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  1. EmayPA

    My experience with hair loss and how I fixed it.

    For me, it's my Hashi's that makes my hair fall out - handfuls. I still have enough - it grows in regularly - but still is no fun.
  2. EmayPA

    Help! Akward topic...diarrhea

    Could you be slightly intolerant of eggs (if you're eating them a lot)? or something else you're eating? I'm beginning to think I might be a bit so with eggs, hard-boiled affecting me more than fried or scrambled for some weird reason. Good luck - fabulous that you're feeling great otherwise!
  3. EmayPA

    Don't over think this.

    If you're referring to the original post where Melissa's quote came from (it's been re-quoted elsewhere as well - it's a good one! ) it's here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/3939-not-getting-hangoverrest-of-timeline/#entry38300 Welcome to W30, Joe!
  4. EmayPA

    The crazy things people say

    They know exactly where that button is because they INSTALLED it. (Dad's too.) ... I'm loving this thread - just "found" it and have been reading off and on for a couple of days now... I'm still new-ish, but am sure I'll have some contributions at some point...