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  1. I do batch cooking and prep on the weekend but I only have 2 weeks worth of Tupperware.
  2. You could use arrow root to thicken the sauce. Just set a couple of tablespoons of the apple cider or juice aside when you make the dish. Once it is complete, mix apple juice and arrow root, pour in and bring to a low boil. Stir and the "broth" with thicken. You could also do 1/4 cold water and 1-2 tablespoon arrow root at the end. I like to reserve the juice so that you don't dilute the flavors with water.
  3. I have several races coming up, a 5K, duathlon, triathlon and obstacle course 5k. Not concerned about the 5K or the obstacle course but wondering how to fuel during the duathlon and triathlon? Thanks for the assistance
  4. Enjoying my Whole30 so far

    Greetings from New England Today is my second day 3, in retrospect starting the Whole30 prior to leaving for a tradeshow overseas was not the best idea I've ever had. So far I am enjoying the journey but sure I will need a virtual shoulder to lean on before I get to day 30. Nutrition is part 2 of my lifestyle adjustment, I am currently training for a duathlon for July and a sprint triathlon in August.