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  1. I bought Well Fed 2 and Practical Paleo as recipe books - didn't use either one a ton, to be honest - once I found a few recipes I liked either by modifying my own or thanks to Google, I kinda stopped experimenting. But I cook for a family of 5 and I'm the only one paleo or AIP so most of the recipes seemed too involved and too unlikely to succeed with my clan, so dinners were generally just meat and veg on the table, with a side of pasta or whathaveyou for them... So the "other" things I made were generally for just me at breakfast or lunch and then it feels risky to make a whole one of a new recipe that I'm alone to eat... I have Ballantyne's book - it's very thorough and long and I actually have 2 copies because I bought it first on kindle then realized you actually need it on paper to see the diagrams and all that - but in fact I've only read a small portion of it. I'd already decided to do a real full elimination AIP trial, had the rules from her site and I double checked a few spices and such in her book, and then honestly reading for weeks about all the whys just didn't seem necessary, since I was already fully committed. I've read nothing but good reviews of Mickey Trescott's book, but since I didn't really use the other cookbooks, I've held back. The next cookbook on my wish list is Nom Nom Paleo and I'm still hoping I'll succeed with enough reintroductions to think that would be more useful for me. I've made several of her recipes (found online) and they've been great.some are even AIP adaptable.
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    Not enough time

    I'm a heretic, you could also just cut her short a couple of days, say she does a Whole27 or something and complete the reintroductions... I'm a believer in not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good - she's a teen heading to a hostile food environment, while she's in the swing of it she's probably more likely to be compliant with the program & reintroductions than a big break and trying to get back for a Whole 7-14... (I have a 14 year old stepson and can't even imagine him being willing to try this, so bravo to you mama!)
  3. I did it, and so can you! My first mental hurdle was figuring out how I'd manage breakfast without eggs - once I worked that out, everything else kind of fell into place. Plus I told myself I could do ANYTHING for 30 days. Yes, AIP often needs longer to show full benefits, but I figured if 30 days later I saw no clear benefit that itself would be valuable information. Like you I have a family history riddled with autoimmune conditions but I'm luckily currently without any, so I think that made seeing any real benefit difficult - after 30 days I decided to slowly reintroduce - I'm following AIP reintroductions, AIP as recommended by Sarah Ballantyne ( in her new book The Paleo Approach, and that means reintroductions are 3-5 days apart and only one individual food - so basically even on a 30 day minimal full elimination it takes several months to work through re-introducing everything you took out. I've successfully reintroduced a bunch of stuff, had a surprise reaction to sesame of all things, and jury is still out on egg yolks (had a bad reaction but had confounding factors so doing another month without and will re-challenge). My advice is to figure out AIP compliant substitutions for your staples (maybe avocado ranch for mayo?), tea or something for the coffee (that was hard for me too) and well, the nightshade thing just was hard - I had no idea how much I used "spicy" tastes in my day to day life until suddenly they were gone. Olive oil infused with garlic was my savior for the first week or two, it brought a somewhat spicy taste... and a lot of fresh ginger too. There are now several AIP cookbooks out, and I bought a couple, but mostly learned to adapt my old standbys and googled for a few others. And PhoenixHelix runs a weekly AIP recipe roundup, I found a few good ideas there (including that avocado ranch)
  4. What oil did you use? If you use olive or avocado you can have texture changes due to how those oils get semi-solid in the fridge. Letting it gently come to room temperature should help. I've never cared for the taste of olive oil mayo, I've settled on macadamia nut oil now.
  5. SarahInParis

    How long can you leave vegetable soup in the fridge?

    I use bone broth as my liquid for my veg soup, so I go by that - basically I'm ok with it for about 4 days in the fridge, if I have more servings than that I freeze them.
  6. SarahInParis

    March 1st-ers post W30

    Thanks, LadyM - I think I'm just in a good head space right now, so it's more interesting to watch this process than it's a pain to be on such a limited diet. There are many times in my past that I would have had a different attitude... Also, I admit that it's now much more interesting knowing that maybe there is some rationale behind this careful schedule of reintroductions, to see my body not always being happy about a reintroduced food is reinforcement that it's worth the time and trouble. And I'm in the groove with this way of eating now - into the 3rd month now (not counting the reintroductions, but even with them my diet is really clean and except for the fact I chose to add back butter instead of mess around with ghee I'm W30 compliant). And now I'm thinking it would be such a shame to have to do this again - it's such a long process to really work through AIP reintroductions, since there are so very many foods eliminated. (I admit I hadn't really thought this part through before I started!) So now I have all this sunk time it seems smarter just to keep going than to veer off course and potentially need to redo it all.
  7. SarahInParis

    March 1st-ers post W30

    I might have spoken too soon about thinking egg yolk would be okay. I did two exposures, two nights at dinner consecutively and am having a few skin things - maybe just a coincidence, but maybe a reaction. Will watch over the coming days but I'm leaning towards keeping them eliminated for another month or so and then re-challenging....
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    March 1st-ers post W30

