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    The crazy things people say

    My wife convinced a young co-worker to do this plan too, and she is doing great on it. No more IBS symptoms after just a few days. Naturally, two other women were curious and my wife gave them printouts from the web site, and both came back on Friday and said, "yes we are going to do it." Over the weekend, one of them even called my wife from Trader Joe's for advice on what to buy as she walked through the store. My wife didn't hear from the other one over the weekend. Fast forward to Monday morning. My wife gets to work a few minutes early...she's standing there when the girl she didn't hear from comes strolling in eating one of those Greek yogurt cups with the little cup that you dump in and stir. My wife is like WTF, you can't eat that on Whole30! The girl said, "Oh, I am not doing it. I read the list of foods over the weekend. I hate veggies and fruit and I can't see just eating a bunch of meat all the time." WTF????