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    Actually Blue Dragon is fine - there are no off plan ingredients added, it's just not the best option.
    Not sure on the price of Biona, but you could also go for this option on Amazon which is purely coconut extract & water next time you're ordering you're coconut oil (I've found it's the cheapest place to get it) and get free postage....
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    lauralees84 reacted to RGoy1987 in UK "E Numbers" to avoid   
    This is really helpful! I had a mild Monday morning meltdown as I realised all the coconut milk brands I've so far used contain various E numbers, but couldn't work out what the numbers meant. And all the suggestions for compliant brands on the forum gave US names that are unavailable here. 
    So, for anyone in the UK looking for totally compliant coconut milk, I'd recommend Biona Organic coconut milk.
    You'll have to hunt it down at a Whole Foods or health food shop, as the popular supermarkets seem to only stock brands that are non-compliant (including Pride, Cocofresh, Mai Thai, Blue Dragon, Dunn's River, Island Sun and supermarket's own brand. I'd say steer clear of these.)