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    Cauliflower rice skeptic...

    Consider me converted! I hate cauliflower in most of its forms but took a chance on cauliflower rice last night. I was even more skeptical as I was preparing it because it reeked...but after adding a few spices, and under the great coconut red curry chicken I served it with, it was GREAT! So much like a grain -- I couldn't stop gushing to my husband about what a win it was. Especially since it was SO easy (I don't know how others do it -- I just did the first couple steps of making cauliflower 'tortillas' (which are also good but a hassle): pulse it in the food processor, microwave, squeeze out moisture with paper towels, microwave again and done!).
  2. amandajunefitz

    Evening hunger

    This is so interesting! I had the same thing happen to me tonight (hungry a couple hours after dinner) but I thought I must not have eaten enough at dinner, even though I got full -- never thought it might be related to breakfast (which was also not quite enough today).