen relatively easy and quick meals for the week.  The weekend I will prepare something more extravagant as you say.  
    I like the extravagant meals too.  I did find meals I considered "extravagant" when I first started paleo (but nto whole 30) not to be, once I realized there were certain steps I could eliminate and when I had the recipe memorized I didn't need to keep looking it up.  When I first started, I had a hard time multitasking, such as cooking a meat, sauteeing veggies and creating the fancy sauce.  Over time I just naturally became efficient and those meals are now in my weekly rotation for easy and go to.  Sometimes, it just takes practice, eliminating unnecessary steps in a recipe, and memorization that speeds up the process.
    I do agree with chopping some veggies early in the week to save time, but that's about the only thing I will do--sometimes--in advance.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from GFChris in Ann's Whole 30 Maiden Voyage   
    Welp, its over!! haha I did it!!!!
    I ended up losing 14lbs, 2" around my waist and hips, an inch on my legs, and .5" on my arms.  I'm very happy with that!
    Overall, my experience was a good one on the W30, even if I had a long stretch where I was questioning why the hell I was doing it.  haha  I think the most important lesson I learned is that I can eat paleo in the face of temptation.  And that was a very important lesson I needed to learn. I don't plan on being W30 strict all the time, and we will see what reintro shows.  I honestly can't wait to add Dijon mustard and sriracha back into my diet (Dijon has white wine in it, and sriracha has sugar as the 5th ingredient on the label).
    I am happy I did this, and I would do this again if I felt I was losing control or just needed a mental food cleanse, so to speak.  My reintro is going to be a little different.  I'm actually going to be W30 compliant today, rather than reintro. I have a christening tomorrow and I'm not sure what will be on the menu.  So, tomorrow's food choices will influence my reintro order.  I would have preferred dairy first, but I don't know what will be among my choices tomorrow AND the family has a sinus infection going and I don't want that to skew or mask, or appear to create, a dairy reaction.  So I think gluten will be my first intro given the place we are going tomorrow is Italian.
    Here's a few things I know for sure...I'm certainly going to have the occasional gourmet baked good. While I know how some foods are bad for you, I can also appreciate the culinary mastery that comes into preparing certain foods, and while they may contain ingredients a paleo person would avoid,...I'm not going to deny delicious baked desserts or artisan breads don't taste delicious and can be appreciated for their culinary art without becoming a complete disruption of following a paleo way of eating overall.
    I do have hashimoto's and considered doing an AIP on Monday, but I've decided against it. I feel really good now (although never got tiger blood so to speak) and I dn't want to bother with the restrictions of AIP if my bloodwork with my endo show everything is back to normal range.  I was not symptomatic and continue as such.  My feelings would be different if I was suffering from affects of my Hashi's.
    Other than a necessary AIP, I don't have any plans to do another W30, unless I feel an actual physical or need to so.  I think my plan will be W30 during the week, and on the weekends be primal/paleo.
    I probably won't reintro coffee, unless its decaf. I don't miss it as craving at all, but I do love its smell and the ritual of drinking it on an early sat or sun morning.  Sorry, just can't get behind bone broth as a coffee replacement
    I have decided I will reintro legumes, strictly for peas and peanuts.  I don't miss beans at all, but I am not sold on the avoidance of green peas.  I'm actually not sold on excluding white potatoes either, but I don't think neither should be a core staple to a diet.  Peanut reintro just make it easy to know if I can have them if stuck in a situation, but not that I would want to replace nuts in my diet with it.
    As I mentioned earlier, dairy is absolutely on my list and my most desired.  Again, eating primal, its use would be occasional normally, so I'm hoping it works out.
    Anyway, that's my thoughts.  At times, it sucked, at times it wasn't so bad, but overall glad I did it.
    Thanks for listening and best of luck on your journey!!
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    **Ann** got a reaction from GFChris in Ann's Whole 30 Maiden Voyage   
    Day 30 has arrived!!! Yahoo! I plan on logging my final thoughts tomorrow after the W30 is truly over.  Unless something goes colossally wrong today, I'll be back tomorrow with my comments and thoughts,
    But, hell yeah, its day 30!!! woot woot.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from praxisproject in Cauliflower rice skeptic...   
    Its simple, just "rice" it in a food processor.  Just throw the florets and chop them up until they are the size of rice.  This freezes well.  I've made alot to freeze, just so I would have fast rice to cook.
    I want that chinese food white rice taste to go with some of my dishes, and i toss a bit of vinegar in with the rice in the pan and lightly salt.  Its good. its so versatile.  The only downfall is that it doesn't "absorb" some juices the same way that a true starch would, so if there are dishes where the rice is required to absorb some of the moisture, it may not work as well.
