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  1. EmayPA

    My experience with hair loss and how I fixed it.

    For me, it's my Hashi's that makes my hair fall out - handfuls. I still have enough - it grows in regularly - but still is no fun.
  2. I'd probably sub in some of the new Pacific Turkey Bone Broth (the plain one).
  3. EmayPA

    Nutritional yeast?

    Welcome to W30! Just a caveat - don't use it to make "cheez" sauce and you'll be fine. Back in my veg days, I had a cookbook in which every recipe seemed to use some kind of nutritional yeast "cheez."
  4. EmayPA

    I *need* these...

    hrmph. Good for homemade mayo and all, not so good for coconut aminos... From their Q&A: "Would a thin sauce like soy sauce leak out? i.e. does the sauce need to have the consistency of ketchup or mustard for this product to work?" "Yes, soy sauce would leak out. It needs to be a sauce with some thickness like mustard, mayo, ketchup, pesto, etc." I still need them, though!
  5. EmayPA

    Alcohol - judgement free zone

    These look great - I could never see a reason to get a sodastream (I'm not fond of plain seltzer, and their flavors are not my thing - dbf has one), but! Fizz some water and add some homemade shrubbery ... I could get into that.
  6. EmayPA

    Help! Akward topic...diarrhea

    Could you be slightly intolerant of eggs (if you're eating them a lot)? or something else you're eating? I'm beginning to think I might be a bit so with eggs, hard-boiled affecting me more than fried or scrambled for some weird reason. Good luck - fabulous that you're feeling great otherwise!
  7. EmayPA

    Philadelphia Cow Share???

    Hi - I just saw this, sorry I didn't answer sooner. I keep meaning to join PCS, and have talked to and met with some of their folks - they're terrific, and do pastured pork as well. Some trial runs with chicken, but it's not on their website. I just STILL haven't bought a stand-alone freezer to accommodate all the goodness. I wouldn't hesitate, once I buy the freezer! (Other expenses keep getting in the way. grrr.)
  8. EmayPA

    Chocolate Chili

    Deleted what I thought was compliant beef broth recommendation - seems that caramel color is sugar in disguise. Feh. I really really like the chocolate chili - but I LOVE it with avocado slices on top.
  9. EmayPA

    I *need* these...

    Just sayin' http://www.containerstore.com/shop/lockersLunches/lunchtimeEssentials/foodContainers?productId=10037426&N=80237
  10. EmayPA

    August 1st Group Thread

    Hi! I'm in! This will be my second time in the barrel. I feel so much more relaxed this time around (not overconfident, mind you ). I'm SO ready. There's been WAAAY too much ice cream in my life lately, and I'm feeling it. I live in SE Pennsylvania and am psyched, my CSA has been filling my fridge with tons of fab veggies. STILL not looking forward to no cream in my coffee. That will never change, methinks, no matter how many W30s I do. No, it's not hard, it's just not tasty.
  11. EmayPA

    What brand spiralizer do you recommend?

    I have the Paderno and adore it, but am probably going to pick up a Vegetti at BB&B with a $5 coupon, just for those times when I don't want to haul out the monster and just want quick and easy for one meal for one. However, it's summer squash and cucumber time at the CSA (6 pounds of cukes one week!) so the Paderno really should come out to play. It will for sure when I start another W30 on 8/1.
  12. I know you said you live in the boonies where produce was limited, but I tried a Japanese sweet potato recently - it's white, not orange, on the inside (red on the outside). It wasn't sweet at all, and pretty starchy. (I actually didn't like much at first for those reasons, but it might be right up your alley. )
  13. EmayPA


    I love keeping the Wholly Guacamole minis around. They're great in a pinch, and I don't have to open (and eat!) an entire tub. Ingredients: Hass Avocado, Vinegar, Jalapeno Pepper, Dehydrated Onion, Salt, Granulated Garlic Can't think why they wouldn't be compliant. Maybe mods can confirm? Ingredients: Hass Avocado, Vinegar, Jalapeno Pepper, Dehydrated Onion, Salt, Granulated Garlic - See more at: http://eatwholly.com/products/wholly-minis/minis-classic.html#sthash.uE6FhFgV.dpuf
  14. EmayPA

    Best portable snacks, please!

    Epic bars - all but the Bison ones are compliant, I believe. I've bought them in the local organic market, They're not cheap, but good to have in a pinch. You can get them on Amazon, too (even more pricey that way).
  15. EmayPA

    Any suggestions for lunch at BJ's?

    Late to the party, but wanted to add - the "steamed green beans" have milk checked off... What in the world?? oy.