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    sykolana reacted to GoJo09 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Woolworths Select brand now has compliant liquid stock too - free range chicken, fish, beef and vegetable. It was $5.99 for 500ml.
    And the Macro brand Dijon Mustard is compliant (and way cheaper than Maille - although I haven't tasted it yet, might not be as good).
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    sykolana reacted to Tom Denham in Confused about eating meal one after workout   
    The ideal post workout food is probably chicken breast and baked sweet potato. I prefer the convenience of canned fish, so I use sardines or tuna packed in water. Sardines and tuna are not as lean as chicken breast, but still lean enough to digest fast, at least the ones packed in water. I prefer the taste of fish packed in oil, but I take stuff packed in water for my post-workout meals.
    The recommendation for a pre-workout meal is protein and fat. Probably the ideal pre-workout food is a boiled egg or two. I skip the pre-workout meal a lot, but one boiled egg or a small handful of nuts are what I eat.