    As to cauli-mash, it took me a while to master a palatable mash.  The food processor was the biggest requirement.  I agree, cauliflower mash does taste different and not exact same texture. But I've loaded them up with so much ghee and seasonings that i traditionally put in regular potatoes, the taste is very close.  I remember how bad my first attempt was compared to now and its a world of difference.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from praxisproject in Working long hours, have a family, need quick and easy meal ideas   
    ITA on the sustainability of lifestyle.  My husband and I had a terribly work-packed lifestyle, with 3 small kids, and it really wore us down.  Not to mention, we didn't love that our kids had really long days at daycare or had to use the aftercare program at school.  So we bit the bullet and my husband became a stay at home dad.  I still have very long days as an attorney.  But, we are slowly making changes so that can be adjusted as well.
    its not always possible to make changes to long working lifestyles quickly.  but now that you realize its not sustainable, take baby steps to produce it.
    Its so not worth it.  It really isn't.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from Glory317 in Silk pure almond milk   
    I don't use almond milk on my W30.  However, I have used almond milk as an ingredient replacement in recipes that called for coconut milk.  In certain dishes the subtle coconut flavor it identifiable by me and doesn't fit, whereas my palate can always accept a mild nutty flavor to a dish, so almond milk works for me.
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    **Ann** reacted to CaseyD in Pre pregnancy and Pregnancy Books   
    My advice on baby books: read a bunch on your pregnancy, sure, but don't read up to death on how to raise your kid. The best child-raising tool out there is your gut. Second, is what worked/didn't for the other moms you know. Child raising books are awful and none of those people personally know your kid. I made myself miserable reading a bunch of books before I had my daughter. She is her own person and the more I step back and trust myself and her, the better of a job I'm doing.
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    **Ann** reacted to Marci0393 in Pre pregnancy and Pregnancy Books   
    Thank you for the information. I see now that there is more information on his personal web site, but there is almost none on the HBC web site.
    I did consider the fact that there was expense in developing the system, however, there is almost no expense in preparing what they actually sell which is access to the information. He could help 500 women at a cost of $200 each or he could help 2000 for $50 each and make the same profit. I can not think of another legitimate type of information based program, health realted or otherwise that charges this much for access to the information. I still think it's excessive which makes me question his motives.
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    **Ann** reacted to Marci0393 in Pre pregnancy and Pregnancy Books   
    This may not be a popular opinion on here, but the $200 price tag on the Healthy Baby Code leaves a bad taste in my mouth. One of the reasons I trust Whole9 and the Whole30 program is that the information is out there for free. I bought It Starts With Food and was happy to do so because I knew the basics going in and I knew that it wasn't just about making money for the authors. They give away the basic information to anyone who needs it which tells me that they believe in their program and this is about helping people live better lives, not about making a buck. I know that everyone has to make a living, but when your marketing resembles those "get the secret to lose 10lbs in a week" diet scam sites, it makes me suspicions.
    If they offered a bit more information or you could buy the program in separate pieces (Fertility, pregnancy, breast feeding, etc.) I would be more willing to consider it. Not to mention that I signed up for the free ebook from HBC and never received it! I am sorry, but I am already spending more on groceries to make sure my family has healthy, nutritious food. Maybe $200 isn't much to some people, but I can think of a lot of things I could do with it. I don't think it's fair to make women feel like they are depriving their babies of something important if they don't shell out. I feel like the lack of free information, the high price tag and the “you need this to have a healthy baby†tone of the web site are all set up to take advantage of women at their most vulnerable, when they just want to have a healthy baby.
    I will admit that I am jaded in this area. I have a son with Autism and there is a constant stream of both charlatans and well intentioned idiots that want to sell you the newest miracle cure. What makes it harder is that there is good research and good information out there and you have to wade through the crap to get to it. I guess what irritates me so much about the HBC is that it probably is a good program and probably has worthwhile information in it, but there is no way for me to find that out without spending $200. It looks, smells, and tastes exactly like a scam and I would have dismissed it immediately if it wasn't endorsed by Whole9, because I do trust Whole9. I am glad that Melissa found it useful, but that is the only star in its corner for me and I'm just not sure that's enough to get me to spend that kind of cash.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from Badwolf in Can I have...too much salt?   
    I think there can be too much salt.  However, I started doing Paleo back in Feb 13 (but this is my first whole 30) and I had medication controlled HBP.  Once I cut out all the processed food crap, even with salting all my foods and homemade condiments, I was able to get my BP normal and drop the meds.  I'm thinking that just using salt in reasonable amounts for seasoning your food doesn't even come close to comparing how much salt is in SAD or processed foods. 
    I also switched to sea salt from table salt, but if I'm stuck in a pinch, I would use the table salt sparingly.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from ultrarunnergirl in creamy horseradish sauce??   
    Ah ha! Nevermind, found mayo based ones that I can make compliant.  
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    **Ann** reacted to gardengirl in Ann's Whole 30 Maiden Voyage   
    Nom nom has a recipe for sriracha, in case you are feeling like being in the kitchen just a bit more!
