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    Ha ha ha - best forum post ever!!!
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    I got the "moderation" speech many times on low carb (note: my version of low carb was a LOT of veggies, quality meat, eggs and some dairy). The truth is that I did Weight Watchers. I was absolutely compliant. I lost 3 pounds the first week and nothing for the next 6. I followed the points, ate "healthy" and "balanced". Not only did I not lose weight, I felt like carp.
    But people don't *hear* that when I talk to them. They hear a Charlie Brown voice - they just wait for me to finish talking and then launch into some version of "eat less, move more" science and expect that things will change for me. Even the WW leader didn't believe me!!
    I learned in low carb to be select and quiet about my diet style. Not because I can't defend it but because why bother?