    We went out to dinner last night and nothing looked both appealing and compliant with all my dietary choices these days, so I decided on the steak with bearnaise sauce, moving egg yolk up one night from it's planned introduction. I'd forgotten how good a freshly made béarnaise sauce can be! (It was a nice brasserie, with homemade sauce, not industrial packaged stuff). So far so good in terms of reaction. Will have another egg yolk today some time to get enough exposure. Macadamia nuts seemed to have gone fine too!
  9. SarahInParis

    Fermented Food List

    I make my own coconut kefir - once you find the grains it's pretty easy. I use it with berries and also in dips, sauces, dressings... I don't much care for it plain however. If you are really super strictly avoiding dairy it wouldn't work for you though - the grains need to rest in cow's milk between culturing sessions in coconut milk (they can kefir coconut milk but they eat lactose, so they need to be fed lactose in between culturing coconut). Unfortunately my family won't drink or use the regular kefir so I dump it out - when I get to reintroductions one of the things I'll try is to see if I can tolerate dairy-based kefir, it would be more convenient and less wasteful to be able to just use it straight instead of just the coconut version.
  10. SarahInParis

    ME/CFS & PCOS - AIP?

    Apparently egg intolerance is pretty common (in particular to the whites). I agree about often needing a longer time frame for AIP healing, but I also think we need to be careful about that advice, because it can feel way too overwhelming to "try" a really extreme diet for many months, and a great many people won't even consider it because of that. My thinking was that I could do anything for 30 days, and that if after 30 days I didn't see any benefit at all that itself would be good information. In fact, I felt a huge surge of energy/feeling great about 3 weeks in. No major symptoms changes, but then again I wasn't suffering from an AI condition to begin with. In the end I decided to start reintroductions following a very slow, methodical and strict approach after my one month full AIP, knowing it would take several months to work through all the eliminated foods in controlled testing. I'm trying egg yolk tomorrow! Hoping it works & that I'll be able to welcome mayonnaise back to my life!
  11. SarahInParis

    ME/CFS & PCOS - AIP?

    You might want to check out Sarah Ballantyne's new book. Her AIP program (The Paleo Approach) is now considered the most thorough of all the AIPs out there - the book is mammoth, but the advice is sound. I did check in here while doing a month of AIP (her rules, not the W30 ones) but in the end I think her approach is a little more flexible in some ways and since AIP is so very strict anyway I'm not sure I'd advocate for overlapping the two approaches (unless like me you just want here for the community support and less for the "rules"). What might be interesting (though scary) for you about her approach is the belief that most autoimmune conditions take a long time (many months) to get under control and heal - so the 30 days is usually just a starting point for most people, not the end of the goal. I too like to cook and have always enjoyed the planning, shopping, prep and was still overwhelmed by the advance planning and thought needed to succeed in this way of eating (I'm in the process of transitioning from AIP to Wahls Paleo Plus, another demanding eating plan). But actually it's getting easier, I've decided to sacrifice variety in exchange for home-made freezer meals a few times a week, and I eat the same thing for a couple of days. It was harder at first because I was still in the mindset of cooking for my whole family, but now I basically plan and cook my food for me, and the family is frankly eating easier/faster stuff (less healthy overall) than they were. So now that I've worked out the rhythm of foods I need over the course of a few days and have identified the foods I like, recipes that work, variations on those, it's going pretty smoothly - but it's taken about 2 months to reach this point.
  12. SarahInParis

    March 1st-ers post W30

    Welcome back Sharyn I reintroduced macadamia nuts yesterday - am excited because up next is egg yolk, and if that goes well I'll be making mac oil mayo!!!
  13. SarahInParis

    AIP tomato less sauce!

    Looks great, thanks for sharing. Do you have a spiralizer? I've had one on my amazon wish list for a while but I have a very small kitchen and I'm not sure how much I'd use it...
  14. SarahInParis

    Paleo baby-led weaning

    I do a mix BLW and purees. My son loved BLW and feeding himself, my daughter likes it for a much shorter time and really loves the purees. Good ideas for first finger foods / BLW include avocado, banana, cooked apple slices, somewhat over cooked (for my tastes!) veggies - carrot, broccoli, zucchini, squash... Later, eggs (but scrambled I couldn't see how it would work with a hard boiled yolk at this age!)
  15. SarahInParis

    March 1st-ers post W30

    Awesome job staying the course, LadyM - it's funny how once you're in the groove it's actually easier to eat well than to constantly navigate all the crappy choices. I love not having to decide "will I have desert?" When at a restaurant and stuff like that. I did a bold AIP reintro today - I tested three seed spices together (cumin, coriander and sumac). I figure there is a pretty low risk of any of these being problematic and I don't feel like waiting another two weeks to get through each on its own. Next will probably be macadamia nuts. I was planning on re-challenging with sesame oil but realized today, as I was eating one of the things that I make that I always used to put sesame oil on, that I've gotten used to not having it so it's no problem for it to be missing for a while longer. And I have a few things I need to reintro before our trip May 9th to help make the travel easier...