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    It does say occasional fruit somewhere, because I know I read that too! In the meal planning guide it states "occasionally add a serving a fruit", a fruit size serving should be a fist size and whole30 guidelines recommends one to two of those a day. I reread some chapters and it stated to not have fruit if your replacing it for a "sugar craving, since thats still being unhealthy given the fact you are still feeding your cravings and going back to old habits!!!! Its best to have protein and a fat if your still really hungry after eating 15 minutes later! Also, it states in the book it is better to have smaller amounts of fruit throughout the day then a lot in on sitting. (guessing this means break up that fist portion size throughout the day)--keep in mind you can most likely have more then that based on your activity and size level. I am very active so I tend to add a little more fruit into my meals, when I can like banana slices or some apples. Good luck!
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    I am not sure where you read occasional fruit. The book simply states you shouldn't eat it alone and you shouldn't eat so much that it crowds other important items off your plate. Do you have a sugar dragon? I do, so I choose to rarely eat fruit. You don't have to eat any if you don't want to. Many consider one to two servings a day to be reasonable.