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    **Ann** reacted to GFChris in Ann's Whole 30 Maiden Voyage   
    For some guidance, check out the Whole30 sample reintroduction schedule. You only need to reintroduce the foods you're curious about, in terms of your physical/psychological reaction, or that you want to eat again.  The results from a controlled reintroduction can help you decide what, if any, guidelines to put in place as you "ride your own bike" going forward.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from ultrarunnergirl in creamy horseradish sauce??   
    Ah ha! Nevermind, found mayo based ones that I can make compliant.  
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    **Ann** reacted to Robin Strathdee in Mott's natural Applesauce   
    Ann -you sure can! Just give it a Google
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    **Ann** reacted to namtrag in What is the deal? Paleo Wraps   
    I am not decrying the Hartwigs or anything about Whole30 in about what I am typing below.  I am doing great, and feeling great here at Day 17.  It's really changing my life for the better!  I realize Whole30 MUST be very strict because of how many people it is reaching out too, and that many people tend to rationalize bad eating choices.  (I know, I am one of those people!!!).  But the main point of doing this is to cause us to change the way we think about eating, and you sound like you are doing great at that.
    I have a little heartburn with some of this stuff, for it puts form over substance.  Is it non compliant because it has ingredients which are not allowed?  Apparently not.  Is it not compliant because it may cause a psychological urge to eat bad stuff?  Apparently.   Did it cause you a psychological urge to eat bad stuff?   No....Did you make a well thought out, intelligent decision, substituting something with no bad ingredients?  Yes. 
    I wouldn't sweat it, and you have my support. Sure, you're not doing it the legal "Whole30" way, but you are being very smart about your food choices, and I commend you.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from praxisproject in Working long hours, have a family, need quick and easy meal ideas   
    I have a relatively tight time frame, though not as yours, and I've found ground beef and chicken to be my saviors in quick meal prep. When planning fast things to do, you have to take your tastes into account.  I have not found many crock pot meals that I like, and I'm not one who is really great at cooking a week's meals in advance to store in the fridge.  While I can do it, over this W30 (I'm day 26), I discovered its not something I like to do, so my alternative was to find quick meals to prepare freshly, and eat leftovers for breakfast and/or lunch.
    For breakfast, I am swearing by shepard's pie by theclothesmakethegirl.com . I made the recipe differently by putting pot roast in the crock pot and using that instead of the ground beef.  Since you can set and forget the top round in the crock, it actually rduces your time at the stove preparing thsi dish. The dish is more time consuming for my preference, but since it will last me for a few days, its worht the time.  It is so good in the morning, and I've added easy crock pot chicken soup for breakfast as well.  Compliant broth (5-6 cups), 2 rotisserie or roasted chicken breasts with the white meat broken up in bite size pieces, half of a bag of frozen carrots sliced, and chopped celery, season to your tastes.  Put in crock pot on low fora few hours to simmer, when the frozen carrots are fork tender, you know you're done.  it is so simple and reheats well and stores in fridge.
    I tend to make seasoned ground beef or chicken and a number of ways taht are minutes to toss together, steam frozen veggies as a side and eat the seasoned meat in romaine lettuce leaves.  For lunches, I make a batch of tuna, chicken or egg salad to eat with also a green salad with a dressing I made at home.  All of these things are my go-to recipes for ease in the middle of the week.  I save the fancy or more creative dishes for the weekend, and its a bonus if there's left overs for Mondays.  
    I also found trying new spices or making my ground beef or chicken spicy is what makes it feel like its not just some ho-hum boring meal.  I also use lots of compliant mayo to make zesty creamy sauces to put on my ground beef/chicken on lettuce wraps.  Idk,I have a thing for creamy sauces.
    For example, my husband defrosted too much of the striped bass he caught over the summer (my husband is a big recreational fisherman, so we generally eat what he catches, rarely buy except for shell fish).  We had fish steaks thursday night, used the left overs to make fish cakes friday night (any paleo crab cake recipe works,e xcept use white fish in place of crab), then fish tacos for lunch on saturday.  This was made with a paleo mayo base, squirt of lime, chili powder, cumin and chipotle powder, salt and pepper whipped together and mixed it with the fish.  Threw it on some romain lettuce leaves and chowed down, and ate soem paleo coleslaw as a side.  it was literally a 5 minute prep using leftovers in a different way that made for a very tasty lunch.
    Its totally doable, but you will slowly learn to think of new things, especially once you start to notice your likes and dislikes.
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    **Ann** got a reaction from jojocoolcat in i need more density!   
    I second the more fat possibility.  If I don't have lots of fat with a meal, i will be hungrier sooner. Case in point, I left my lunch at home today so i was forced to forage in our awful cafeteria with small portions and overpriced food.  I was able to get rotisserie turkey, raw carrots, and a cold veggie mix in.  So no real good source of fat other. I'm hungry 2 hours later.